A Basic Guide to Newborn Photography

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  • A Basic Guide to Newborn Photography Babies grow fast. They grow so fast that we get the feeling that their first birthday comes after few months. This means that you should not waste your time and take photos immediately. The first weeks and months in their lives are very interesting and this is also the period when babies allow to be positioned in any way we want. If you want to get high-quality photos then you should definitely hire a professional specialized in newborn photography.

    So, first of all you need to find a professional photographer. Before you hire someone make sure to check their portfolio. You need a professional who knows what they are doing and by checking their portfolio you can certainly determine whether they are good or not. The easiest way to do this is to check their websites and look for the photos they have posted there. In this way you will find out whether you like their style or not. Experienced photographers certainly know how to take good photos in different style portraits, black and white, HDR or even time lapse photography. Make sure to check all the available styles. In addition, feel free to ask about the price and how many photos you will get at certain price.

    According to some experts, the best photo session with your lovely newborn can be made in the first ten days. This is the period when you can still notice their sleepy, adorable and wrinkly look. In other words, you will have to choose the photographer few weeks before you give birth. Of course, the best time of the day is when the baby is asleep or before the baby falls asleep. This wont be a problem because babies sleep a lot in this period. Taking photos when the baby sleeps is much easier and if you wont to keep the baby sleepy or asleep make sure that the room temperature is slightly above normal (not very hot of course). Babies are cute after these ten days too, so in case youve missed to take professional photos then you can still take photos in which you and your baby will look amazing.

    Remember that the task is not finished when the photo session is over. After that, you will need to choose the photos you want. Perform this procedure right away because the faster you make the choice the sooner you will get the photos. Although we are living in a digital age it is always a good idea to have your photos printed out. This means that you will have them in two forms and you wont have to worry about losing them. There is something about photo albums that makes them

  • more interesting and natural. It is nice to see people gathered around an album commenting photos.

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