2014-2015 National Geographic Expeditions

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Explore the world with National Geographic’s experts on a variety of unique and authentic trips, from wildlife safaris and classic train journeys to photography workshops and family adventures.

Text of 2014-2015 National Geographic Expeditions

  • TRAVEL CATALOG20142015

    TRAVEL CATALOG20142015




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    E AT N












  • 32 Discovering Colombia 34 Exploring Patagonia126 Patagonia: Argentina

    and the Chilean Fjords

    EUROPE36 Inside Italy38 Southern Italy and the

    Amalfi Coast41 Greece to the Dalmatian

    Coast41 Turkey and Greece:

    A Sailing Odyssey41 Sailing the Greek Isles42 Turkey: Istanbul to the

    Turquoise Coast44 Human Origins: France

    and Spain46 Spains Northern Coast

    by Private Rail48 Inside Spain and Portugal49 Holland in Springtime50 Scotlands Highlands

    and Islands52 A Circumnavigation of

    Iceland126 D-Day: The 70th Anniversary126 Holland and Belgium

    EURASIA54 Trans-Siberian Rail Journey56 Along the Silk Road: A Journey

    by Classic Train

    ASIA58 Bhutan: Kingdom in the Clouds60 Inside Japan 62 Inside China64 Tibet and Nepal66 India Wildlife Safari 68 Rail Journey Through

    India 70 Vietnam and Cambodia71 Mongolia: Land of the Nomad72 Treasures of Myanmar 74 Wild Encounters from Borneo

    to Bali

    AFRICA76 On Safari: Tanzanias Great

    Migration78 Southern Africa Safari by

    Private Air80 The Great Apes of Uganda

    and Rwanda

    82 Ethiopia: The Omo Valley and Lalibela

    84 Moroccan Odyssey126 South Africa and the Rovos Rail

    MIDDLE EAST86 The Holy Land: Past, Present,

    and Future

    OCEANIA88 Australias Wild Northwest 89 Australias Wild Northwest

    and the Spice Islands 90 Bali to Australias Great Barrier

    Reef 90 Papua New Guinea to Fiji 91 Fiji to Tahiti 91 Tahiti to Easter Island

    POLAR REGIONS92 Land of the Polar Bears94 The Northwest Passage,

    Iceland, and Greenland96 Journey to Antarctica98 Antarctica, South Georgia,

    and the Falklands

    NORTH AMERICA14 Cuba: Discovering Its People

    and Culture15 Eastern Cuba: Crossroads of

    History and Culture 16 Baja California and the

    Sea of Cortez18 Costa Rica and the

    Panama Canal20 Alaskas Inside Passage22 Alaska: Denali to Prince

    William Sound23 The Canadian Maritimes24 Yellowstone and Grand

    Teton National Parks25 Grand Canyon, Bryce, and

    Zion National Parks126 Sailing the Caribbean127 Alaska, British Columbia, and

    Haida Gwaii127 Columbia and Snake Rivers


    SOUTH AMERICA26 Galpagos28 Peru: Land of the Inca30 Upper Amazon


    2Cover: Colors ablaze, a Bengal tiger slips into dark waters for a drink.


  • PRIVATE JET100 Around the World102 Wildlife of the World104 Celebrating Exploration with

    National Geographic

    PHOTO WORKSHOPS 106 109 New York San

    Francisco Seattle Paris London Washington, D.C. Rome and more

    PHOTO EXPEDITIONS 110113 Turkey China Mongolia Japan India Myanmar Galpagos Morocco Bhutan Ethiopia and more

    FAMILY ADVENTURES115 Tanzania 116 Peru 117 Costa Rica 118 China 119 Turkey 120 Iceland

    121 Switzerland122 Alaskas Inside Passage123 Galpagos124 Winter in Yellowstone124 Grand Canyon, Bryce, and

    Zion National Parks125 Yellowstone and Grand Teton125 Alaska: Denali to Prince

    William Sound


    128 National Geographic Adventures

    129 National Geographic Student Expeditions

    RESOURCES127 Special Offers130135 Deck Plans136 About National Geographic Travel137 Terms and Conditions138 Expedition Calendar

    Dear Traveler, Last year the National Geographic Society celebrated its 125th year by honoring exploration in every way possible. We recognized pioneers such as explorer Sylvia Earle, named an unprecedented number of Emerging Explorers, and sent National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala diving into Arctic waters, the Coral Sea, and the Eastern Pacific on three Pristine Seas expeditions. And some of our travelers set off on an extraordinary journey by private jet with 11 of our most renowned explorers. Our anniversary is behind us now, but were not letting up in 2014.

