2018 Global Mission Directory - and Amy to a new challenge of equipping the next generation of church

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    ISIK ABLA Middle East - Embracing God Ministries

    Born in Turkey, Isik was raised and abused in a Muslim home, only to escape into even deadlier abuse from a man she married. She earned a bachelor’s degree in literature, followed by an advanced business degree. Her education enabled her to work in high- ranking executive positions for some of the largest corporations in Turkey and travel extensively throughout Europe. In 1996, she fled for her life from her violent husband and arrived in America.

    After years of struggle to start her career all over again in a foreign country and failing in many areas of her personal life, Isik went into intense depression. She had a personal encounter with God on the day she was planning her suicide. That day, she received the supernatural healing and redemption of Jesus Christ. In 2009, Isik began hosting a satellite TV program called, “Light for the Heart” on the Kanal Hayat Turkish-language channel. After receiving a tremendous response, two years later she added a live, call-in program that is simulcast on the Turkish and Farsi channels throughout the Middle East and Europe. Today, Isik’s programs are broadcast in 150 countries on five continents in five languages - Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and English- reaching more than 373 million households. She hosts radio programs in Turkish and English reaching nearly five million households.

    On Facebook alone, Isik has more than five million followers. In 2016, she focused on social media engagement hosting weekly Facebook Live videos called Dream Church. She was awarded the National Religious Broadcaster’s International Impact award for demonstrating a strong personal commitment to proclaiming Christ through electronic media, working with integrity and faithfulness to influence a culture for Christ. Her message of hope, love and redemption, found only in a loving God, resonates and continues to reach the Muslim world for Christ. As a Muslim background believer, she is uniquely positioned, knowing the culture, language and social norms, to authentically and relationally share the good news of Jesus Christ to Muslims.

    PRAY • For Isik and her television program that many will come to Christ as a result of her ministry. • For her social media efforts that they may reach into the Muslim and create new connections. • For good health and safety for Isik. • For a new plan to translate her TV programs into the Indonesian language due to the great demand and

    interest from Indonesian seekers. As the largest Muslim-populated country in the world, the opportunity to share the gospel is unprecedented.

    CONNECT https://isikabla.com

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    http://reclamationstories.org/isik-abla https://isikabla.com http://reclamationstories.org

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    SYBIL BALOYI Mozambique - Hlauleka Mumpswa

    By 2008, Sybil had already established over 100 Kids Clubs in Chokwe, Mozambique with over 1,000 children being exposed to God’s word. Sybil also had a dream of building a preschool that would serve a student body of one-half paying children and one-half orphaned and/or vulnerable children. Being acutely aware of the many abandoned children in Chokwe, Sybil had already personally taken three girls into her own home. She said she believed the children in Mozambique were “diamonds in the dust.” She shared her dream of a preschool with Lucinda McCay who was in Chokwe on a CSPC short term mission trip. Lucinda brought Sybil’s dream back to the Global Mission Group and a new effort to help Sybil began. The name of Sybil’s ministry – Hlauleka Mumpswa – means “Be ye holy young person” (Leviticus 19:2). Sybil’s original dream expanded in 2012 when the local government not only gave permission, but greatly encouraged, the opening of a primary private Christian school on the same property. Not only is the school providing empowerment through education, but it has also become a safe and thriving place for orphans and vulnerable children.

    PRAY • For Sybil and her family that they may enjoy good health. • For the funds to start the new two-story school building. They are ready to take a step of faith towards this

    goal. • For registration to go well for an English class that will start next year so that more students can begin

    studying all their subjects in English.

    CONNECT Box 2005, Nelspruit 1200, Chokwe, Mozambique / sybilbaloyi@gmail.com

    RON & AMY BARBER Philippines - International Graduate School of Leadership

    After more than 20 years of church planting in Japan, God has led Ron and Amy to a new challenge of equipping the next generation of church planters. Their current ministry at International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL) in the Philippines prepares students for ministry in cross-cultural contexts throughout Asia. These students primarily come from countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Ron teaches church planting, cultural anthropology, and contextualization. Amy teaches women in ministry and uses her website to share ideas and resources for Sunday school teachers, churches, and families (www.amysfreeideas.com).

