11 Ways to Integrate Mindfulness into your Everyday Life!

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http://www.WhatIsListening.com Mindfulness is our inherent ability to be able to cope up and be constantly aware of the things around us. It is the capacity of an individual to take control and be attentive enough to deal with problems, responsibilities, and issues of everyday life.


<ul><li><p>Page | 1 </p><p>11 Ways to Integrate Mindfulness </p><p> Into your Everyday Life! </p><p> http://www.WhatIsListening.com </p></li><li><p>Page | 2 </p><p>11 Ways to Integrate Mindfulness into your Everyday </p><p>Life! </p><p>Mindfulness is our inherent ability to be able to cope up and be constantly aware of the things </p><p>around us. It is the capacity of an individual to take control and be attentive enough to deal with </p><p>problems, responsibilities, and issues of everyday life. </p><p>There are times though that we simply lack the effort to be mindful enough in coping up with the </p><p>constant pressure in life. Thus, a lot of us are left behind with no progress and development. </p><p>Integrating mindfulness into ones daily life is quite significant in order to be successful. With it, </p><p>you are able to take charge and manage the negative and positive aspects like challenges, fears, </p><p>stress, success, and many others. </p><p>Everyone should put in mind that being mindful is not only applied in the work place, job </p><p>interviews, examinations, training, and other crucial events in life. Integrating the attitude of </p><p>mindfulness in our daily lives is very important. Here are 11 ways on how to do it. </p><p>1. Loosen up people get stuck and stagnant both mentally and physically because they are </p><p>always consumed by the pressures of work and responsibility. The only way for anyone to be </p><p>able to maintain mindfulness in responsibilities is to loosen up. Do not think of the negative </p><p>consequences, instead, hope for whats the best thing out of the worst situation. </p><p>2. Always look for change life is an endless search for satisfaction. Because of this, we all </p><p>search for constant change each and every time we are confronted with issues and problems. </p><p>Being able to solve these issues entails the ability to be mindful in all the things around us. If </p><p>we try to think of solving a problem but later think of it as nothing new and significant, theres </p><p>a good chance we cannot solve them. But with a mindfulness perspective and a hope for </p><p>change, one can really be effective and successful since dealing with problems is linked to </p><p>thinking of it as something that will provide change in your life. </p><p>3. Be stress free stress is always a part of everyday. But having yourself full of it will </p><p>certainly not help. Integrating mindfulness in relation to stress means you have the power be </p><p>aware and deal with stress effectively. You will not allow it to defeat your goals and </p><p>objectives for that particular day. </p><p>4. Integrate fun and play facing several responsibilities in everyday life sometimes molds us </p><p>into very strict, stringent, and dull individuals. All we think every time we wake up each </p><p>morning is dealing with all the negative things and surviving them before the day ends. With </p><p>this kind of attitude, were actually putting ourselves into stagnant mode. It sucks out the </p><p>energy in us. The best way to combat this is incorporate playfulness to our responsibilities. By </p></li><li><p>Page | 3 </p><p>extracting fun with all the things we do, even if we dont like doing them that much, we are </p><p>beginning to emphasize mindfulness. </p><p>5. Be flexible attentiveness is coupled with the ability to solve problems in a lot of ways. If </p><p>you are mindful in all the things around you, are can be knowledgeable enough to resolve </p><p>problems that seem to be unsolvable. By being flexible, you are actually bringing the act of </p><p>mindfulness because you are very much aware of the various ways of solving an issue. You </p><p>do not say, Im sorry, I cant do that because I dont know to how to. Instead, you stand </p><p>up to the challenge and find all possible means of finding solutions to problems. </p><p>6. Love and compassion love in this instance means the one you give to yourself and to others </p><p>as well. Mindfulness is defined as the ability to be aware and heedful of the environment </p><p>around us. By being mindful, we tend to effectively cope up with life and deal with it </p><p>successfully. And one of the best ways to be mindful of ones responsibilities is to think of </p><p>them as something that needs to be done for the sake of our love to ourselves and others. We </p><p>work every day to provide a better future for our children. We work and work effectively in </p><p>order to keep the job and secure a good living for our family. Thats love and compassion. </p><p>7. Transparency and openness being transparent means being honest. Being open on the other </p><p>hand means being curious. These are two things that come hand in hand when we want to be </p><p>mindful of the things that happen in everyday life. By integrating these two things, we do not </p><p>think of physical limitations. We cant stop working and trying simply because our bodies are </p><p>tired. We approach a problem by being curious and willing enough to find a solution to it </p><p>before the day ends. People who always regard their physical limitations as a hindrance to the </p><p>success of the day are the once who are most likely to fail as well. </p><p>8. Be unique being unique and different is an epitome of mindfulness. With these two qualities </p><p>in hand, you have the ability to look at a duty or responsibility with a sense of creativity. This </p><p>means that you can devise several ways of dealing with them. As a result, you confront </p><p>responsibilities with confidence that by the end of the day, you end up doing them in style and </p><p>success. </p><p>9. Dont rush things one of the reasons why we tend to fail when it comes to making our day a </p><p>success is because we often judge and decide on things very fast. And the worst part is we tend </p><p>to view these things with a pessimistic attitude. For instance, when you are confronted with a </p><p>problem or work you havent come across before, you will most likely say I cant do this, or </p><p>If I do this, it really wont change anything. These things are products of a hurried and </p><p>very negative decision making. In order to fight it, you have to think of things slowly but </p><p>surely. Absorb everything first and the rest of the solution will follow later. </p><p>10. Share your emotions and opinions being mindful corresponds to openness and willingness </p><p>when it comes brainstorming and sharing of thoughts. Success is achieved if youre on the </p><p>winning team. This means that you need to share what you think and feel to others and let </p><p>them do the same. You cannot achieve a mindfulness way of thinking if youre alone. </p></li><li><p>Page | 4 </p><p>11. Be practical finally, one of the most important things one has to put in mind is that </p><p>mindfulness and awareness is primarily characterized by practicality and living in truth. </p><p>People who keep on failing each day are pretty much occupied of how they want to see the </p><p>world around them. In a way, theyre actually creating an imaginary world where everything </p><p>is simple, easy, and free of problems and responsibilities. However, that really isnt the case. </p><p>What needs to be done therefore in order to be mindful and aware of ones responsibilities is to </p><p>keep it practical accept the environment and condition around you and accept what it is. </p></li></ul>