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  • 1. SOFTWARE TESTING Interview Questions C O M P U T E R S C I E N C E S E R I E S S. Koirala & S. Sheikh Includes CD withTestComplete Demo and aFREE SoftwareEstimation Book!
  • 2. Software Testing Interview Questions
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  • 4. Software Testing Interview Questions By S. Koirala & S. Sheikh Infinity Science Press LLC Hingham, Massachusetts New Delhi
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  • 6. Whats on the CD The CD contains all that you need for software testing: Sample resumes which can help you improve your own resume. testcomplete512demo setup is a software automation tool. In the automation chapter we explain this tool. You can get the latest update for this automated testing tool from http://www. Estimation TPA sheet. Free estimation PDF book. n n n n
  • 7. About this book As the name suggests Software Testing Interview Questions, is mainly meant for new testers as well as professionals who are looking for opportunities in the software testing field. Other than software testing basics, this book also covers software processes and interview questions (i.e., Six Sigma and CMMI) which are important from SQA point of view. SQA is a position which every tester eventually wants to reach on a senior level. This book also goes one step farther and covers software estimation and includes topics such as function points and TPA analysis. Automation testing is one of the most covered sections during software testing interviews. It is covered in this book using testing software. From a senior level point of view metrics form an important part of the software testing interviews. A complete chapter is dedicated to it which covers the most frequently used metrics such as DRE, spoilage, phage, defect density, and so on. During software testing interviews the quality of a tester is judged by the various testing techniques previously used. This book has dedicated a complete chapter to complicated concepts such as Boundary Value Analysis (BVA), equivalence, exploratory, random/monkey testing, and pair-wise, orthogonal, and decision tables. This book also covers non-technical aspects such as resume creating, salary negotiations, and points to be remembered (why do want to leave the organization?, where do you see yourself in 3 years, and so on) during the process. With the book we also have an accompanying CD which has a test complete software testing tool setup, free software estimation PDF book, interview rating sheet, and more. With the CD we have also provided an interview rating sheet which can be used to judge for yourself to what extent you are ready for software testing interviews. On the CD we have also provided a sample resume which can help prepare your resume. n n n n n n n n n n
  • 8. Organizational Hierarchy Its very important during the interview to be clear about what position you are targeting. Depending on the position you are targeting the interviewer will ask you specific questions. For example, if you are looking for a project manager testing position you will be asked around 20% technical questions and 80% management questions. Figure 1 Organizational hierarchy
  • 9. viii Organizational Hierarchy Note: In small software houses and mid-scale software companies there are times when they expect a program manager to be very technical. But in big software houses the situation is very different; interviews are conducted according to position. Figure 1 shows the general hierarchy across most IT companies. Note: There are many small and medium software companies which do not follow this hierarchy and have their own adhoc way of defining positions in the company. An employer is looking for a suitable candidate and a candidate is looking for a better career. Normally in interviews the employer is very clear about what type of candidate he is looking for. But 90% of the time the candidate is not clear about the position he is looking for. How many times has it happened to you that you have given a w