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+27 11 878 2600 - FTS Boltworld · Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Clips Din 125 Flat Washer Din 934 Hex Nuts A2 & A4 Stainless Steel Splice Din 603 Cup Square Bolts Din 968 Dome

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Text of +27 11 878 2600 - FTS Boltworld · Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Clips Din 125 Flat Washer Din...

  • +27 11 878 2600

  • Bolts and Screws

    Din 558Hex Set Screw Zinc Yellow

    Din 558Hex Set Screw HDG

    Cone Point Screws Din931 & Din 934Zinc Plated

    Din 931Hexagon Bolt

    Din 933Hexagon Set Screw

    Din 85Pan Head Machine Screw

    Din 965Countersunk Machine Screw

    Flange Head Machine Hex Flange Screw Din 7991Countersunk Cap Screw

    Din 912Cap Screw

    Grub Screw Din 603Cup Square Bolt

    �T� Bolt

    Gutter Bolt Mush Head Screw Window Handle Screw

    Battery Bolt Cup SQ Bolt Z/Y Flat Square Neck ScrewJ429Imperial Bolts

    Din 605Plough Bolt

    Weld Stud

  • Din 125Flat Washer

    BS4320Flat Washer

    Fender Washer Din 126Black Cut Washer


    Din 127 External Lock Washer Push on Fix Bonded Washer

    Rubber Washer Plastic Spacer Special Washers Internal Lock Washer


    Din 934Hexagon Nut

    Din 6923Hexagon Flange Nut

    Din 985Nyloc Nut

    Spring Nut

    Riv Nut Cage Nut Ansi Wing Nut Din 562Square Pressed Nut

    Din 928Square Weld Nut

    Lock Nut Din 1587Dome Nut

    SS SolarSquare Nut


  • Self Drilling and Self Tapping Screws

    Pan Combi Polymate Screw

    Pan Pozi Polymate Screw

    Square Drive Wing Tek Screw

    Torque Drive Self Drilling Screw

    Type 17 Timber Screw Self Drilling Screw with EPDM Washer

    Class 4 SDS Reduced Point

    Class 3 SDS with EPDM Washer

    Hanger Bolts

    Din 571Coach Screw

    Din 7504KSelf Drilling Screw

    Chipboard Screw

    Class 3 Self Drilling Screw Wafer Tek Screw Din 7981Pan Pozi Tapping Screw

    Din 7982 - Countersunk Self Tapping Screw

    Truss head self tapping screw

    Drywall Screw Bugle Phillips

    Self Drilling ScrewZinc Yellow

    Class 3 SDS with EPDM Washer Type 17

  • Rivets

    Stainless Steel Rivet

    CSK RivetLarge Flange Aluminium Rivet

    Anlock out-bolt

    Multi-grip Rivet

    Semi Tubular Rivet

    White Epoxy Blind Rivet Red Epoxy Blind Rivet Bronze Epoxy Blind Rivet Black Epoxy Blind Rivet

    Yellow Epoxy Blind Rivet

    Peeled Rivet

    Anlock in-bolt

    Aluminium Sealed Rivet

    Solid Rivet

    High strength HP-lok

    Flat Head - Round with knurls

    Flat Head - Hexagon Countersunk Head - Round with knurls

    Countersunk Head - Hexagon

    Green Epoxy Blind Rivet Blue Epoxy Blind Rivet

    Aluminium Rivet

  • Riveting Tools

    Industrial Riveter

    FRT-10It takes rivets from 2.4mm to 4.8mmPlier type tool used to set rivets and used extensively inthe riveting industry.Suitable for: home repair and small-quantity outside repair work.Latch design allows tool to be carried safely in pocket.

    Hand Riveter

    FTS-702Up to 4.0mm for all materials and 4.8mm for aluminiumCarbon steel forged housing and handle with powder surface.Jaw and jaw case are made of chrome steel and are heat treated.

    Heavy Duty Riveter

    FRT-64It takes rivets from 3.2mm to 6.4mmThis riveter is suitable for industrial use. Heavy duty.It is a trellis type riveter and the lazy tong action reduces operator fatique.Designed for low volume and batch production, idealwhere lateral space is limited.

    Lazy Tong Riveter

    FRT-50It takes rivets from 3.2mm to 4.8mmThis riveter is suitable for industrial use. It is a trellis type riveter and the lazy tong action reduces operator fatique.Designed for low volume and batch production, idealwhere lateral space is limited.

  • *Includes maintenance spanners, cleaning brush and spare sets of jaws

    Professional Air




    Up to 4.8mm for all material

    FITTING�RIVET�DIAMETER3.2mm 4.0mm 4.8mm



  • HN901 M3-M10 Lever Arm Rivet Nut Tool

    * M3 – M10 CAPACITY* M12 nose available as an extra option.* Compact tool, simple operation.* Convenient quick release mandrels.* Supplied with M3, M4, M5, M6, M8 and M10 noses.

    The model HN901 lever arm rivet nut tool is of compact design and a great choice for users setting a wide range of rivet nut sizes in low volume applications. Supplied with six noses, an additional size M12 nose is also available as an option if required.

  • Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel Clips Din 125Flat Washer

    Din 934Hex Nuts A2 & A4

    Stainless Steel Splice

    Din 603Cup Square Bolts

    Din 968Dome Nuts A2 & A4

    Rivets Half and Full stainless

    Din 7982CSK Slotted A2

    Din 931Hex Bolts A2 & A4

    Din 933Hex Set Screws

    Din 975Threaded Rod

    Stainless Steel Circlip Din 7981 Pan Pozi A2

    Din 84Machine Screw A2

    Din 7982CSK Pozi A2

    ISO7830 Button Head A4 Din 7984Socket Head A2

    Shear Nut A2 Flange Head Machine Screw A2

    Seloc Pin A2 Din 571Coach Screw A2

    Din 6921Flange Screw A2

    Split Pin A2

    Spring Washer

  • Brass Components

    7 Hole Neutral Bar with green holder

    7 Hole Neutral Bar with black holder

    Insert Pump Insert Plugpin with screw Terminal Box

    Ferrule Knurled Insert Brass Block and Screw Brass Hex Long Nut

    Din 558Brass Hex Set

    Din 84Brass Machine Screw

    Knurled Brass Pin Brass Wing Nut

    Din 934Brass Nut

    Brass S Hook Knurled Bush Plug Pin

    3 Hole Neutral Bar 7 Hole Neutral Bar

    Brass Basin Stay Brass Machine Screw Brass Casting Brass Flat Washer

  • Specials

    Extension Spring Strapping BuckleGS Clamp

    Line Clamp Split Pin

    Gravity PinCopper Lug �U� Bolt Assembly HDG Clamp

    Drill Bits and Adaptors

    Masonary Drill Bit HSS Drill Bit Adaptor Double Ended Pozi Bit

    Pozi Bit Bearing Grinding DiscDouble SidedSomta Drill Bits

    Anchors, Threaded Rod and Hook Bolts

    Din 975Threaded Rod

    Shield Anchor Sleeve Anchor Nail in Anchor

    Nylon Plug Plastic Plug Hook BoltWedge Anchor

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