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This is a video i made celebrating the aesthetic website knowncas deviantART.com. Enjoy

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  • 1. Welcometo deviantART http://fav.me/d35ghdh

2. deviantART: courses forDESIGN What is deviantART? Who created this site and how was it started? What is this websites purpose? What content makes up this website? How is this site a Web 2.0 tool? Are there similar sites like this site? What does research say about this site? What are its pros and cons? 3. WHAT Is ??deviantART- a aesthetic site that plays host to millions and millions of user-created art of all different niches. Photography, Graffiti, Video Compilations, and Images are just a small few of the many different topics of art involved in deviantART. Started in 2000, deviantART currently has over 54 million users actively posting new art works on the site. Artists can post any artwork of their own work for it to be displayed on the website for all other users to admire, comment, and even purchase a piece, if they so choose. Not only is this site like an online art portfolio but it also acts as like an art-Facebook if you willmaking the site another way for people to expand socially with those who share a common love for art. 4. Creator & History Created by Frank Zappa Coined the name deviantART from the quote Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible. Zappa founded the site deviantART in 2000. Website started as a simple and easy way for artists to upload, share, critique, and sell their artwork online 5. deviantART.whats the point?? Easy collaborating with hundreds of other artists on innumerable different art projects in many eclectic mediums Create your own personal gallery to either keep private or share with the millions of other online artists. Social Networking site so artists can interact with friends from their hometowns to friends made from foreign countries.Learn from artists from over 190 different countries i.e. http://calizaa.deviantart.com/gallery/375855#/d174tti i.e. http://browse.deviantart.com/film/animation/stopmotion/comedy/#/d367khn 6. CONTENT 80,000 new works of art every day. Collection of over 80,000,000 total art submissions 2,500 different categories Runs the art gamut from: photography to 3-D modeling, to video animation to cartoons and caricatures, from poetry and songs to graffiti art Tutorials and tune-up videos so artists can work on their skills. An online art show, where artists can even put their best pieces up to be sold by others who come across the works 7. Incorporates images, audio, video, and many other creative tools that are easy to use on the site. Also seconds as an online gallery and portfolio for artists to keep their work safe and to display it for others, even to sell their works for profit Seconds as a social networking site for friends to hang out and get involved and share in similar interests. How isTHISsite a web 2.0 tool? 8. SIMILAR SITES.. http://conceptart.org/ Conceptart.org also like deviantART features similar themes and site perks but in comparison, many producers, filmakers, artists, and literary buffs choose deviantART.com over its competitors. http://www.artofalti.blogspot.com/ Another type of websitethe artofalti is a blog designated to the art of a particular artist who like in deviantART, shares his works and leaves them open for critiques and admiration. 9. FeEdback on deviantART What are Researchers saying about deviantART? Feedback given from art enthusiast Kevin Palmer Deviant Art blew me away with the amount of features that it presented to the community. My one complaint is that I found their layout and navigation really clunky and cluttered. While you are able to configure your toolbar (which serves as the main community navigation option) I just found it to be a little clunky. That complaint though doesnt really degrade the user experience and I found the features and the vibrant community to be engaging. If you are into a wide range of art being as an artist and/or as a fan this is a great place to be. I can see why they are dominating this niche right now. 10. thousands of different art mediums to choose fromeasy access and sharingsocial network, connect with friends around the globehave the chance to sell items onlineclunky and somewhat confusing navigation panelartists video pieces seem to load much slower than the norm due to the overload of artwork.PROs & COns CONS Pros 11. Citations http://news.cnet.com/8301-13546_109-9914483-29.html http://oreilly.com/web2/archive/what-is-web-20.html http://www.deviantart.com/ http://conceptart.org/ http://artofalti.blogspot.com/ http://www.google.com/#hl=en&source=hp&biw=1676&bih=841&q=deviantart.com&aq=f&aqi=n1g10&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=&fp=81a0dc482818bb46 http://socialmediaanswers.com/deviantart-site-review/