* Process of awareness *

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* Process of awareness *. Conversion of grievances into thanks tendering satisfaction. Grievance is ,more often than not, an uneasy mind on the part of the member than the real problem. GRIEVANCE AND ITS HANDLING Page.1. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • * Process of awareness *

  • Conversion of grievances into thanks tendering satisfaction

  • Grievance is ,more often than not, an uneasy mind on the part of the member than the real problem.

  • We have a vision of a situation where there is zero grievance from all quarters and sources at the initial stage itself.We focus on strategic solution to grievance generation besides redressing grievance which is at the most damage control mechanism. As the grievances are engendered by unwanted accumulations of task and lack of awareness about the rule/provisions on the part of the member; all out efforts are undertaken to speed up the pace of quality Service delivery in the first instance, with a view to strike at the very root of perennial spring of all kind of grievances i.e accumulations of pending task and non intimation or late intimation of the disposal / drawback in the disposal, to the members. GRIEVANCE AND ITS HANDLINGPage.1

  • In order to avoid accumulation of tasks regular monitoring of everybodys disposal of the task and the pending task out of the workload of claims and accounts processing on day to day basis is done by way of putting the same on the notice board with a view to strengthen the supervisory officials as well. This exercise has given good results which have been well received by the beneficiaries of the act and schemes. No third party is entertained who, owing to its vested interest, create unnecessary grievance and give the bad image to the Organisation. In the light of the above facts the following strategy have been undertaken.GRIEVANCE AND ITS HANDLINGPage.2

  • The office is headed towards a situation where it has the information about the members who are supposed to retire at the end of the month, so that, their claims can be asked to be forwarded by the employer in order to enable the office to settle their claims and hand over the cheques to them on the day of their retirement itself.ENTRY OF F/2 IN THECOMPUTER SYSTEM

  • Electronic Clearing System of the payment to the members has also been introduced in order to avoid the time gap between cheque printing and crediting of the amount into the members account.All these steps have been taken with a view to improve the quality of service with speed.E C S

  • We have launched our website where we post all the information regarding settlement of the claims almost everyday, there-by curtailing the possibility of grievance generation to an extent.List of the establishments with their Code No., which have defaulted in submission of monthly/annual returns is posted on the website besides publishing in the news papers.Letters to the pensioners who do not submit LC/NRMC are sent requesting them to submit the same in order to enable this office to release their pension.WEB SERVICE

  • We have put a stand alone P.C. in a KIOSK in the office premises for providing the information to the members as to the status of their claims, which is easy to operate by the members themselves.KIOSK

  • CCTV has been installed in the office in order to monitor the movement of the members to ensure delivery of service to them with humane face. Movement of visitors are observed to ensure a direct relationship between the office and the members.CLOSE CIRCUIT TV & CAMERAS

  • Hitherto untapped service to intimate the members about the settlement of their claims through SMS have been undertaken. This, besides adding to the image of Organisation, reduces the grievances to a great extent. Efforts are being made to provide the status of PPO and Scheme Certificate also through SMS/email. One time SMS to the members about their PF Balance will also be activated. This service to intimate about their claim settlement through SMS in addition to other services, as detailed above has added an aura of proactive approach towards delivery of quality service to the members as the members who are informed through SMS give lip publicity to the service which is evident in day to day experience of the staff members as well as of officers.


  • However inspite of all these steps undertaken, as it happens, grievances are generated by the perceived dissatisfaction with our service by the members mostly due to unawareness about the rules/provisions. To handle these grievances we have full fledged CSD machinery which, with human face, convert the grievances into thanks tendering satisfaction as is evident from so many thanks letters sent by the aggrieved members to the office.Prompt replies to the email enquires are also given and the members appreciation are displayed on the notice board in the facilitation centreDISPOSAL MECHANISM

  • PRO @ E-mailCPGRAMRPFC-IRC-II / APFC (CSD)Concern Section / GroupSOURCE OF GRIEVANCES Function of PRO as to grievance disposal: PRO section scrutinize the grievances and directly send to the RPFC-I.RPFC-I, after verifying the facts ,put remark on the case paper and sends to RPFC-II /APFC (CSD). RPFC-I personally Monitoring all the grievances up to redressal.RPFC-II /APFC (CSD) : Monitor the progress of the disposal of the case at personal level.CSD Cell :Enter all the grievances in CSD register by giving registration number. Therefore all the grievances are sent to the concerned section / group for obtaining actual cause of grievance and making all procedural efforts to redress the grievance. Redressal of the grievances are intimated to the members.CSD CELLIt has been permitted to interact with the members as well as with Head office.GRIEVANCE DISPOSAL MACHINERYTelephoneLettersDirect telephone Lines of all the officers are open for the grievances to be heard and disposed