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Amway Corporation President Doug DeVos (right) and Chairman Steve Van Andel (left).
H e l p i n g P e o p l e L i v e B e t t e r L i v e s
| | A C H I E V E

Earned Success Economic development has been mentioned by many experts as the most important driver of economic recovery. And we couldn’t agree more. We fully expect to see the earned success of entrepreneurs l ike you make a signif icant improvement in the global economy as it moves forward and becomes even more vibrant.
Here’s how it works. Amway is a business without limits. Anyone is welcome to join our business. And each individual’s success can be directly impacted by their hard work. Our concept has always been free enterprise. We want you to be able to do what you want, when you want. Work as hard as you want and enjoy the benefits of your accomplishments.
The Amway business gives people an opportunity to achieve earned success. Of course there’s a financial element to earned success, but there’s much more. It’s about having the freedom to make choices about your lifestyle. For some people, their Amway business allows them to spend more time with their families. For others, it’s the chance to take on a leadership position where they can help others earn success.
And working together, we can share our rewards with our communities and help even more people live better lives. There are so many opportunities for you to make a difference in the lives of others. Whether you choose to give your time, talent or treasure, it’s important to build strong communities so everybody has the opportunity to reach their potential. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be the one who gives our future leaders a chance to start earning their own success.
2 1.2015
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Founded in Ada, Michigan, USA in 1959, Amway Corporation is one of the largest direct-selling companies in the world, covering some 100 countries and territories. • AMAGRAM is published by Amway Hong Kong Limited. • Room 801, Caroline Centre, Lee Gardens Two, 28 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. • P.O. Box 20701 Johnston Road Post Office • Tel: 2969 6333 • Members of the Hong Kong Direct Selling Association and World Federation of Direct Selling Associations • Web site: • E-mail: [email protected] • All copyrights reserved. • Amway Showrooms and Merchandising Centres: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, Tuen Mun, Shatin, Macau.
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4 1.2015
New Founders Crown Ambassador Direct Distributors
Clement & Anita Fu
1.2015 5
The greatest driving force in life is the desire to achieve a
dream, motivating you to keep striving forward.
New Founders Crown Ambassador Clement & Anita set their
sights high when they joined Amway.
The pair determined to dream big,
joining together with partners to
quickly become role models
of others in Amway.
that dreams do come true.
Dreams Come True

Amway Path




6 1.2015
Believe in Yourself People claim that Hong Kong is a city full of opportunity, “but do you feel confident about grasping these opportunities?” Anita asked. With a clear determination to set up her own business, Anita made a choice that changed her entire life. “I saw that in Amway there are no limitations in terms of your qualifications, academic background or career to date,” she explained. “Everyone is able to develop the Amway business as long as you are eager to succeed, willing to work hard and can show real determination.”
Clement laughed when he recalled his first encounter with Amway. “I accompanied my friend to an Amway seminar because I was worried he might get cheated!” he smiled. But despite his initial concerns, Clement joined Amway right after the seminar. “Amway Hong Kong was still in the early stages of its development around 30 years ago, but I still chose to develop the business. I believed it was the right decision to make, and I worked hard to prove to the doubters that I was right,” Clement shared.
The Roadmap to Succes These two successful leaders have become role models for many other Amway Distributors in Hong Kong. “Having the right attitude is as important as being devoted to the business. You’re able to succeed in the business through your actions, not just by your worlds,” Anita shared, adding that an enthusiastic mind, the courage to change and a spirit of teamwork are all important factors in working your way to success.
Anita pointed out that having clear goals is one of the keys to becoming a successful leader. “Setting goals continuously will help you reach beyond your limits. From our point of view, we believe we can give our team more hope if we are able to achieve our dreams,” she said. In Anita’s mind, a successful leader needs to be an all- rounder - a dreamer, a motivator and someone who knows how to get the job done. “Having a clear dream motivates us move forward, and your partners will be motivated too if they see your enthusiasm. Everyone needs to have a dream.”
Dreams Into Reality Having a dream is very important in the minds of Anita and Clement because it can guide them on where to go. “Where you are today is not the most important thing; rather, it’s where you intend to go tomorrow,” Clement said. Having a dream will help you to determine your goals in life and make it clearer how you can achieve them.
Clement stated that you may need to put considerable effort into achieving your goals. “Many people may have a dream but not everyone is willing to push to achieve what they want. Action is important because it will determine how you achieve your goal,” he said. Anita, meanwhile, pointed out the importance of time management. “Make sure you complete what you have to do today and then view tomorrow as another new day,” she said.
1.2015 7

