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Search Engine Optimization Dinesh Kumar Das Project Manager at SEOFIED Email: [email protected] Ph- 9124419800 Skype : dasdinesh

  Search Engine Optimization

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Page 1:   Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Dinesh Kumar Das Project Manager at SEOFIED Email: [email protected] Ph- 9124419800 Skype : dasdinesh

Page 2:   Search Engine Optimization


Well, it may work for a baseball field in Iowa, but it doesn’t work for companies looking to generate business online.

A great website won’t do your business any good unless people know it

exists. One of the best ways to drive traffic is to have your company

website appear at or near the top of search engine results for searches related to your

products or services.

There are a number of ways to improve your rankings on search engines. One of the

most effective is to optimize your site for easy evaluation by search engine crawl bots.

What follows is a broad overview of search engine optimization (SEO), and how you can

build your website to drive more conversions for your business.



Remember the line from Field of Dreams,

“build it and they will come?”

Page 3:   Search Engine Optimization

The job of search engines is to provide users with the most relevant and helpful results when they search for specific terms.

To do this, each search engine has created its own unique algorithm to

give users what they feel are the most relevant results to a query.

SEO refers to the process of increasing the visibility of specific web pages in organic search

engine results for chosen queries. “Organic” refers to the rankings assigned to web pages

for each query by search engines using their ranking algorithms. The methodology used

in the SEO process is based on knowledge of those ranking algorithms and how to best

influence them.

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Page 4:   Search Engine Optimization

Search engine programmers strive to provide the most relevant and query-satisfying results they can supply to any given search phrase.

That way, more users will want to use their search engine, and more users’ means more advertising dollars.

Millions of dollars are invested into making the ranking algorithms more helpful to users.

The constant research and updates result in continual changes to the weight given to

each individual factor that determines overall rankings.


How Does One improve his Rank On Google

Page 5:   Search Engine Optimization

A number of core ranking factors remain constant, however:

Content on a web page must be related to a search query. That

means that the text on a page must appear to satisfy a given query. It

is not enough that a web page simply repeats or “stuffs” the same

keyword into a page as much as possible. Not only does

a phrase need to appear on a page, but it must re-appear consistently

throughout an html document and be surrounded by related

keywords in a natural way. Today’s search engines can detect and

penalize unnatural uses of language thanks to the sheer amount of data they have

access to. (Google has indexed over a trillion URLs.

1. Other related websites must re-affirm that the content on a web page is related to

a given query. Just like votes of confidence, each link from a related website to a web

page tells search engines that whatever is on that page must be related and therefore

should rank for a particular phrase.

2. To determine the value of each link to a page, in relation to what effect it will have

on ranking, the two factors to keep in mind are the relevance and authority of the

linking website.

Page 6:   Search Engine Optimization

Relevance is determined by how much the website linking to a web page is related to a topic, while authority is based on a variety of factors such as the number of links the linking website has to it, how old the domain is,

and what type of

domain name

extension the url of

the website has.

4) Authority of the website is based

on a number of factors. Obviously, the

search enginesdon’t weight all links

equally. Google, for example, gives a

significant amount of weight to

governmental sites (.gov), educational

sites (.edu) and to major media sites

(a link from The New York Times, e.g.,

carries significant weight).

5) Links to the web page must describe what is on that page.

Search engines place a lot of value on what is called “anchor text”. That is the text that is


to another web page. The words that are hyperlinked are judged as descriptive of the

content on the web page being linked to. A clear example of this is the Adobe Reader

web page. Although the words “Click Here” do not appear on the page, it does rank for

that very search term on Google.com. That is because there are many websites which

have a link to the page using the words, “click here” (to download Acrobat Reader).


Page 7:   Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research

At the heart of SEO is

selecting the

keywords that your

targeted audience is most likely to be

using. The criteria for deciding what

keywords to target are the following:

Relevance: to what extent does

the keyword relate to my website?

Search Volume: how much is

the phrase searched?

ROI: Consider that any keyword

or phrase may take months or years to

rank on page 1 of search results for your

industry. What is the potential revenue

from the keywords to be targeted and

how much will it cost to rank for those




Page 8:   Search Engine Optimization


Websites need to be optimized to rank better in search engines for any specific search phrases that are actively being targeted. The factors

that contribute to website optimization are the following:

Page elements like title tags and usage of HTML code such as H1 tags. H1 tags are a specific

type of tag in HTML markup language that defines the largest headers on a page. Search

engine algorithms give this type of tag slightly more

weight than most other types of HTML tags.

