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  • 400Goals400300700200100500FoundingFathers400300700200100500HistoricalApproaches400300700200100500Potpourri400300700200100500Jumble400300700200100500Modern Approaches400300700200100500ResearchAreas400300700200100500?300700200100500

  • Name the four goals of psychology.

    DescribeExplain Predict Control

  • Name the six modern approaches to the study of psychology. BiologicalCognitiveBehavioralPsychoanalyticHumanisticSociocultural

  • This man established the first psychology lab in Leipzig Germany.

    Who was Wilhelm Wundt?

  • The study of the most basic elements, primary sensations and perception, that make up our conscious mental experiences.

    What is Structuralism?

  • Most clinical psychologists will have what type of degree?

    What is a Ph.D?

  • The systematic, scientific study of behaviors and mental processes.

    What is Psychology?


  • They focus on the long-term care and control of medical therapy for patients with mental illnesses.

    Who are psychiatrists?

  • This approach emphasizes individual freedom and a persons ability to direct his/her future.

    What is the Humanistic Approach?

  • Published THE psychology book, Principles of Modern Psychology. He also studied how people function better as a result of their experience.

    Who was William James?

  • The belief that the mind has developed through evolution in order to adapt to society.

    What is Functionalism? Bonus.Which famous psychologist coined the term Functionalism?Who was William James?

  • This type of psychologist would attempt to answer the following questions:Why do people act different in crowds?How important are first impressions?Why do we stereotype?

    What is Social Psychology?

  • The former student of John B. Watson took the Little Albert experiment one step further with her Little Peter experiment.

    Who was Mary Cover Jones?BONUS: Explain the diffrerence between the two experiemnts.


  • This area of psychology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of people with psychological disorders.

    What is clinical psychology?

  • This is a set of ideas, combined in a logical way in an attempt to explain and connect known facts and predict behavior. Psychologists normally reach this point after they have described and explained their subjects behavior.

    What is a theory?

  • Psychologists taking journal samples from American and Middle Eastern populations in order to compare their opinions on the events of 9/11/01, is using what approach to studying psychology?

    What is Socio-Cultural?

  • This mother of Modern Psychology was denied a PhD. From Harvard despite completing all of the required courses because she was a woman..

    Who was Mary Whiton Calkins?

  • Prior to dedicating himself to the research of conditioning this psychologist was studying the digestive track of dogs.

    Who was Ivan Pavlov?

  • Martin Seligman is considered one of the founders of this new psychological perspective which focuses on a persons strengths, well-being, and pursuit of happiness.

    What is positive psychology?

  • Explain the difference between basic and applied psychology.

    Research for knowledge vs. Research for practical use.


  • This man spent his career focusing on Psychoanalysis and dreaming.

    Who was Sigmund Freud?

  • Name three careers in which the main goal is to control a subject in a psychological manner.

    ConsumerismDog TrainingTeaching

  • This approach focuses on the influence of unconscious fears, desires, and motivations on thoughts and behavior.


  • This Psychologist created a box in order to condition a rat to push a lever to release a food pellet.Proving that a reward will lead to a repeated behavior. (operant conditioning) Who was Skinner?

  • These psychologists believe that children can be molded into adults with certain behaviors and values based on the environment they grow up in.

    Behavioral Psychologists Bonus. What are the two methods behaviorists use to control their subjects?

    Reward and Punishment

  • These psychologists conduct much of their research under carefully controlled laboratory conditions.

    Experimental Psychologists.

  • Name three famous psychologists whose names are forms or alliteration.

    Erik EriksonAlfred AdlerWilhelm Wundt


  • The field of Psychology originated from what two fields?

    What are Philosophy and Physiology?

  • Only a certain group of psychologist will use this goal of psychology.

    What is Control?

  • Dr. Vinson believes that Jaidens abnormal behavior is caused by an increased level of testosterone. Dr. Vinson clearly practices what approach to psychology?


  • The illusion of movement could be created by presenting visual stimuli in rapid succession.

    What is the Phi Phenomenon?

  • Max WertheimerWhat is the Gestalt Theory?

  • Dr. Winkler is exploring why certain people can remember information such as telephone numbers while others cannot. Dr. Winkler is a __________ psychologist.


  • Who was the keynote speaker at last nights Democratic National Convention?


  • What are the positive and negative effects of the ability of control?

    The ability to help stop a negative behavior or to get someone to perform better or buy a product.The negative would be that people might be manipulated without being aware.

  • Evolutionary Psychology maintains that mental strategies and traits, such as the ability to lie have continued to evolve with behavior because of this Darwinian theory.

    What is natural selection?

  • This psychologist believed that every experience could be broken down into its individual emotions and sensations , a theory known as structuralism.

    Who was Edward Titchener

  • A method of exploring conscious mental processes by asking subjects to look inward and report their sensations and perceptions.


  • The three categories of professional activities which most psychologist fit into. Teaching/ResearchMental-health servicesApplied research (business, sports, government, law, etc.)

  • Why can psychology never be considered an exact science?Because mental processes cannot be directly studies.


  • Which behavioral approach is being conducted in the cartoon?

    What is conditioning?



  • Final Jeopardy

  • Psychological PracticeExplain the difference between a Psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, clinical psychologist, and a psychiatrist.

  • George WashingtonJohn AdamsThomas JeffersonJames MadisonJames MonroeJohn Quincy AdamsRonald ReaganGeorge H. W. BushBill ClintonGeorge W. BushBarack Obama


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