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1910 Sarawak Gazette Upper Sarawak News

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Text of 1910 Sarawak Gazette Upper Sarawak News

THE SARAWAK.GAZETTE,:and potatoes he happened, to plan t uea1' his t.he old blinu existence, in which there was t.o guide him; and then began his new life, he advanced forward a step, and learnt to.


1, 191C

R\2Ularly, ear by year, his seed-timeand haryaud to know that' there were unseen powers the Universe, whose will might be learnt .1..;nd, nd ,obedience to whom woul1:()IIP,

,;key who has ever helll, 01:heClIl'efLlsecl, ~ensc will he allowed to I'id(~. _. -----.---.-

, ---February. month coolies wel:e employed in weedand tipping, clu:illg tea, el1,rrj'mg tIle jungle to stores ahd drying sheds, . lending to \vceding contracts ltnd :,;:r.theredduring the month were l(j~ lhs \1parchment coffee.

Conrt.-'l'hcrc \Vi~S pra.ctically no Uonrt work until the New Year's fcstivitie, we're o\'er. Pmes Itnd fees :ulIol\uted to $:21.;',.70. Six pCl'fiOns were sentenee.t to terms of imprisolJlIJent va.rying from one month to six. Gel/eraZ.-OIi the ~lIll I left for Knching to be present a.t the tl'i;d of CIHtl1g Kiew :tl1d Chin Bui who wer(~ cll1trg(~c1 with gn,ng robbery at Kranji; the case was ItLljOllL'ned until the :'ith when Chang Kiew was fonnaha.n where I spent tbe nigbt with Mr. .T. S. vV. Beall who kindly showed me over the rnbber eF;tr~tetbe next morning. I was S01.'ryto see that the trees were 1\ot doing so well a.s they hlLVehel~n, ma.ny of them being attacked hy a fun.[(l1s which causes the ba.rk to rot a,utI. if not tre:tkd ildimc C\'elltua.lIy kills the trees: this bas been causing MI'. Beall :t lot 'of trouble as it is difticult to :Lnd seems to s)?re:td rapidly. 'rhe worst of tbe wet season being npparentlv O\'Cl'I been making :Lrra.ngellJellts for the badly needed repairs to the, ;J for pepper and 1 fOL'tuba. minor illjuries. On enquiry to-day (Monday) On the morning of the 1st all the opium beld by learn that Ah .T iR going on ai> well as C!1n be eo the differel1t fn,rms in the dif\tl'ict was depo. advances to the local. shop-keepers. His Highuess pekoe, and 180 tts. pekoe were despatcheil to was pleased to point out to the petitiouers that. the The Borneo C01l1P[~IIYimited, ill two gmdes. L Dyn.ks lived far aWI1Yin the upper reaches of the. weellin~ cnntra for absconding, after 71'he ne~' permanent barracks (of bilian wood}










men have bec'n recovered from Sambas, the Dutch I illto them. 'rhe kitchen .has been contracted for Authorities having kindly handed .thelI~ over. 'l'hey but the contrt1.ctors have not yet taken the job in were each sentenced to 6 months nnp\'lsonmellt an.d \ h:1.I1d. . the expenses of their recovery to 1m added to their I greatly fen.r that the nexL year's paddy crop is debts, which they are to subsequemly '11'01 ofT on far f\'om promisilig as the people up to end of the k the estate. . 'month had not burnt their clearings. The season On the same date a Javanese co~lie c~l1ed Karol?o according to' their opinion has passed and now is Tarono was sentcuced to 3 years 1111prlsomnent I.U too late for phulting. I\.uching jldl for murderous assault on t1.nothet. coobe The weather has bep.n very wet with frequent Serjauie.\vhom he uearly l~i1led with a. sickle; there squalls, lightning anrl thullder and rain incessan.tly. was \'el')' slight provoclttIon alld the assault was r \VA.S informed thnt there was a heavy fresh up-l'1\'er premeditated. which overflowed the banks. . 'l'hel'e has been It good deal of petty theft COIII- . FoUl' hen.d of cattle were sold to some Saribl\s plained of and also as usual at this. time of the year Malays for killillg on Hari Raya fOI;theSllnI of $~D. thefts of peppel' from garden steeplllg weJl~. There Me still a fe\~ 01(1cows which could be dls-

! are




the Fortmen



II!I 11 II


My time has been quite fiJled up with Courtwork and a large in th1e 1I1lIIIher of agl'ee-. ments mn.deout. . .



