²•™ç‰ˆ°­¦¸€¸ Unit 6 Mid-Autumn Festival leaf leaves

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  • Unit 6Mid-Autumn Festival

  • leafleaves

  • autumnAutumn is yellow.

  • moonMoon, moon,Big and yellow,Big and yellow,Moon, moon, moon!

  • Mid-Autumn FestivalMid-autumn Festival is coming.

  • mooncakeI like to eat mooncakes.

  • Whats this?Its a ______.Whats that?Its a ______.

  • taroI like to eat taros.

  • beanI like to eat beans.

  • Is this a ______?Yes, it is.Is that a ______?No, it isnt.Its a _____.

  • taro moonleafmooncakeautumnbean

  • Can you read?autumnleafmoonmooncakebeantaro

  • What do you like to eat?I like to eat ________.

  • Rhyme:Autumn,autumn,Autumn is yellow.The moon is big.

    Mid-autumn Festival is coming.I like to eat mooncakes.

    I like to eat __________.

    I like to eat __________.

    What do you like to eat?