292 The Successful Club Series Evaluate to Motivate

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292 The Successful Club Series Evaluate to Motivate Slide 2 1 Evaluations Benefit Speakers by Providing immediate feedback Offering methods for improvement Building and maintaining self-esteem Slide 3 2 Evaluating by the Tell and Sell Approach When the evaluator talks and the speaker listens! Slide 4 1.Before the speech, talk with the speaker about: 3 How to Evaluate Effectively manual objectives evaluation guidelines any concerns show that you are interested put yourself in the position of the speaker take notes 2.During the speech: Slide 5 4 How to Evaluate Effectively 1.During your evaluation: choose your words carefully evaluate the speech, not the person promote self-esteem Slide 6 5 Avoid Being Disingenuous Honest evaluations are upbeat and encouraging while offering suggestions for improvement Slide 7 6 Closing Connect to your opening statement. Summarize your key points. Give a personal story or example. Encourage listeners to apply what they heard and learned.