Usage of exact matches of targeted keyword

phrases in content on web pages. For example,

if you want to optimize for “car repair”, don’t just

include the words “car” and “repair” throughout

your copy, but make sure that the complete

phrase “car repair” is present. Including related.


Link juice is a combination of factors resulting

in a certain amount of value being attributed to a

given page on a website. Each page has a certain

amount of link juice, which is divided up

between all the pages that the page links to. This

continues on every subsequent page, on every

web page of a website. If a website has a lot of

links to its homepage and none to its subpages, as is the case with many websites, it

is very important to channel link juice from the homepage to key subpages through

internal linking.

Page 9:   Search Engine Optimization


One of the most is link building.

The key to link

building is creating

original and quality

content. This means

providing information

that is highly useful to

your target audience and is presented in

a clear and entertaining way.

If you do not have the in-house

expertise to create this kind of content,

it is strongly recommended that you find

a copywriter with the ability to do so.

Use social media to highlight your

quality content so other websites that

are relevant to your own discover and

link to your website.

Make sure you have schema markups on

as much content as possible. Doing this

will make your posts more visible

in Google’s SERP (search engine results

page) by adding things like images,

videos, or ratings to your search result.

Page 10:   Search Engine Optimization


search results

page, where

results from a

query inputted

into a search

engine appear.

Ranking: For every search there is

an order that websites are listed.

Your ranking is your position in this

list for a particular search phrase.

Organic: Refers to search engine

results that are produced by a

ranking algorithm as opposed to paid


Ranking Algorithm: Aprogram which determines where

to rank each website for a particular

search query.

Anchor Text: Words which are

hyperlinked to another web page.


As you begin the process of optimizing your site, you will be hearing a lot of SEO jargon. Here are together a few simple definitions of terms that will invariably come up

during the process.

Page Rank



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Page 11:   Search Engine Optimization

Steps for SEO Competitive Analysis & Research 11

For One of the most important activities for any SEO process is the initial competitive analysis. How do keyword research and competitive analysis go hand in hand? Here are some steps we can do to analyze your SEO competition so that we can beat your competitor.


After commencing work over your website we start by determining your top 15

competitor websites ( We will send that list for your review and ask you to changes

if we select the wrong ones ) who are actually performing best in search engine and

nearby your area. We then actively monitor their key data with a “bird’s eye view”


o All Back links - We will download all the back links for your competitors one

by one and create back links for your website. (Whichever is possible). For paid

listings we make them separate list so you can go over and analyze and then

decide to pay for them or not.

o Works plan – We will use paid tools like

ahref , open site explorer to download all the

back links pointing to their website and start

analyzing the nature of the link whether they

are free or paid links .

o Marketing Mix o Online Sales Strategy

o Website Maintenance Strategy

o Online Marketing budget

Page 12:   Search Engine Optimization

SEOFIED - How We Can Help Your


SEOFIED’s experienced and knowledgeable SEO Specialist, Project

managers are equipped to help you with a wide variety of business

problems, issues, and challenges. – We provide one-on-one assistance to help and workout how

to beat your competition in both short and long run with our below unique strategy.

SEOFIED is a team of 56 talented consultants and online marketers. Starting in 2009, SEOFIED began offering search engine optimization services. The company expanded internationally in 2010 by serving various USA clients and making partnership with 2-3 other designing and SEO company.

While offering services to the general public, SEOFIED continues to consult with corporate clients, agencies and small businesses. The company combines many years of experience in search engine optimization and internet marketing among its consultants to provide clients with tangible results. SEOFIED’s staff has skills and proven records in all areas of search engine optimization including keyword targeting, competitor research, on-site optimization, and link building and Website Designing and its development.

We are a India based SEO and website development company specializing in

1. Website Design

2. Development

3. Ecommerce

4. SEO & SMO Management

5. Traffic Building

6. Bad Link Removal for better Ranking


Your business website depends on a steady flow of traffic that is constantly growing.

Page 13:   Search Engine Optimization

For more on search engine optimization and how to bring more qualified traffic to your website, visit our website today: www.seofied.com If you have any questions about SEO or search engine marketing in general, do not Hesitate to give USA call +13106264717.

Dinesh Kumar Das Project Manager at SEOFIED Email: [email protected] Ph- 9124419800 Skype : dasdinesh



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