    PRAY • For students that Ron is teaching who are from countries where Christians are in the minority and face

    persecution. • That Ron would be effective in equipping the students for effective cross-cultural ministry. • That God would guide Amy as she prepares resources and publishes them on her website. • That Ron and Amy would model a good husband-wife relationship to the many married students on campus

    as part of their preparation for cross-cultural ministry together.

    http://reclamationstories.org/sybil mailto:sybilbaloyi%40gmail.com?subject= http://reclamationstories.org/barber

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    CONNECT c/o International Graduate School of Leadership 12 Daisy Street, Sauyo Road, Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines / rbarber6@gmail.com Birthdays: Ron (5/27), Amy (1/1) / Anniversary: July 3


    Paul and Karan have been working with TEAM in France since 1978 in church- planting ministries. They have planted churches in the southern suburbs of Paris, northwestern suburbs of Lyon, and more recently, in the Alps region around Albertville. In 2010, they moved to the city of Pontcharra, strategically located at the junction of the valleys, major highways, and railways that link the cities of Albertville, Chambery, and Grenoble. At that time there was no gospel witness for the 80,000+ people living in the greater Pontcharra area. Since 2010, Paul and Karan have started a new church in conjunction with a French church and the Christian Conference Center near Grenoble. They also want to develop a leadership-training program for future workers in conjunction with France Mission – a French denomination of churches that partners with TEAM.

    Along with this church-planting ministry, Paul serves on the TEAM France Ministry Area Leadership Team (MALT), the board of France Mission, and the board of the language school in Albertville.

    PRAY • For the Lord’s continued blessing on the church in Pontcharra and for their intern, Michael, and his family. • For the church’s impact in sharing the gospel in Pontcharra. • For French believers living in the area to catch the vision of starting a network of churches around

    Pontcharra. • For the development of a leadership training center for new workers in France.

    CONNECT 104 Rue De La Scie 38530 Pontcharra, France / paulkarandavis@gmail.com Birthdays: Paul (5/13), Karan (1/16) / Anniversary: June 12

    MARK & ANNEMARIE DYE Kenya - United World Mission

    Mark and Annemarie began serving in Africa in 1994 and focused on development and church planting among the Turkana, a primitive people group in northwestern Kenya. In 2003, they relocated to Nairobi where they still work today, partnering with various denominations in East Africa to train pastors, lay leaders, and missionaries. Their most recent role includes that of East Africa Regional Leaders for UWM, overseeing ministry in five countries. They have three sons.

    mailto:rbarber6%40gmail.com?subject= http://reclamationstories.org/davis mailto:paulkarandavis%40gmail.com?subject= http://reclamationstories.org/dye

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    PRAY • For the UWM folks in Congo who had to evacuate recently. Pray that peace will be restored there soon; pray

    the “evacuees” can find rest during the time away from colleagues and dear friends. • For a new couple who arrived this spring to serve with UWM in Uganda, that they may adapt quickly their

    new home and culture. • For the people of Kenya who have struggled through 2 elections since last August. This has caused a lot

    of disruption to normal life. Pray the opposition party will accept the ruling of the courts and that life will return to normal rhythms soon.

    • That the Dyes will walk in the grace and strength of Christ daily.

    CONNECT P.O. Box 1011-00625 Nairobi, Kenya / mrdye62@gmail.com Birthdays: Mark (12/28), Annemarie (4/21) / Anniversary: November 29

    MICHAEL & KIM ESSENBURG Japan - Christian Reformed World Missions

    Michael and Kim want more and more Japanese to know Jesus. Since 1987, they have been serving in Japan through the ministry of Christian education. Currently, they serve at Okinawa Christian School International (OCSI), where Michael works as head of the school and Kim teaches English 10 and English 11, plus supports cu