The jUllgkat fishillg 1m'! ceased entirely n.nd the I fisherl1len are attelldiug to other .work. SeveraL The Chinese armllged that they for tl.1Csalary kilollg h.we beell fixed Idcmg the sh.ore n.nd the hau~s. and it h:1f; been have engaged 1\master pitY his school have been fail'. Luckily the fishl1lg folk set their and the Govel'llmellt wiJl the ~llaster as fish tmps earlier this year, ot})I~rwise ~here wouldbefore to teach the GO\'el'llmellt M,.day alld :--chonl. elenlen tl\.ry r,,"ghsh at 'I have been month.I




no supply

of fresh

fish durl11g



. 'rhe Lux lalllps whirh flrri\'ed during

the mOllthI

1'he jeluLong illspectol'

dirl not make his mUIH\

have been erected. ., of illspection durill~ tlw Ilttter part of ~he m()lItl~. :1 'I'he vegetn.h]e mlwket IS uow 111. foul' personsj use having no policeman tll accompany lunl. P. C. Ii p:1ying a smaJl nll)nthly relit wIth rIght to sell Alnbl\.lIg is in charge of tin.mtok during the absp.nce. vegetnbles there. . of P. C. Bunyaw who has gone on one mouth'!; 'rhe IIIIISOIl who contl'!\cted to fillish the pork ]el\ve. P. 0. Lamit also is on leave. . 1I19.rket tiOOl'I\.bscollded without completing it, bl~: Aglls re-enliste~\ vice pri\'l\.te Bagang who Wits he had done 1110re work than thc amount of ius. I Ioulld to be unsatIsfactory. . advn.nce cove\'ed. . 'rhc H.oban bilian sawyer by name Chew Eug 'l'he slaughtbl' house has been crected 25 ;, .. $~ 1~ t Prize to. crew $50 2 n(] pl'lze ' t 0 cmw '*' .. t: 3 rd. P l'lze to 'crew "'1.). F rom B a t Lt B Il Ion" t 0 th e.'

~he 14th was o~served as A.feast' day by the , I Clllnese for the opemllg ceremony of the new bltza:1I';.


plallits were made of ally mlsbeluwlOllr. . . . Th e L ux Iamps were IICY e d for tl Ie tII'St t Ime ht '" 011 the t:' lIIstallt. utb The traders I LtIH1el'sttl,lId al'e' very pleased to have them all(1 t h e good light given . h by them was greatly appreciated by t e I.u-gt~crowds. of people each evening. .. I

the crowd





110 CU1I1-.,


Stolle )Vhad.



'i' .


T.IMITED TO THREE MEN. 1st prize $8, 211d prize, 27th the death of a mall called Salum, aL tiijijH.k $1.50. From Borneo qompany's Pangkalan to the hospit,al from the effect of se\'ere scaids; he haa ::hone Wharf.. I beell in charO'e of an enO'ine at the New Phtut alld '" "', 14th Race, 4. p. 7/t.-Ko'rAK H.AcB.--Crews limited had allowed the drain cocbr to remain opell while. to ::3men. Sails may be used as well as oars. 1st the ClJgine was at rest, thus heltting np the coucleI1Rer'. prize $10. 2nd prize $7.50. Brd pri7.e $5. From water in a tank close hy; unfortunately lie accidelltld Iy

13th Ilace, 3.30 p. 7n.-Folt


'1'he 1\-IatH\O'er the Ban ~vVorksreportel! on tlJe of



i\1uara Padullgan to the'Stone,\Vho.d. o '...




slipped aucl fell into . thia \~i'ti1llk. He was pulled out,.








,{, .~, ;"





~ j


~ '~. "'I




r 1'1 ~':r _ \'


,":r /: ",}'~): \ 1


.! '; .1' of~"








aJ,nrp~~.I!-.t..~nce'.by Main wbo was near him; I)ut Mr. 'l'he lebsee. of the. Sadong. O'pium,F~nPt,:!I:I~s.~rs. he succumbed 'in 'hospital as reported.. ' K wong Sang '\V0 were fined $100 for sell.l11gopmm. " at a. higher rate than authorized by Govenlme.r:it,. .r hav'e !l'i;rii.n.g~d. with:. the Manager' of. theBau 'Works that in future the railway from .the godowns They immediately lodged an appeal but a few days to 'the further side uf Tai PlI.[rit gold working.; is not later asked to be allowed to withdraw same. . '1'he s. s. Ulv 885 tons rpgister, Captain Pe'derson. to be open to tbe public. Formerly everyone used this as the road from here to Bidi, but the arrived in ballast from Penang on the 7th. She left large a.mount of traffic on this part of the line renders agl\in on the 11th for Singapore with a cargo of 1,OM it now dangerous;. the from here to Bidi tOilS5 cwts. of coal and bunkers 160 tons. With will be through Bau village, and this joins the rail- only short IJotice it was impossible to give her a full cargo as local sales have been exceptionally good of way at the further side of tbe Tai Parrit workings. My time has been largely taken up attendin~ to late. 'l'he mines have been working at full pressure turning out 80 tons per day. . . the 'Writing out of agreements. P. W. D.-The prisoners have been employed on ; A young Dyak girl in the upper Simunjan met with clearing and laying out surroundings to IJew bazaar; a nasty accident whilst busily engaged in the kitchen. with cooking operations. At the time she was wearand on repairing the road through old Bau village.1


Resident, Upper 8al'awak.



September.Fines and fees amounted to $504.65. On the 2nd I left for Gedong at which pla.ce a certain amount of excitement prevailed owing to one Sin Yong How who 'had that mOl'llilJg severely assaulted Yen ;o;oon'rong with It paran{J, fol' 110 apparent reason, being still at large. HinYung Howwas eventually caught that same evening whilst in the act of stealing a Malay's boat. He made a desperate effort to evade arrest and was not capture

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