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网络环境下城市社区图书馆 的发展 The Development of Urban Community Library under the Network Environment 北京大学信息管理系 (Department of Information Management,

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Text of 网络环境下城市社区图书馆 的发展 The Development of Urban Community Library under the...

  • The Development of Urban Community Library under the Network Environment(Department of Information Management, Peking University ) (Cao Haixia. Ph.D Candidate)E-mail:[email protected]

  • Outline)1 (the necessity of carrying out a community library network system)2 (the status of community library network system in domestic and abroad)3 (the construction measures of community library network system ) 4 (the ending)

  • (Introduction)With the national culture information service sharing system in general and in-depth, and under the modern information network technology development environment, traditional community libraries are gradually changing into the network management ones. And they will gradually form a community service system to share information and cultural.The direction of the community library under the network environment should take full advantage of advanced computer and network technology. They will make the libraries in the city districts, in the streets, in the communities to combine into a multi-level network system. So that the residents nearby can read books easily and access to information which belong to a big and medium-sized library to achieve the convenient services and resource sharing goals.

  • 1 (Necessity)Community library as the primary cultural center features a single loan can not meet the needs of people to acquire knowledge and information. So in addition to its general lending capabilities, the community library should play more roles as providing information and carrying out communication, social cultural education and function of entertainment. Improving the level of community library network will inject new vitality to community library.Speeding up the pace of resource sharing and integration of the existing and under construction community libraries, and taking advantage of the modern network devices to share information resources have become the common goal of building community libraries. Relying on networks, readers can retrieval collections from other large public libraries, can borrow the books and documents from a large public library, can also access to a large number of rich digital resources of other libraries. This would avoid wasting of duplication of resources, but also to achieve the sharing use of information resources goals.

  • 2 (Development Status)In 21st century, the global information and network speed up the pace and accelerate the development of the Library. As grass-roots community libraries, regional networks have also made a great development. Now we will introduce the following domestic and international communities with typical library network construction success stories.

  • 2.1 American Community Library American community library has the high degree of information management, and the Internet penetration is above 90%. Between the community libraries people use network to carry out office affairs.Basically, each community has its own library network system. And they have connection with the urban public libraries, university libraries, government libraries and professional library and realize digital document resource sharing goal and information services. In addition, American community libraries are also the distribution center of community information. Community library has a lot of information to reflect community life, facilities and events, dynamic resource.

  • 2.2 Canadian Community Library Canadian Government input into a lot to the community library and especially takes care of the vulnerable groups. The Government is committed to ensuring that all Canadians can enjoy the community library services, electronic information resources, including ensuring some inherent obstacles access to vulnerable groups such as physical, visual or hearing impaired people on the Internet and makes sure them accessing to community information and all aspects of library services.

  • 2.3 Shanghai Community Library As for China, Community Library with advanced network is under developing, the best example is the Community Library of Shanghai city. As early as in the Ninth Five-Year Plan period, Shanghai has built the four-Level public library network system in China. The four-level public library network system includes city community library, county community library, town community library and village community library. After years of efforts, the total number of Shanghai community (town) grass-roots library is more than 3,200. In 1998, Shanghai city government began to accomplish at all levels of public library computer network management, so that the community library information network construction has reached a new level.

  • At present, in Shanghai, 143 districts (counties), street (township) libraries joined the Shanghai Municipal Public Library One Card system. And this is much easier for people nearby to borrow the citys books or other materials. Only in 2007, the total books circulation number of Shanghai main Library and community libraries reached 1,300 million volumes, serving a population of 340 thousand people. Community Library fully played the role to serve the readers. In recent years, the Shanghai Cultural Information Integrated Services project relying on the community libraries, combining with the National Cultural Information Resources Sharing Project has set up 1,050 branch community libraries. This makes grass-roots community library network has achieved remarkable results.

  • 2.4 Beijing Community Library Beijings community library network system is mainly based on Beijing Public Library Information Sharing Network. This network considers the Capital of Beijing library as the center library (with the function of Data Processing), as district library for the branch libraries, as the street (town) library and the community (village) Library for the long-distance sub-branches. And they are forming a four-level Library joint service network for the remote users. The citys public libraries at all levels can have on a joint document information retrieval, interlibrary loan, resource sharing and the One Card book service. Now they have been covering 22 districts (counties) Library, 159 street (township) libraries and some community (village) Libraries.

  • Beijing Public Library Information Sharing Network

  • 2.5 Guangdong Community Library public libraries in Guangdong Province have been ranking in the first rate in the nation. In 2003, Shenzhen municipal government launched Library City construction programand then promulgated Shenzhen Library City construction (2003-2005) plan. This plan put community libraries into Public Library Spectrum. Local government formulated Shenzhen City Community Library standards corresponding in compliance assessment next year. Now the whole Shenzhen city has more than 500 public libraries. Among which there are nearly 400 community libraries. Particularly since 2006Shenzhen Library put more than 200 automated circulation system of books devoting to community Successively. These automated circulation system made up for community library literature resources and provide more conveniences for the reading of community residents.

  • -

  • 2.5 Guangdong Community LibraryParticularly since 2006Shenzhen Library put more than 200 automated circulation system of books devoting to community Successively. These automated circulation system made up for community library literature resources and provide more conveniences for the reading of community residents. CurrentlyShenzhen City is based on all kinds of community libraries and high-tech networkjoint the Library and Information System. They established the network which is covering the whole city, servicing information resources for all the people. All the things include Sharing NetworkInterconnected network of Library communication and exchangeResource sharing are targeting to provide functional and convenient and efficient service for the residents.

  • Automated Books Circulation System

  • 3 (Construction Measures)3.1 Make full use of modern information technology, and establish library network system Modern information technology at home and abroad are widely used in libraries, such as borrowing books, acquiring online electronic resources, enjoying library services and using electronic facilities. So community libraries should provide hi-tech and convenient service for users via the network channel.

  • Network information resource sharing and the one-card type service became the important trends which the library can use modern technology to achieve them. In the process of community library information network construction, the role of large public libraries should be more prominent. To establish a community library network in the city will make the community library information services reach a higher level, and also it will meet the users demand for knowledge and culture needs.

  • To achieve of community library information network there are three main factors: networks. Resources. software..[J]..2003(464-65

  • 3.2 Integrate communitys features information resources, and attract more local residentsCommunity Library Information Resources should be universal. On this basis, Community Library should have a special feature collection so that attracting more community residents to read and to meet their diverse information needs. For example, Beijing city has several local districts. And the District government manages their local community Library. However, librarys business has been unified by the management of Capital Library. Each community library showed information resources wi

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