The Secret of Success A clear goal motivated Anita to pursue her dream. “I wanted to establish my own business and I chose Amway because I knew it would help me to realize my goals,” she said. And was it never just about her own personal success. “I found that I was able to dream a bigger dream after my first goal was accomplished, being given the opportunity to help other people achieve their goals - that is very meaningful to me,” Anita smiled.
Both Anita and Clement have shown their mettle by establishing their own successful business, and now they are eager to motivate and encourage other partners in the team to pursue their own goals.
“Success to us is all about helping other people succeed. We aim to help people become aware of their dream and realize their goals in life,” Clement said. Anita quoted Rich DeVos, Co- founder of the Amway Corporation, to emphasize her point: “We can’t make a person succeed, but we can help him achieve his dream if he has a dream and a willingness to succeed.”
Anita and Clement have both demonstrated how persistence and determination play such an important role in building the Amway business.
The Family Bond Both Clement and Anita have a very strong focus on their family. “My wife and I develop our business together. This means we have the same values and a lot of things in common to share, which has really helped to improve our family relationship,” Clement explained. He added: “My son and daughter grew up in the Amway environment which has helped them to build a positive attitude. We feel blessed that we can be together all the time and are able to treasure every moment with our children.” Clement said he is happy that his children are now demonstrating a helping spirit, devoting time to make a positive contribution to society and help those in need.
8 1.2015
Looking to the Future Success is a fascinating journey for Clement and Anita. Like other entrepreneurs, they are keen to keep pushing forward in a bid to achieve even greater things. “Setting clear goals helps to make our lives more meaningful,” Clement shared. Helping their partners in the team to achieve their own goals means they can all enjoy a promising life together - and that more dreams can come true.
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| | A C H I E V E
Congratulations OUR NEW QUALIFIERS
Occupations at the time of joining Amway.10 1.2015

Amway has helped me explore my potential to the ful lest and establish a business that offers a great deal of protection. I’ve also benefited from improved health since I started using Amway’s quality products. I feel content about helping others. You’ll succeed in Amway if you determine to integrate the business into your daily life.
/ Thomas Kwok & Anita Advertising Director / Makeup Artist
D istributors

I’m able to enjoy financial protection and more free time since joining Amway, and I’ve also acquired a great deal of health and beauty knowledge, making me feel so much better about myself. You’ll succeed in Amway if you follow in the footsteps of successful leaders and work hard together with your team. I’ll continue to push to reach even higher goals.
/ Lee Kwok Keung & Wai Shing Security Guard / Boutique Owner
A C H I E V E | |
1.2015 11

I’ve got to know many new friends from all walks of life through the Amway platform - it has broadened my horizons and enabled my personal growth. I have clearer goals in life now. The Amway business has enabled me to understand my weaknesses and make the necessary improvements. You’ll receive fruitful returns if you learn to appreciate Amway’s business opportunity and culture.
Li Chaoyi Doctorate

Amway is a helping business that offers me financial protection that can be passed on to the next generation. I have devoted myself to the business wholeheartedly because I believe that Amway is the best platform for helping you to achieve your dream. You can succeed in this business if you believe in your team and show a willingness to learn.
/ Yeung Fuk Keung & Ka Ying Designer / Accountant

I became determined to develop the Amway business after seeing how it could help me apply my nutrition knowledge in the business. I’m happy that I can enjoy a more promising and hopeful life through the Amway platform. With determination, persistence and the help of your teammates, you can overcome any difficulties.
/ Lei Weng Seng & Sio Ieng Nutritionist / Accounting Clerk

What I really enjoy about Amway is the free time that enables me to spend lots of time with my children. Amway has brought many positive changes such as meeting more true friends and enjoying personal growth. I will devote myself wholeheartedly to the business with the aim of enjoying a carefree life.
/ Chu Po Ting & Hoi Man Administrative Management / Teacher
D istributors

| | A C H I E V E
12 1.2015

I chose to develop the Amway business because I was impressed by the high quality products that I had used for many years. I feel content about helping my friends improve their health and quality of life through the great range of health supplements. The Amway business is part of my life now and it’s wonderful to make new friends every day.
/ Chan Kuok Wai & Iok Mui Merchant / Clothing Practitioner

I decided to develop the Amway business because I’m eager to learn new things. Amway is a helping business which gives enthusiastic people the opportunity to enjoy health, beauty and happiness. My life has become more fruitful now, and I enjoy being able to enrich other people’s lives.
/ Zheng Xinqing & Fanyang Corporate Finance Manager / Accountant

Unlike a traditional business, the Amway business is all about the power of the team. There is a great team spirit in this business that has enabled me to make many new friends who share the same objectives. My personal capabilities have improved and I believe I can enjoy financial protection through the Amway platform.
Lai Yim Hung Executive Secretary

I aim to enjoy extra income along with more free time to take care of my family, and I will keep finding ways to make positive changes in my life. Amway is a personalized business that gives me clear goals for the future, and enables me to enjoy personal growth and meet friends from different backgrounds. I feel blessed that Amway is helping me to live a wonderful life.
/ Yip Chun Wah & Wai Kwan Engineer / Teacher
D istributors

A C H I E V E | |
1.2015 13

Young people focus on teamwork and they're able to build team spirit through Amway, with a unique platform that gives them the free time they need to develop their business. Follow in the footsteps of your leaders, and approach the business with persistence and determination, and you can achieve your dreams and receive fruitful returns.
/ Wan Cheuk Kei & Tsz Yin Funds Operation Officer / HR Consultant

