2011-2012 MNA Better Newspaper Contest Winners Book

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A look at all of the winners in the 2011-2013 MNA Better Newspaper Contest. Awards were presented on January 24, 2013 at the MNA Convention.

Text of 2011-2012 MNA Better Newspaper Contest Winners Book

Better Newspaper ContestPress Photographers PortfolioAll Weeklies27 EntriesFirst Place: Detroit Lakes Tribune, Brian Basham Good collection of photographs running the gamut of emotion and enterprise. Nice work! Second Place: Jackson County Pilot, Ryan Brinks Wide variety of types of photos, angles and lighting. Good job! Third Place: Hinckley News, Terry Bullock Nice job. Only critique would be to watch your crops; some need to be tighter and others not so much.

2011-2012 Minnesota Newspaper Association


2011-2012 Better Newspaper Contest

Typography & DesignWeeklies up to 1,50010 EntriesFirst Place: Citizens Advocate, Henning Creative uses of photo placing, photo sizing, mixed headline font and good use of spacing lines to divide up the sections without looking chaotic. Fun to look at and open up. Second Place: The Parkers Prairie Independent, LLC Clean lines to follow. Nice use of color. Nice page headers. Consistently good overall appearance. Third Place: Minneota Mascot I liked the teasers with the tilted photos. Good color and graphics. Clean lines. Creative without being chaotic.

Volume 4, Number

Serving Renville Coun ty 52

RegisterSince 1872

Renville CountyFreiborg in Nicaragua A3

Weeklies 1,501-2,50015 Entries

A continuation of

Olivia Police Offic

Internet safetyer Michelle Jensen

the Olivia Times-Journal

and the Renville County

Thursday, MarchStar Farmer News

1, 2012

has taken special

for your kidstraining to teach children how to stay


Academics and staff:

By Shelby Lindrud Staff Writer The Jaguars and Warriors came face-to-face Feb. 21 but not on the basketball court or wrestling mat. Instead the school boards adminstration of BOLD and and RCW met across a table at Kathys Place in Sacred Heart, to discuss ways the Hwy. 212 neighbor s could work together to bring the ties to area students. best opportuni-

A partnership in the making?Class ideas for ITV FACS, college courses included and maybe even ag. Were a county that is very integrative in ag, said BOLD Board Chair Russ Lesniak. Sharing classes could bring more class choices not only to students, but also have smaller class sizes, more one-on-one student-teacher interaction, as well as save money and staff.

By Susan William s Pete, Wanta-know Editor Wally and Look Me Louie. At What may be obvious Its your right to essarily so for children, to adults is not nechave a good time even when its simple. on the Olivia Police Officer Michelle Jensen, through a partnersh ip Internet Bureau of Criminal with the Minnesota Apprehension (BCA), Turn to page A2 educating elementa is ry St. Marys to be savvy children at BOLD and users of the Internet and social media. As a part of the BCAs Against Children (ICAC) Internet Crimes task force, Jensen made two presentat ions specifically targeting each age group one for through second-graders, kindergarten through sixth-graders a second for third on how to be responsible and stay safe while using the Internet. Stopping the interactiv e video Jensen uses for the younger set, she asks questions of her audience to see how well they understa nd the material and reviews Photos courtesy NetSmart the four rules for online z safety Elementary children Officer Michelle Jensen Photo by Susan Williams What should you talks with a BOLD may often think of and young teens do if you see somethin entation on Interne elementary student that makes you a g t ing like above, but predator as lookgraders Feb. 14. Jensenand real world safety to kindergarten after her pres- etc.? Answer: uncomfortable, afraid, sad, tell a trusted adult. is part of the Minnes through secondthey can also look how many realize sions Internet Crimes What Against Children task ota Bureau of Criminal Apprehen- Answer: should you not share online? below. This small as in the picture your name and address. force. Should you meet Jensens presentation part of Officer people from the internet face to face? Answer: sixth-graders about to third through Never, dont meet anyone offline. wisely, clearly brings using the Internet What does it mean the message home. to use good etiquette Answer: not being ? rude or mean online. To each of these questions there were three possible answers to choose from. In For the younger a set, couple of cases, at least a third of the K-3cartoon characters graders chose the wrong answers. A trusted adult is like Clicky (above) defined for the children as a parent, are used in an interac- illustratio a cop, a teacher. Outlaws, using ns of bad guys, are tive video to get character the as those who dont follow the Internet ized message across. laws and rules Meet Me Mack, Potty-m outh


