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9 th Grade PEP Career Exploration

9 th Grade PEP Career Exploration. Overview 1.Review Colorado Career Cluster Model 2.Review 8 th grade survey results 3.Complete Colorado Career Cluster

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Text of 9 th Grade PEP Career Exploration. Overview 1.Review Colorado Career Cluster Model 2.Review 8 th...

9th Grade PEP

9th Grade PEPCareer ExplorationOverviewReview Colorado Career Cluster ModelReview 8th grade survey resultsComplete Colorado Career Cluster SurveyCollege in Colorado online survey (use slides 7-14)College in Colorado paper survey (skip slides 7-14))Research career options by clusterResearch career options by educational requirements and earning potential(Optional) Record Career Cluster and Post-Secondary or Educational Goal(s)Note: Naviance Career & PS Survey is not due until Q3Students may choose to complete the survey during this lesson OR at a later time.

Career Cluster ModelCollege & Career ReadinessAgricultural & Natural ResourcesHealth Sciences & Public SafetySTEM, Arts, Design & Information TechnologySkilled Trades & Technical SciencesHospitality, Human Services & EducationBusiness & Public AdministrationAgriculture & Natural ResourcesEnergyManagement & AdministrationMarketingFinanceGovernment & Public AdministrationHospitality & TourismHuman ServicesEducationScience, Technology, Engineering and MathArts, Audio/Visual Technology and CommunicationInformation TechnologyTransportation, Distribution & LogisticsArchitecture & ConstructionManufacturingHealth ScienceLaw, Public Safety & SecurityCareer Cluster Descriptions

Career Cluster ModelCareer Clusters provide a way to organize careers related to your interests.Research shows that even though most people change careers many times throughout their life, they typically stay within the same cluster.Knowing your top career clusters will help you create a roadmap or Plan of Study to help you achieve your college and career goals.Go to www.collegeincolorado.orgSign in using the information below:

Click Sign In

(dps + student ID number)(6 digit birthday, mmddyy)dps482679040900Some students may be prompted to answer a few questions before they may begin.Examples:Select your grade (9th Grade)Find and select your school nameAnswer a security question (e.g. What is my mothers name?)Agree to all terms and conditions

Click on Career Planning in the blue Portfolio box


2. Click Career Plans

Scroll down to find your Clusters. Click on the date to see the results from the last time you took this survey.4. Record results on your worksheetClick back to return to the previous page

Click Try the Career Cluster Survey again

Click Get Started to take the quiz again

After you complete the survey, click Career Finder on the left.

Agriculture, Food & Natural ResourcesSearch all Pathways in this ClusterOther Pathways Architecture & ConstructionSearch all Pathways in this ClusterOther Pathways Arts, A/V Technology and CommunicationSearch all Pathways in this ClusterOther Pathways Education & TrainingSearch all Pathways in this ClusterOther Pathways FinanceSearch all Pathways in this ClusterOther Pathways Government & Public AdministrationSearch all Pathways in this ClusterOther Pathways Heath ScienceSearch all Pathways in this ClusterOther Pathways Hospitality & TourismSearch all Pathways in this ClusterHuman ServicesInformation TechnologyLaw, Public Safety, Corrections & SecurityManagement & AdministrationManufacturingMarketingSTEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & MathTransportation, Distribution & LogisticsSearch all Pathways in this ClusterOther Pathways

Click Career Clusters to select your favorite Cluster(s) and/or Pathway(s)

Click Education Level to select the level of education you would like to attain.

Click to start your search

Click Earnings to select the salary level you would like to achieve

Research careers that meet your Career Cluster and PS Goals and record them on your worksheet


Construction ManagerCost Estimator


Landscape ArchitectIf you want, you can also post career examples by cluster around the room for students to search and find their cluster and color. For already created documents and signs, visit: http://secure.collegeincolorado.org/images/cic/pdfs/Resources/publications/compiled_cluster_sheets.pdf14End, or ContinueNote: You may have students enter their results in Naviance now or wait until the Naviance Course Plan lesson in Q3.NavianceLog-in to Naviance using the following Username and Password

_ _ _ _ _ _ (lunch #)mmddyyClick, Log InNaviance

Click about me

Click dps career & postsecondary goal survey 2012-13

Complete the survey and click

You will get a chance to update your selections each year.