I’ve become more independent through the Amway platform, and I feel more hopeful about life. I’m happy that, if I work hard, I can determine my own future. The helping spirit of this business not only enables personal success, but also helps others to succeed in the business. My aim is to organize different training sessions that can help more of my partners succeed.
Wong Sze Tin Chief Editor

Amway is business that is low in risk yet offers high returns and extra protection. I feel satisfied about being able to contribute to society and offer help to the people in need. Amway has provided me with a perfect life in which I can plan my future at my own pace. I hope to introduce more people to the Amway values.
/ Hong Pui Tak & Kuai Han Gambling Practitioner / Gambling Practitioner

My health has seen a significant improvement s ince I began us ing Amway’s hea l th supplements, and now I’m determined to develop the business and introduce these great products to others. You can overcome any obstacles ahead if you persist. I’ll guide my team and act as a role model, sharing the happiness of success.
/ Chun Wai Fai & Mei Lai Electronics Technician / Security Guard
D istributors

| | A C H I E V E
14 1.2015
Kevin Muljono / Kevin Muljono & Yifei Gallery Owner / University Student

Amway is a business that becomes part of your daily life; you can share the products that your friends request at any time. Always strive to perform at your best and Amway gives you the opportunity to achieve fruitful results and live a promising life.
Yeung Yuen Ching Insurance Industry

The h igh pressure of be ing in a traditional business led to a deterioration in my health. I decided to devote myself to the Amway business after taking its health supplements and seeing my health improved. I’m happy I can achieve my dreams, thanks to Amway.
D istributors
D irect
Chan Wing Tze Assistant Merchandising Manager

I devoted myse l f to the Amway business after seeing the positive changes of my sponsor. I ’m now able to plan for the future of my next generation, and I’ve enjoyed personal growth too. I feel happy about being able to help my friends solve their daily- life issues.
Ivy Lau Finance Industry

You don’t need much capital to set up the low-risk Amway business, and in return you will enjoy more free time, extra income and improved health. I’m happy that I can develop the business at my own pace and I now view Amway as a lifelong business.
Hui Yee Student

Amway has helped to improve my communication skills and enabled me to meet new friends from all walks of life. It has also provided me with financial protection. Young people can try new things and meet new friends to help with their business development.
/ Ng Yun Sing & Li Trading Company General Manager / Journalist

I ’ ve become more pos i t i ve and optimistic since joining Amway. My passion has been aroused by being ab le to acqu i re new knowledge and meet new friends from various backgrounds through this business. Confidence will help you to achieve your dreams.
A C H I E V E | |
1.2015 15
/ Lee Ching Leung & Chui Ha Managing Director / Assistant General Manager

Amway products have improved my health, and I have also benefited from the extra protection offered by the Amway business. With the help and encouragement of the team, I have been able to experience the uniqueness of the Amway opportunity.
P roducers

The Amway business has helped me to determine my dream in life. You can achieve outstanding results if you have a clear goal and maintain an optimistic outlook as you learn and grow in the business.
/ Fung Cheung Sing & Wan Chi Emcee / Kindergarten Teacher

The Amway business has helped me live a better life through the high-quality products and equitable system. I’m now able to help more partners live a wonderful and meaningful life.
/ Tsang Philip & Norraine Media Planner / Manager

I became more conf ident about developing the Amway business after using the high-quality products. This is a low-risk business requiring only a low set-up capital, which I aim to share with more people.
Ng Kit Ian Student

I am enjoying a more positive and f ru i t fu l l i fe thanks to the Amway platform. I’m now capable of helping others to improve their health and I’ve become a more confident person.
D istributors
D irect

| | A C H I E V E
16 1.2015

The low-risk Amway business suits me well because you don’t need much capital to get started. I am now able to devote myself to the business, backed by the cont inuous guidance and encouragement of my leaders.
/ Leung Chun Yat & Kai Ye Product Designer / Boutique Owner

I’ve become healthier since I began using Amway's products, and this unique business has enabled me to enjoy free time and protection. I’m happy that I can develop the business with friends who share the same objectives.
/ Wu King Cheong & Ping Retailing / Housewife

Amway has enabled me to establish my goals and dreams. I’ve become more hopeful and I will work together with my friends and partners, striving for a brighter future.
/ Tsang Ying Fung & Mei Kei Property Agent / Personal Assistant

Various product experiences helped me to realize that Amway is a business that’s all about helping others. It’s also a business that enables you to enjoy long-term development.
Wong Chuen Yuk Banking Industry

I’m able to enjoy more free time and greater financial freedom through the Amway business. I’ve become more hopeful, optimistic and positive and feel that I’m a more beautiful person now!
P roducers
S ilver
Lei Weng San Student

Amway is a dream business for me. I hope that I can share the Amway values with more people and devote ourselves to the business together.
Ng Sok Kuan University Student

I was introduced to Amway by…