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<ul><li> 1. Developed by: THE ONLY CONFERENCE IN NORTH AMERICA WITH AN EXCLUSIVE FOCUS ON TEXT MININGSave $300by booking beforeMarch 18th7th AnnualText Analytics SummitMay 18TH and 19TH 2011, Radisson Hotel, Boston, MAMAXIMIZE THE COMMERCIAL BENEFITSHear From More Than 25 Of TheWorlds Top Text Analytics ExpertsOF YOUR TEXT ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS Chris Jones Increase Productivity and ROI: See how text analytics is beingManager of Customer Feedback used to improve the business decision making processAdobe Make Social Media Count: Uncover text minings essential role David Howlett for optimizing the potential of the vast social media world Senior Director, Consumer Insights and Strategy J.D. Power &amp; Associates Improve the Customer Experience: Develop a unied analytics platform to fully unlock the Voice of the Customer Lisa Joy Rosner Chief Marketing O cer NetBase Enhance Brand Perception: Use sentiment analysis to gain insight into your organizations public image Ronen Feldman Boost the Power of Marketing: Use advanced text miningFounder techniques to target customers more e ectivelyDigital Trowel (Former Founder of ClearForest, a Thomson Reuters company) PLUS Get the best case studies from top end user organizations: See Why you need to be in how vendors and end users are working together to push textthe conference room! analytics further into the mainstream250+ Senior level attendees10+ Text Analytics exhibitorsSPONSORS: 5+ Workshops1 Exceptional text miningconferenceSPEAKERS: EXHIBITOR: OPEN NOW For The Full Summit Program!</li></ul><p> 2. I am new to the Text Analytics world, however I still came away in awe of the work being done in the eld and of all the di erent ways of trying to harness the spoken word.Brenda Scott, Consumer A airs Report Analyst, ConAgra FoodsTEXT ANALYTICS HAS OFFICIALLY ARRIVED INSO WHAT MAKES THIS SUMMIT WORTHWHILE?THE MAINSTREAM! The content of course! We pride ourselves on nding the mostMore than 60% of companies now employ text analytics solutionsrelevant topics and recruiting only the best speakers to ensure thatin some capacity. With the industry expected to grow by 38% per this conference exceeds expectations and truly makes a di erenceyear through 2015, text analytics has grown from an interesting but in the booming analytics world. The agenda has been designedlittle known software application into an invaluable commercial based solely on information obtained from top industrytool being used by businesses worldwide. Finance professionalsprofessionals, including vendors, consultants, analysts, and endare using it to better navigate the stock market. Retailers are using users.it to better understand their customers. Lawyers are using it torapidly extract information from truckloads of legal documents. Topics this year include:The list goes on and on and on. Social Media Analytics Understand how text analytics canhelp you capitalize on the social media boomForward thinking executives across a myriad of industries are using Sentiment Analysis for the 2010s Discover the meaningtext analytics solutions to increase e ciency and unlock essentialbehind what is being said about your business, and learn aboutinformation that they have never had access to before. And with the latest advancements in the technologythe recent social media boom encouraging people to Text Analytics for Marketing Improve your marketing strategycommunicate in more new and innovative ways, text analytics isin ways you never could beforeno longer an option; its a necessity. Are you: Voice of the Customer Analytics Gain a competitive Looking for new ways to analyze data and increase productivity?advantage by formulating a unied analytics strategy Trying to take advantage of Business Intelligence (BI)? Struggling to get clients to realize the benets of your analyticssolutions?OUR PROVEN TWO-DAY FORMAT IS JAMMEDPACKED WITHWhether you are a software developer, an experienced analyticsuser, or new to the text analytics industry, the Text Analytics Presentations Obtain the inside scoop, straight from theSummit is the only place to get the information that you need tomouths of the worlds top text analytics pioneersbenet and prot from text mining. Well give you the inside scoop Case Studies Hear real life examples about how text analyticson the most recent developments in this cutting edge technology has revolutionized the way people do businessso that you can stay ahead of the game. Whether its a new Workshops Get an in depth overview of text analytics,program for maximizing sentiment accuracy or a state-of-the-artincluding a breakdown of your various software and vendorstrategy for developing a unied analytics platform, the knowledgeoptionsthat will be obtained from this summit is something that youcannot a ord to miss out on. Expert Panels Engage industry gurus in our three di erentexpert panels, complete with question and answer sessionsThis conference brings together