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1 Eicher Cricket Mahasangram On ground/Event Marketing Eicher Tractors Ltd

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Text of 1 Eicher Cricket Mahasangram On ground/Event Marketing Eicher Tractors Ltd

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  • 1 Eicher Cricket Mahasangram On ground/Event Marketing Eicher Tractors Ltd.
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  • Background Rapid industrialization and infrastructure development has led to an up to 70% upsurge in non farm use of tractors, opening new frontiers of growth Despite being a 50yr old brand with wide range of tractors across various HP ranges, suiting various purposes, Eicher is still perceived as an entry point player It wanted to position itself as an all-rounder to a vast & varied target group 2
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  • Target Group Farmers Other users of tractors using it for haulage - brick manufacturers, miners/blasters, loaders, water suppliers etc. 3
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  • Objective Engage a varied group of target audience around a wide portfolio of (Eicher) tractors Create awareness to change entry level player perception and position it as an all rounder 4
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  • Challenge Talk to a vast and varied target group (farm & non farm users), who look for different features Intercept this varied group on a common plank Bring entire brand offering under a single umbrella theme 5
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  • Thought Eicher tractors had 11 tractors in its portfolio all with different focus features and usages Cricket team also has 11 players ; all with different strengths who put together form a formidable team In a cricket frenzied nation, what better plank than cricket, to build relevance for Eichers different tractors with unique strengths, appealing to different user groups positioning it as a team of star players 6
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  • Idea Eicher Cricket Mahasangram 7 A unique on ground activity that brings relevance for the entire range of products under Eicher brand name using the medium of cricket
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  • Strategy A multi pronged strategy was followed: 8 Syncing the campaign with Cricket World cup 2011, when cricket is on the top of mind of the TG Choosing the apt time Offering the TG a unique experience to play net cricket and feel like there favorite cricket superstars. Unique User Experience Integrating different brands within the format of the game Anchor led engagement Brand connect Miniature models of tractors as giveaways Interesting leaflets drawing parallels between cricket the tractor models etc. Building recall
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  • Activity Model Pre Event Ensuring high turn out on event day by creating high buzz in the target towns through: Van booming Visibility (Banners/posters etc.) Leaflet distribution KOL contacts to ensure smooth functioning Event Van campaign in target towns Net cricket session enabling unique experience Anchor led engagement enabling interesting brand communication Two legs to the activity 9
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  • Results 6008 Villages covered Over 8.5 Lakh prospects engaged during events 9,229 enquiries generated for focus models 11
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