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2011 Arlington County Guide to Summer Camps

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2011 Arlington County Guide to Summer Camps

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Whats Inside!Camps by Age, Session, Location and Interest Camps for Preschoolers Classic Camps Overnight Camps Nature, Adventure & History Camps Creative Arts Camps Sports Camps Teen Development and Leadership Camps Therapeutic Recreation Camps Imagination Explorations Volunteer Forms Registration Camp Participant Information/ Emergency Record Locations Camp Site Map En Espaol Online Registration Tips & Tricks for Success!


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Dont let fee or ability be a barrier!Arlington County is committed to all its residents! We offer reduced fees for those in need and accommodations too so everyone can participate. Learn more on page 22. El Condado de Arlington puede proveer acomodaciones necesarias a personas con necesidades especiales. Arlington no quiere que ni costos ni idioma sean una barrera para que residentes participen en clases, campamentos o programas. Llame al al 703-228-4747 o TTY 703-228-4743 para mas informacin.

r Great Places for Childwe!n to Learn, Play and GroDont let fee or ability be a barrier! Check out the fee reduction and accommodation policies on page 26. El Condado de Arlington puede proveer acomodaciones necesarias a personas con necesidades especiales. Arlington no quiere que ni costos ni idioma sean una barrera para que residentes participen en clases, campamentos o programas, llame al 703-228-4747 o TTY 703-228-4743 para mas informacin.

Check out the Arlington County Summer Camp Catalog for camps and programs that keep kids engaged, active and focused on expanding their horizons! Arlington County programs offer lots of choices, safe and inviting environments, and the chance for children to develop strong bonds with their community. Kids get their fill of thrills through sports; showcase their talents through the arts; reap the rewards of volunteerism; invigorate their imaginations through creative play; explore the outdoors through nature programs; and have adventures galore. All while making friends and lifelong memories. Arlingtons quality programs encourage youth to get involved, develop their sense of self and community, show positive sportsmanship, be creative and learn from those who have different life experiences than they do. We call it asset building. Summer is the perfect time to bring people together by nurturing a healthy development that helps young people grow up confident, caring and responsible.

numbeRs tO KnOw! Camp Registration & information . . . . 703-228-4747 Habla espaol . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 703-228-4747 Job Opportunities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 703-228-3327 summer Camp Hotline . . . . . . . . . . . . 703-228-1856 teen Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 703-228-4729 therapeutic Recreation . . . . . . . . . . . 703-228-4740 tty number for all Programs . . . . . . 703-228-4743 volunteer! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 703-228-4724

send a Kid tO CamP...Please!!! PRCR established the Summer FUNd in 2004 to cover registration and field trip fees for children who could otherwise not participate due to financial hardship. Please help us ensure that all children in Arlington have a fun, engaging and asset-building summer. Contribute to a childs summer adventures by donating during the registration process or on the Arlington County Camp Registration Form. HelP wanted: yOu! Want to have a blast this summer and make money doing it? Arlington County is looking for creative, enthusiastic, committed, sincere people who want to have fun to help staff our summer camps. These are part-time to full-time temporary positions at a competitive salary. Great for teachers, college students (must be over 18), and anyone who wants experience working with the best kids in the nation... Arlington kids! You can also support special interest in the arts, nature, sports or working with people with special needs. Interested? Call 703 228-3327.


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www.arlingtonva .us /prcr

Arts, Sports, Im gination and More a Look Inside to S e Whats in Store e

Summer Camps Galore !

Qualified Staff make it HappenCamp and playground counselors are special people. PRCR staff must love working with young people (or we wont hire them). They are creative, enthusiastic, committed and super-patient and loads of fun! In fact, many of Arlingtons camp and playground counselors have been campers themselves, often in the programs they now direct. A lot of our committed staff are schoolteachers, college students, or college graduates who hope to find a permanent job working with kids. Theyre a talented and fun bunch, each with loads of experience in his or her specialty area, and all committed to helping your child to be the best he or she can be. To ensure your children have a positive and fun experience, Arlington County invests many hours in staff training and development. In addition to meeting the qualifications for their position, all summer staff attends mandatory training that focuses on promoting positive participation; creative expression; cooperative and adaptive games; heart-healthy and wellness activities; risk management and safety; child protective services; procedures and policies; planning activities; positive and productive scheduling; and developing welcoming spaces.

Arlington Camps for All AbilitiesAs part of our inclusion philosophy, youth with disabilities are welcome to register for programs of interest. We have designated Glebe and Fairington Tot camps, McKinley Elementary Summerfest and Teen Summer Adventure as sites that receive additional services. These sites have a lower camp maximum, lower staff to camper ratio and additional training for staff on program modifications, behavior management and inclusion of individuals with disabilities. Also check our TR Camps on page 6. Everyone benefits from Arlington County programs. Trained therapeutic recreation staff can assist you in making sure your child has the right support and accommodations, no matter the special needs. To ensure that all participants have an enjoyable, safe and successful experience, upon request we provide reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities. This includes, but is not limited to, adapted equipment and techniques, sign language interpreters, accessible facilities, and large print and Braille materials. It may be necessary to change a campers placement if the support, assistance and accommodation necessary for participation can best be provided at an alternate site. Contact the Therapeutic Recreation Office at [email protected], 703-228-4740 or TTY 703-228-4743 for more information.

What you Wanna do this Summer? theres Something for everyone in Arlington County!Summer was designed to give kids a break from school and help them try new experiences and grow mentally, physically and socially. Whether your child wants to refine a sports skill, go rafting, be in a play, play mind-adventure games, learn magic.or just plain hang, Arlington has something to offer.

Camps for all Ages and InterestsThroughout the AC Summer Camp Catalog youll find camps for kids of all ages and abilities. To ensure fun, select a camp that meets your childs interests, age and skill. See the chart on page 5 for age-appropriate camps. Camps for Preschoolers (3-5) (page 6) are unique camps for little ones to stretch their wings and grow. Elementary Kids (5-11) will find camps throughout all the camp categoriescheck out the options. Some camps offer great day-care options while others are short, sweet and quite the treat! Teens (12-17) who are engaged over the summer have the most success during the school year and in life. Arlington offers classic, sports, arts and overnight camps for teens. Your teen may also enhance leadership skills by volunteering or enrolling in the award-winning T.E.A.M. program (page 17). Another option is to check out the Junior Jam programs at various centers (Page 7).

Classic Camps (page 6) offer a variety of programming options, both structured and unstructured, that include art, sports, trips and more. Overnight Camps (page 7) are a combo of a classic camp,nature/adventure camp and sleepover.

Nature, Adventure or History Camps (page 7)are for kids who love the outdoors and want to learn about and enjoy natureand maybe stretch their limits with challenges such as canoeing, caving and more.

Creative Arts Camps (page 9) come in every shape andsize, for those who want to learn to paint a picture, act in a play, throw a pot, sing a song and more!

Sports Camps (page 10) are available for the sports enthusiast who enjoys every sport in a sport combo camp, or for the camper who wants to learn or refine skills in a specific sport camp such as basketball or tennis. Camps for Individuals with Disabilities (page 16)are camps specifically designed for individuals with physical, emotional, social or cognitive/mental challenges

Imagination Exploration Camps (page 18) bring kids with special interests in science, magic, history and imagination strategy games together. Neighborhood-Based Outreach Programs (page 20)are community center-based programs for those who are looking for flexible, mid-day programs that will engage kids.

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