all of the major players in the Exhibitions See displays and demonstrations from leading Textindustry for the purposes of knowledge sharing, networking, and Analytics solution providersestablishing real, long lasting business relationships. In just twodays, you will get all of the information that you need to capitalizeon text analytics and add signicant value to your company. Text 3 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER TODAYanalytics is a short cut to superior research and data analysis, Online: www.textanalyticsnews.com/text-mining-conference/stronger brand management, and improved customerengagement but only for those who understand how to unlock Email: Register@textanalyticsnews.comits true commercial potential. And thats where this conference Phone: Ezra: 201-204-1683 / Paul: 201-204-1691can help.Welcome Letter From The Chairman and solution-provider participants. Please do join in, May18-19 in Boston, for what promises to be the best summitText analytics has come a long way since the rst Textyet!Analytics Summit back in 2005. The technology is betterthan ever -- front-page news even, as text analyticsThe summit is a great place to learn, teach, network, anddominates the worlds smartest on Jeopardy! Practical meet fellow end users, executives, analysts, and industrybusiness solutions have kept pace, with uptakethought leaders: the Whos Who of text mining. Thisaccelerating in a broad set of industries and applications. Summit is the place to continue to shape the future of theThe marketplace is strong, with great promise for years toindustry.come.Weve come a long way together in the Text AnalyticsSeth GrimesSummit community, joined every year by new end user Text Analytics SummitFounding Chair For the Most Up to Date Info. Visit: www.textanalyticsnews.com/text-mining-conference 3. The Text Analytics Summit is a must for anyone considering purchasing text mining software. Its a great opportunity to get to meet the companies and individuals who have been working in this industry for many years, and ask them to look under the hood of their products.Tom H.C. Anderson, Founder and Managing Partner, Anderson AnalyticsWHO WILL YOU MEET AT THE TEXT Expert Speakers Include:ANALYTICS SUMMIT? Seth GrimesPresident David Howlett Sr. Director, Consumer InsightsAlta Plana and StrategyConnect with all the major players through over ten hours of built J.D. Power &amp; Associatesin networking time, including Pre-Summit Workshops, interactive Tom Andersondiscussion panels, a top-notch exhibition display, and of course, FounderTom Reamyour Industry Cocktail Party!Anderson Analytics Chief Knowledge Architect Kaps GroupManya MayesOver 250 Attendees Fitting The Prole Below Director of Advanced Analytics and Gregory PiatetskySolutionsPresidentAttensityKD Nuggets 45% End UsersChristopher JonesMatthew BerkManager of Customer Feedback EVP of Product EngineeringAdobeMarchEx 35% VendorsDon Springer Lisa Joy RosnerCEOCMO 12% ConsultantsCollective Intellect NetbaseLee Feigenbaum T.R. Fitz-Gibbon 5% Industry Analysts VP of Technology and Client Services Chief ScientistCambridge SemanticsNetworked Insights 3% Press Gerard Britton Joseph CarrabisDirector Founder and Chief Research O cerCAAS LLC NextStage EvolutionRonen FeldmanBreck BaldwinFounderCEODigital Trowel Alias-IAnd heres a sample of some of our past attendees (Former Founder of ClearForest) Themos Kalafatis Accenture General Electric William Mougayar Predictive Analytics ConsultantCEO Alta Plana Hewlett PackardEqentiaNathan Treloar Anderson Analytics IBM VP Technology for Strategic Markets Attensity Intuit Penny Herscher RampCEO The Bank of New York J.D. Power &amp; AssociatesFirst Rain Tim Trussell Best Buy JetBlue Airways Solutions Specialist Bit.ly Kapow Technologies Andrew McInnes SASAnalyst Boeing L-3Com Forrester Research Frank Della Rosa Butler Hill Group LexalyticsManaging DirectorTrevor Croop Symphonetic Insight CallMiner LinguamaticsSr. Analyst, Operations &amp; Guest Charles Schwab LinkedIn Satisfaction Daniel Ziv Chevron Lockheed MartinGaylord EntertainmentVP, Customer Interaction Analytics Verint Clarabridge Maritz ResearchFern Halper ConAgra Foods Mars Inc.PartnerJustin Langseth Constant Contact Medallia Hurwitz &amp; Associates President and CTO Clarabridge, Inc. Deloitte MicrosoftKevin English Delta Airlines MonsterGlobal Process ServicesIBM Dow Jones Nokia Elder Research Oracle Endeca Pzer"The Annual Text Analytics Summit is a great event and a Europol PricewaterhouseCoopers fantastic platform for anyone interested in or associated with Facebook Procter &amp; Gamble text analytics to meet and discuss the opportunities and Fidelity Investments SASchallenges that we face today!" Ford State Farm Insurance Nick Patience, Research Director, Forrester Research UnileverInformation Management, 451 Group Gartner Verint Full Conference Agenda On The Next Page! 4. Hear From the Best of The Best in Text Analytics Understanding The SocialCASE STUDYMaximize The E ectiveness Of SentimentChairmans