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  • 2019 FIBA bAsketball World Cup Request for Expression of Interest

  • The FIBA Basketball World Cup is the flagship event of the most popular indoor team sport on the planet


    The FIBA Basketball World Cup is the flagship event of the most popular indoor team sport on the planet. It is the highest point of the global basketball calendar, taking place every four years and bringing together the worlds top basketball nations and their players.

    This presentation showcases some of the highlights that this event has to offer and can deliver to its hosts. It also outlines the bid process. We strongly encourage you to share the document with the key institutions, public authorities at city and national levels as well as stakeholders in your country to guarantee their support from the outset.

    The 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup will set a new era for national team basketball. It is the first time that we will play in a different year than usual and that 8 more teams will participate.

    In 2019, players from 32 countries will meet for 16 days of intense and exciting competition, playing 92 games in total. Not only will the players be competing for the number one prize in basketball the Naismith Trophy they will also have their eyes on securing qualification for the 2020 Olympic Games. Seven teams will secure their ticket to Tokyo directly based on their performance at the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup, while sixteen more will earn a spot to FIBAs Olympic Qualifying Tournaments.

    The benefits of hosting the FIBA Basketball World Cup for the host nation are extensive and impressive, attracting significant media exposure and delivering substantial economic impact: the move of the event to 2019 (and thereafter 2023, 2027, ...) ensures that the FIBA Basketball World Cup will have an even greater visibility. And the benefits are not just restricted to the event itself, as FIBA has introduced a new two-year qualification system offering the host an additional set of benefits and exciting opportunities to promote itself around the world in the lead-up to the event, starting already in 2017.

    Interest in hosting this prestigious event is always strong and our new structured bid process allows both National Federations and nations the opportunity to understand the many benefits associated with hosting the event. Basketball is a truly global sport and we are proud to share our most-prized possession with the world.

    Today, FIBA invites expressions of interest from National Federations who wish to receive further information and bid documentation. Submitting an Expression of Interest (by means of the form enclosed) will enable you to take part in the bid process; however it is in no way a binding commitment, financial or otherwise.

    Your expression of interest allows us to release further information to you to progress to the first phase of bidding.

    While it is the National Federation that must formally submit the expression of interest, we strongly encourage public authorities and National Federations to work together from the very earliest stages of the process to help develop the most sustainable and effective bids.

    This is the beginning of a new era with incredible opportunities awaiting the FIBA family and our sport. We hope that you will consider hosting this event and taking up the challenge of organising the greatest FIBA Basketball World Cup in history.Should you do so, the President of FIBA, Mr. Yvan Mainini, and myself, wish you much success with it and thank you in advance for your efforts.

    I am delighted, on behalf of the entire FIBA Central Board, to announce that the host nation bidding process for the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup is now open to all member National Federations.

    Patrick BAUMANN


    Patrick BaumannFIBA Secretary General


    800 milliontotal television audience

    600,000 total spectator attendance 171 countriesbroadcasting the event

    2,000 media

    The Basketball World Cup is FIBAs flagship event. Since 1950, when hosts Argentina beat the USA in the final of the inaugural six-team tournament, it has been the competition the whole world wants to win.

    From Oscar Schmidt and Nikos Galis to Pau Gasol and Kevin Durant, every four years the FIBA Basketball World Cup pits the games greatest names against one another as its leading nations go head to head for the Naismith Trophy. The new era also means that the 18th edition in 2019 will see for the first time 32 countries line up, increasing the pool of stars and the global appeal of the event.

    The FIBA Basketball World Cup is a unique opportunity for the stars to put team rivalries aside and join forces in their respective countrys common cause, in a grand display of national pride. And when the stakes are this high, passion and drama are guaranteed a thrilling mix that appeals to fans and corporate partners alike.

    The 2010 competition in Turkey was watched by more than one billion people worldwide, attracted 50 million visitors to its website and saw 350,000 downloads of the tournament app.

    The FIBA Basketball World Cup attracts fans from all over the world, not just for the quality of the teams and players on display, but also for the intensity of the competition and the memorable experiences it creates. More than 20,000 fans travelled to Turkey in 2010, staying an average of five nights each, with even greater numbers expected in Spain in 2014.

    As the culmination of a two-year qualification process, the format is fan-friendly and highly marketable as a result. Its a winning combination for players, supporters and hosts.



    Basketballs biggest eventthe fiba basketball world cup: everything to play for

    600,000 spectators

    800 million total television audience

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    april 2014

    Request for Expressions of Interest issued

    9 june 2014

    Deadline for return of Expressions of Interest to FIBA

    EXPRESSION OF Interest Phase

    1. 2.

    2014 FIBA Basketball Word Cup Observer Programme, Spain

    october 2014

    Deadline for submission of Bid Application Questionnaires

    june 2014 august 2014

    Deadline for applications to the Observer Programme at the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup

    Applicants to receive the following documents:

    Bid Guide and Economic Impact Study Bid Application Questionnaire Invitation to Observer Programme

    September 2014

    3. 4.

    5. 6.

    applicant Phase

    november 2014 december 2014

    Workshop for Candidates held in Geneva, Switzerland On-site inspection visits

    april 2015

    Deadline for submission of final Candidature files

    january - february 2015

    Announcement of Candidates by FIBA.

    Candidates to receive the following documents:

    Host Nation AgreementContract of AssignmentCandidature Guidelines

    may 2015

    Final bid presentations and announcement of FIBA Central Board decision

    10. 11.

    7. 8. 9.

    candidate Phase

    If you would like to know more about the requirements of staging the FIBA Basketball World Cup, and the benefits it brings to hosts, please sign and return the enclosed Expression of Interest form no later than Monday 9th June 2014.

    FIBA is committed to clear and transparent bid processes for all its competitions and will support every applicant to deliver the best possible bid they can.

    FIBA will provide you with:

    A Bid Guide containing full details of the rights and benefits accruing to the host nation and its hosting nations, the requirements for hosting the FIBA Basketball World Cup and an analysis of its economic impact

    A Bid Application Questionnaire, which will be used to determine whether an applicant can demonstrate its ability to meet FIBAs commercial, operational and venue requirements for the event as well as its capacity to guarantee a competitive national team, a strong sport development programme and a lasting legacy for the event

    Details of the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup Observer Programme, which will allow applicants for the 2019 event to learn from the experience of Spain in hosting the forthcoming edition

    A shortlisting process will take place after the submission of the Bid Application Questionnaire and at this point Candidates will be officially announced. Further information will be provided in due course.

    NB: Submitting an Expression of Interest carries no obligation or financial commitment on behalf of the potential bidder but will enable a National Federation to become part of the bid process and to receive more information about it.


    1. FIBA will consider joint bids from two or more countries. If this is your intention, please provide notes in the box provided on the accompanying sheet to be returned to FIBA. Please note that each National Federation is required to sign an individual Expression of Interest response.

    2. FIBA has opened the process to bid for the rights to host the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup. FIBA will, during this bid process, seek to establish National Federation interest in hosting the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup. Subject always to Central Board approval, should one or more National Federation submit bids of sufficient standard FIBA shall retain the right also to

    award the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup in May 2015. You may therefore indicate your preliminary interest also for the 2023 edition in the Expression of Interest form.

    3. The bidding process will be governed by bidding rules to be published by FIBA.

    2,000 media