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  • oh my babynewborn client guide

  • First of all, congratulations on the new bundle of joy you are expecting. Becoming a parent is truly the most important and rewarding job you will ever have! Newborn sessions are my joy. Those sweet brand new little angels are my muse.

    You will never forget the first moment you laid eyes on your daughter or the first time you heard your son cry.

    These are truly magical moments. As much as we hope and pray they will stay little forever, they grow up anyway.

    Those first Those first few weeks seem to fly by and each moment becomes a fleeting memory.

    i babiesAs a newborn photographer, I strive to capture those first few weeks and turn the resulting images into a work of fine art to be treasured forever. Newborn photography requires a large amount of planning and an insane amount of patience, and youll be happy to know I am good at both :-)

    a teensy weensy bitabout my studio

  • oh socute

    A Showcase Of SomeOf Our Favorite Shoots

  • Custom photography is simply that a custom experience tailored to suit you, your style, your personality and your needs. When I am contacted for a newborn photography session far enough in advance of the actual session date that is scheduled, I have the luxury of ordering pprops such as hats, blankets, baskets, etc that are suited entirely for your session. You can not walk into a cookie-cutter studio and expect them to have a lamb hat to match the nursery theme in your babys nursery and even pair that hat with a backdrop that fits your color scheme. With custom photography (and enough time bebeforehand!) that is entirely possible!

    I can also guarantee that the photographer from your cookie-cutter photography session will not be going home that night to spend many hours editing those photos, removing blemishes, blogging about your session, and going the extra mile for customer #2634. Custom photographers do! We spend many hours perfecting your images to create a unique gallery that truly makes our clients personalties shine through; a gallery that will preserve an incredibly important memory in your lifetime.

    When was the last time you had portraits made at a large chain studio and actually had the luxury of your photo session including props that were custom ordered just for your session? Did he/she seek to find out who you are, what your style is, what your goal is with the session they performed? Can Can you even remember the name of your cookie-cutter in-store photographer? The answer to all of that is probably no!

    why you should hire aprofessional photographer

  • preparing for your sessionOnce you decide to schedule a session with me, we will set a tentative date based on your due date. I understand that babies rarely come when predicted and I will accommodate their personal plans for arrival. But a due date will give us a base line. Once your infant is born, please get in touch with me and please get in touch with me and we will firm up our date and time.

    Babies are best photographed in the

    first 10 days of their new little lives.

    They sleep better, dont have colic yet, and usually havent started developing baby acne or cradle cap. If you are a c-section Mom, we can work out something out. I know that recovery can be slow and painful. Some of my clients let Dad take care of the session so they can get some well earned rest - no judgement here, you do what you need to do!

    what toexpect

  • during your sessionOnce I arrive I will give you some time to feed and soothe your baby.I start my sessions by taking some portraits of your baby on a beanbag.

    After that we will move on to some relationship poses with Mum, Dad and Siblings after which I will mSiblings after which I will move on to photographing your newborn in the props that you have chosen.

    Never be afraid to ask to take a break to soothe or cuddle your little one. A loved baby is a happy baby, and a happy baby makes for beautiful photographs.

    Now you can relax and dream about all the beautiful images that will soon be yours. I go through the images from your session and select the best. Once I have the final cut selected I meticulously edit each individual pictureto coto correct any blemishes. We will then needto set up a viewing session at which time you can place your order for any prints orproducts. This is normally within three weeks- providing we can co-ordinate diaries! You now have wonderful, precious images to remind you of the innocence of your newborn, and and you have documented in a beautiful, meaningful way what those first few days of life were like. BLISS!

    after your session

  • Have any hats, bows, headbands, blankets, props, family heirlooms or other items you may want in the shots ready.

    Make sure the room or rooms are warm. Your baby will usually have their clothes off for most of the session so it needs to be extra warm.

    Have room or rooms where the baby will be photographed tidy and clutter free.

    You should wear lightweight breathable clothing since it will be very warm where we aare shooting. If you would like to be in some of the photographs we can shoot those first before you get disheveled or sweaty due to the warmth in the room for your little one.

    Your hands may be shown in some photos. Please have nails trimmed and clean.

    Turn off phones or any other distractions during the photo shoot.

    Try to have atleast one other person there with you during the shoot to help.Sessions can often get long and tiring for all involved!

    HHave water on handnewborn sessions make you thirsty!!

    Before feeding baby, remove all clothes and socks. Unfasten diaper so it can be easily removed and wrap baby in blanket. This will help eliminate any creases or red marks on the babys body.

    Feed baby when I arrive, this will give me time to set up while youre feeding. It is imperative that baby is well fed and burped. :-)

    newborn sessionchecklist for parents

  • We really love the photos and will be recommending you highly. We willtreasure them forever and for me, that

    is priceless

    Philly Says:

    Cant tell you how much I love them. Especially the lifestyle shots, telling the story.They brought tears to my eyes. So manyfavourites, cant stop looking at them!

    Shell & Rich Say ...

    I know I said it but thank you,thank you,thank you,

    the photos are amazing.

    Kelly Says ...

    oh sooooo sweetraves and reviews

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