Welcome And Introduction Media UniverseAnalysisIndustry At A Glance - Where We Are, Get the inside scoop with three real-world Get expert solutions for predicting futureWhere Were Going, And How This A ects case studies, showing social mediasentimentYour Text Mining Strategyunderstanding in action Discover applicable uses of sentiment Discover how text analytics and NLP are analysis, including brand management,Get a comprehensive overview of the text being used to read, analyze and understandcomparisons of di erent products, improvinganalytics industry AND consumer opinion, emotion and behaviorCRM, and stock market monitoring Learn where the money iswhos proting? Learn how companies are using the Find out about the eectiveness of hybrid Understand how niche markets are getting actionable insights of social media to shapeframeworks for sentiment analysislinked together through acquisitions, unied their strategy for products, packaging and Understand how the hybrid model allowsplatforms, and partnershipspromotionssentiment analysis to extract positive and Find out why Text Analytics is here to staynegative expressions with high precision Lisa Joy Rosner, CMO, NetBaseSeth Grimes, President, Alta Plana David Howlett, Sr. Director of Consumer Ronen Feldman, Founder and Chief Scientist, Insights and Strategy, J.D. Power &amp; AssociatesDigital TrowelKeynote Topic Social Media Analytics CASE STUDY Stay Ahead of the Game: Explore the Newest A Twitter Case Study: Developments In Sentiment Analysis To Get A Behavior Mining From Social MediaText Analytics The Foundation ForLeg Up On Your CompetitorsSocial Business CollaborationA step-by-step tutorial in using social media Be detailed and specic in your sentiment data to gain insights into consumer behavior inThe importance of sophisticated text mininganalysis: Discover more granular sentiment at a time-e cient mannerand analysis is becoming more critical as thethe document level and all the way down tovolume of social media conversations The importance of social data: How social individual featurescontinues to grow. In Dons presentation hedata can help us in forming hypotheses Utilize emotion/behavior analysis towill describe: about consumer behavior understand how the customer really feels Pre-processing techniques that aide in Add a new dimension to sentiment by The handling and processing of large e cient mining: Why and when they shoulddeveloping expertise analysis to make surevolumes of social media data using be appliedthe text is worth your timeenterprise-class listening platforms First insights into your customers minds: Get real life examples of how these new The deployment of real-time ROI oriented N-Grams, Keyword Frequencies anddevelopments are being translated intodashboards through advanced data researchCo-Occurrencesactionable competitive advantagesand management More Insights to gain that competitive Discover where sentiment analysis is heading How advanced categorization accuracy and advantage: Concept Associations, Keywordsprecise ltering makes social CRM andTom Reamy, Chief Knowledge Architect, Kaps and Concepts, and Concept Trendingtargeting possible Group How to optimize engagement outcomes with Themos Kalafatis, Predictive Analyticscustomers through formalized BusinessConsultantText Analytics For MarketingProcess Management workowsDon Springer, CEO, Collective Intellect Sentiment Analysis For The 2010s Get The Most Out Of Your Marketing Campaign: Integrate Sentiment With CASE STUDYWhy Your Sentiment Analysis Is WrongTraditional MarketingUse Social Media Mining ToMaximize Customer Insight And Get examples of problem causing texts that Understand the benets of adding sentimentCompetitive Intelligence hamper your commercial successinto marketing metrics (retention, cross-sell, Understand why most texts are dicult toup-sell, and loyalty) Find out how Gaylord Entertainment has classify Explore the process - sentiment is worthused social media text analysis to aide its Obtain more valuable, actionable results by more if you use it rather than just monitor itwider business strategyasking dierent and better sentiment Gain the analytical advantages that make all Gain insight into how text analysis of questions the di erence to the bottom linecustomer reviews can provide your company See how Hierarchal Topic Discoverywith valuable competitive intelligence Tim Trussell, Solutions Specialist, SAS addresses the sentiment accuracy question Analyze social media sentiment to pinpoint CASE STUDYimprovement possibilities across your wholeT.R. Fitz-Gibbon, Chief Scientist, NetworkedAnalyze The Mind Using Textbusiness Insights How neuro-marketing is forever changing theTrevor Croop, Sr. Analyst, Operations &amp; Guestfuture of marketingSatisfaction, Gaylord Entertainment Use text analytics to unlock the thought process of the writer Predictive Text Analytics Understand how the brains response varies A vendor-agnostic interactive primer on how to integrate text analysis with predictive anal...</p>