 Develop expertise at PERC level  Train PERC coordinators  Develop expertise of diagnosticians  Develop connections with (adult basic ed.)  Develop

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Text of  Develop expertise at PERC level  Train PERC coordinators  Develop expertise of...

  • Develop expertise at PERC levelTrain PERC coordinatorsDevelop expertise of diagnosticiansDevelop connections with (adult basic ed.)Develop a protocol for families PERCs would be first to hold the hand of parents through next stepsTell those who typically diagnose would have PERC contact informationProtocol would show those PERCs that are open 12 months a year.

  • 1.Statewide communication between autism professionals to enhance evidence based methods and appropriate interventions getting everyone one the same page without territorial issues 2.Increased waiver and eligibility funding for the entire spectrum disorder3.An autism contact person for parents in each county to talk with families, direct them to needed resources and maybe provide parent training.4.Parents can access information and resources from a known, trusted, balanced source either regionally or statewide.5.(2 years) I want the waiver process not to be arbitrary and provide some waitlist services, i.e., information, linkage, resource, support.

  • 6.Continual? Resource Assistance This person helps parents understand autism, gets them connected to resources, helps them navigate the system.7.Every county has a PERC? Every PERC? has a point person trained in autism resources.8.I would like to see an online autism forum for question/answer and discussion on various sub-topics.9.(2) More schools that provide ABA as an alternative to public school.10. Develop a statewide protocol? that would occur everywhere in the state. protocol11. A way to help parents through a step by step process as to what to do when they get the diagnosis.12. An autism professional in each county to support and train teachers and provide in classroom training and help develop supports.