First Place: Renville County Register, Olivia The best overall-designed newspaper presented in this design. A tough decision between this and the second-place finisher. I liked the easy-toread type, clear headlines and subheads. Good use of white space. Good newshole and just and overall attractive newspaper. Headlines on front pages are too close in size. Would prefer dominant headline. Second Place: Rosemount Town Pages Close second-place finisher. Like this paper for the same reasons. I do believe there is simply too much white space in the paper. Still a welldesigned publication. Thanks. Third Place: Annandale Advocate Consistently well-designed paper with easy-to-read typeface and body text. As in the case of the winner, Id prefer a dominant headline. A pleasure to read. Like the quality newsprint of the top finishers. Im jealous.

There are ways we added Lance Bagstad, can do this, RCW superintendent.

BOLD and RCW paired in the past, have already bringing ITV classes for both districts, and the two schools would like to repeat it. It really worked out want to build on that well and we success, said BOLD Superintendent Tom Farrell. How can we build off opportunities for kids? learning aries of that are going The beneficito be the kids.

After 31 years of service to cities, Daniel Hoffman plans to seek the elusive walleyeBy Susan William s Editor If youre reading this Thursday, Daniel Hoffman will

Hoffman retires

BOLD K-12 Principal Kip Lynk had the idea of both BOLD being on the RCW and same curriculum cycle, meaning they would go out and buy new textbook other curriculum supplies s and together. Having a common lunch menu was Turn to page A2


By Shelby Lindrud Staff Writer When Berdelle Enestved t first started working in 1984 for what would become RCW it was a time of change. We were sharing Enestvedt recalled, and pairing, as Sacred Heart school the Renville and districts began the process of coming together. Now as Enestvedt after 28 years with gets ready to retire the district, times continue to change, as RCW operates under one roof and iPads are in the hands of most students. It doesnt seem like its long, Enestvedt commen been that ted about the length of time she has worked for the school. Enestvedt came to working six years with the school after Tribune and raising the Granite Falls four children as a

Last day of school near for Enestved thomemaker before that. I liked the school thought it would be environment, fun, She started in Sacred Enestvedt said. Heart, doing elementary clerical work. When the pairing began she was moved into the district financial section. Ive never had a clear definition, of my job at that time, said Enestvedt. I did whatever needed to be done. In 1986 Enestvedt Renville building and moved to the when LuAnn Decknatel retired Enestvedt took over as the district administ rative assistant. In her 28 years Enestved t has worked with 24 school board intendents and has members, six superbeen through the school districts ups and downs. All totaled, she worked for school districts, while four different never leaving her desk. Ive seen it all. Its been very, very interesting, Enestved t said. Its had its moments. Some of the hardest came with the closing of first the Danube school and then Sacred Heart. And both of those were caused in part by RCW falling into statutory operating debt (SOD). Today, however, Enestved t sees a very sound district. Seeing the successes programs and students, of individual getting out of SOD was a day of celebration, Enestvedt said. Other ed the establishment bright spots includof RCW and bringing all of the grades under one roof. It doesnt matter as long as the education we provide is good, Enestved t commented. Technology changed Enestvedts job Turn to page A2

Photo by Susan Williams Olivia City Counci former city administ already be the rator of Olivia l and starting his thanks Daniel Hoffma Member Terry Kohout (foreground left) ment at home infirst day of retirehis retirement coffee n (r) for his work as city administrator Rush City Jan. 19. Attorney at midway between the Twin about Chamber member and former Olivia Cities Steve Area and Hinkley. Director Chris Hettig Hettig and Renville County HRA/ED After four-and-a-half A are in the backgro theres a lot more und. Hoffman said Olivia and a total of 31, years in silver(not gray as Hoffmans than when he first his kids call it) in his hair came to town.

Weeklies 2,501-5,00019 Entries

Turn to page A2



After 28 years with RCW and its precursors, Berdelle Enestvedt is administrative assistan retiring from her position as t.

Photo by Shelby Lindrud

First Place: Litchfield Independent Review Nice-looking front page; great photos and good use of them; nice graphics. The newspaper has a clean look to it while providing local news each week. After looking through the entries, we feel like we have an idea of what your community is like. Second Place: Northfield New