A possible use for thrombolytics in acute stroke

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  • A possible use for thrombolytics in acute stroke

    'The development of recombinant manufactured tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) [aJteplase] has reawakened interest in using thrombolysis after an acute stroke.'

    Previously, thrombolysis was not recommended in acute stroke because of the risk of cerebral haemorrhage. The use of CT scanning to differentiate between ischaemic and haemorrhagic strokes may be beneficial and the use of alteplase, which is clot specific and therefore does not produce systemic anticoagulation, has promise in ischaemic strokes. Animal studies involving alteplase in cerebral ischaemia have produced encouraging results. and studies in humans are underway. L,oen PO Thrombol) tiC IIlerapy for acute stroke Western Journal 01

    MediCine 150 577 May 1989 0401

    0156270389/0701- 0003/0$01.00/0 ADIS Press INPHARMA' 1 Jul 1989 3


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