 What is Software Testing  Terminologies used in Software testing  Types of Testing  What is Manual Testing  Types of Manual Testing  Process that.

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  • What is Software Testing Terminologies used in Software testing Types of Testing What is Manual Testing Types of Manual Testing Process that CoLearnr follows
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  • It is a process of validating and verifying a computer program/application/product. Whether it meets the requirements that guided its design and development. Works as expected. Satisfies the needs of stakeholders.
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  • Software Requirements Specification Use Cases Test case scenarios Test cases Test Suite
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  • A Software requirements specification (SRS), a requirements specification for a software system, is a complete description of the behaviour of a system to be developed and may include a set of use cases that describe interactions the users will have with the software.
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  • The use case is made up of a set of possible sequences of interactions between systems and users in a particular environment Ex:- Posting a video as a learnbit in CoLearnr which includes steps like Login Go to Topic Subtopic Add a video. Here it includes a sequence of interactions.
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  • Test Scenarios have one to many relation with Test cases. That means a scenario may have multiple test cases. EX: Checking the functionality of Login button is a Test scenario. Test Cases for this Test Scenario: Click the button without entering user name and password. Click the button only entering User name. Click the button while entering wrong user name and wrong password. All these cases will have a set of expected and actual results, on a case by case basis.
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  • Test Suite is a collection of test cases All test cases which is written on Login will be organized and saved under a test suite called Login
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  • Automation Testing Manual Testing
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  • Before releasing an application to production, different software tools execute pre scripted tests on the application. Tools are capable of executing tests, reporting the results, comparing the results with an earlier test run. Tests can be run repeatedly and also scheduled Simplifies as much of the testing process as possible. If one of the components of the software is taking too much resources for manual testing, its a good candidate for automation testing
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  • As the name indicates, the execution of test cases, verification and validation are done manually. Also, comparisons with the previous test executions are also done manually. Testers play an important role. The test plan is created & followed by the tester to ensure that the comprehensiveness of testing while executing the test cases manually without using automation testing tool.
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  • Application is defect free. Application is working as per Requirement Specifications. After the testing is started the designed test cases or test scenarios will be executed & any differences between actual & expected results are reported as defects. Once the reported defects are fixed, the testers will retest the defect to make sure that the defects are fixed. The main goal of Software testing is to make software defect free & deliver good quality Product to customer.
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  • Unit Testing White Box Testing Black Box testing Functional Testing Exploratory Testing Adhoc /Monkey Testing Integration Testing Performance Testing System Testing Acceptance Testing
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  • Agile Method Adhoc Testing Regression Testing
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