A Deeper Understanding of Enlightenment

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  • 8/10/2019 A Deeper Understanding of Enlightenment


    A deeper anderstanding of Enlightenment.

    Even though the articles are written, some years ago - I

    find them interesting.

    Two "Enlightened" people - would never start a quarrel.A discussion .. yes. A quarrel .. hardly.

    ("hardly" .. ecause there is no rule, without e!eption.

    The main rule is - never.

    The e!eption is ased on something called"anger, ased

    on #ustice" - which I don$t %now how to e!press properly

    in English & American. In 'orwegian it is called

    "ettferdig harme") -)


    'irvana (or 'iana) is a spirit.

    Than%you however, for translating "his" name or title.

    That was valuale.

    *oming in contact with this spirit - is done - through opening

    your "third eye".

    This you do .. through "comining your +undalini with your

    "ineal land".

    A small "sidestep".

    "A girl .. is waiting with patience .. for the oy - to claim up

    the mountain .. so they can #oin in marriage.

    /or those .. who doesn$t %now .. that this is "a marriage", would

    have difficulties to se .. that this means

    "The 01E of the +undalini A'2 The 01E of The ineal

    land .. are #oined to one" --- ecause of the language, used.


    I ta%e this as an e!ample of .. what I wrote aout last time.

    The 3anguage .. can lead us astray.

    The 3anguage .. can slaughter .. what we try to relay.The language .. can also lead us .. to new discoveries.



    This is a marrige, and - our own marriage .. is a symol - of this

    marrige ... 'ot The 0ther 1ay Around - as we could e attempted

    to thin%.

    4ecause of this .. our marriage is a symol of something so high, that

    it should never e terminated.

    Through marriage .. we achieve .. enlightenment.This is a real way .. to uptain Enlightenment.

  • 8/10/2019 A Deeper Understanding of Enlightenment


    This is a real way .. to uptain .. marriage.

    This is a part of "The 5alvation".

    1e are permitted to marry .. in spite of .. that things - included in

    marriage .. is "a sind".

    To understand the last sentence correcly - we must first understand

    "The 'ature 0f 5ind" (as we 6in general7 - until now - not have

    understood it).

    Every thought .. that distract us - from searching for enligthenment,

    is sind (from the moment we ecome aware of .. that this is our main

    tas% - in life).

    5ince this contains so much .. I will stop here.

    I #ust encourage .. those who wander aout these claimes .. to read

    "The /irst 3etter of 8ohn 9,:" (in The 4ile).

    ;ere you will find .. that

    -The Teaching of The 4ile..

    -*ontradicts .. "The 5E

  • 8/10/2019 A Deeper Understanding of Enlightenment


    In spite of that .. it is permitted in a marriage.


    There are two reasons .. why we choose different .. in the west and in the



    1hat we .. in our language .. understand - from a comment, can e "pretty

    far" from what they understand in Tiet .. Thailand etc.

    As% a munc .. in one of the two countries .. how he would interpret "In

    the eginning was the word" - and ma%e him aware of .. that what is translated

    as "The 1ord" .. is - in the original language - "3ogos".

    'TI3 we understand the deeper meaning

    of sind.

    I use .. the word "sind" .. on purpose - ecause it is a negative charged word.

    This I do .. in a hope .. to reveal - how to "uptain" (read "understand", if youwish) .. The 'ature .. of the negativity - in the word.

  • 8/10/2019 A Deeper Understanding of Enlightenment


    The day we do that .. we will never considder "sind", as something negative,

    in itself .

    1hat we are left ac% with .. is .. The difference in doing

    -something we +'01 is wrong (and)

    -the same action - ut this time, not %nowing that we are doing something wrong.

    In connection to our development .. oth actions has a negative effect, ut the

    first one .. has a much greater effect, than the last one.

    Enlightenment .. is very much .. aout forgiving.

    This difference .. is important to understand .. in this conte!t.


    1hat shall we share with others@ .. and .. 1hat shall we %eep to ourselves@

    And old saying is"2on$t throw perles for swines".