    This new year finds us burgeoning with incredible new travel opportunitiesmany inspired by National Geographic Explorers. The work of two recent Emerging Explorers, wildlife biologist Krithi Karanth and wildlife filmmaker Sandesh Kadur, led us to craft an expedition dedicated to Indias magnificent creatures. Were thrilled that Krithi or Sandesh will accompany each departure, sharing their insights as we track Bengal tigers.

    The story of yet another Emerging Explorer, humanitarian Lale Labuko, drew us to his native Ethiopia. On our new trip, well join Lale in the Omo Valley for a fascinating journey through timeless tribal lands. Aboard the new National Geographic Orion, well snorkel and dive in the Coral Sea and more of Enric Salas designated Pristine Seas.

    Were introducing a new line of family trips that will have travelers of all ages hiking beneath karst pinnacles in China and doing craft projects with pen pals in Costa Rica. See page 114 to learn more.

    As my time as CEO of this extraordinary organization comes to an end, it is deeply gratifying to see travelers on our expeditions venturing out to some of the farthest-flung and most magical places on the planet, continuing the legacy of our founders. I wish you happy exploring!

    Turn to the calendar on page 138 for a full listing of our trips. To reserve your space call 1-888-966-8687 or visit our website: nationalgeographicexpeditions.com.


    John FaheyChairmanNational Geographic Society

    Your participation in a National Geographic Expedition provides support to National Geographics mission of increasing global understanding through exploration, geography education, and research.

    Copyright 2014 National Geographic Society w Recycled paper National Geographic Expeditions and the Yellow Border Design are registered trademarks of the National Geographic Society.



  • 4National Geographic rst reported on Ethiopia back in 1925, when the country was called Abyssinia and future emperor Haile Selassie was still a soft-spoken regent known as Ras Tafari. Our reporter traveled by mule caravan and celebrated Christmas among thousands of pilgrims at the subterranean churches of Lalibela. Since then, our scientists and writers have helped tell many more stories about this intriguing place.

    A treasure chest of fossils has been uncovered here with National Geographics support by the likes of the Leakey family and Donald Johanson, who excavated 3.2-million-year-old Lucy in 1974. Today, National Geographic Emerging Explorer Zeresenay Alemseged and other Societyfunded paleontologists continue to make groundbreaking nds.

    Ethiopias present-day human story is equally fascinating. In the Omo Valley, tribespeople with lip plates and loincloths carry on their ancient traditions in the face of the encroaching modern world. We explored these societies in a March 2010 National Geographic magazine article Africas Last Frontier, and one of our newest Emerging Explorers, humanitarian and Omo Valley native Lale Labuko, has brought us valuable insights into the traditions of his people.

    Lales experiences inspired us as we crafted our new trip to Ethiopia, which combines the countrys riveting tribal life, its religious history, and its vital contributions to paleontology. Whats more, Lale or one of his colleagues will join us for our time in the Omo Valley, sharing an insiders perspective and ensuring that our encounters with the valleys tribes are genuine and meaningful. And in Addis Ababa, well meet with a leading paleontologist for a rsthand account of some of the most game-changing fossil nds in history. Ethiopia is a fascinating place to explore, but seeing it through the eyes of our experts makes all the diff erence.

    Clockwise from top left: Children of the Suri people in Ethiopias Omo Valley use clay and crushed minerals to paint their skin; a line of moai face the sea on Easter Island; a keel-billed toucan in Costa Rica; a historic church in the colonial heart of Bogot, Colombia; Indias endangered Bengal tiger.

    Discover the National Geographic diff erence.

  • Our Loyalty ProgramOnce youve traveled on three

    National Geographic Expeditions, youll qualify for enrollment in our Lifelong Explorer program. And now, any National Geographic

    Adventure trip you take will also count toward your eligibility in the program. Lifelong Explorers are

    entitled to a host of bene ts:

    Savings on all future National Geographic Expeditions

    and National Geographic Adventures

    Advance notice ofnew trips

    Invitations to join specialtrips not available

    to the public

    Special off ers on upcoming trips

    Invitations to specialNational Geographic events

    and lectures aroundthe country

    Dedicated email newsletters exclusively for

    Lifelong Explorers

    To learn more about the Lifelong Explorer program, visit nationalgeographicexpeditions.


    Travel thats tailored to your interestsOur trips span the gamut: whether youre a budding photographer, a classic-train buff , an avid birder, or a parent looking for a great family adventure, youll nd an array of opportunities that t your passions and interests.

    The beauty of happenstanceSome of the best moments in travel occur when you least expect them. So that you can savor these instants and enjoy a place in a way thats meaningful