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Here are the slides from the UX Portfolio Workshop I did at exploreUX on 4/22/14. The workshop was part presentation and part activities to get participants in the right mindset for creating their UX portfolios. The slides go into the specifics on: What to put in your UX portfolio How to figure out what (of your stuff) to include How to add what youre missing What tools and resources to use in building it Whats a good (and bad) portfolio


<ul><li> UX PORTFOLIO WORKSHOP by Michelle T. Chin | @soysaucechin @exploreUX | #UXPortfolio </li> <li> ABOUT EXPLOREUX @exploreUX | #UXPortfolio </li> <li> ABOUT EXPLOREUX Announcements </li> <li> ABOUT EXPLOREUX Rate our group! </li> <li> WHO ARE WE? </li> <li> WHAT ARE WE DOING? </li> <li> WHY THIS WORKSHOP? </li> <li> WHY A PORTFOLIO? Transitioning to a UX career Looking for a new job Adding credibility to your career </li> <li> RULE #1: LET IT GO. I will not get attached to my work. </li> <li> RULE #1: LET IT GO. This is a process. Iterate. </li> <li> RULE #1: LET IT GO. I will not get attached to my work. </li> <li> RULE #2: YOU ARE WHAT YOU PRESENT. </li> <li> DEVELOPER OR UXR? </li> <li> DESIGNER OR UXR? </li> <li> UXR OR WIREFRAMER? </li> <li> WHATS DIFFERENT? UX portfolios show process. </li> <li> UX PROCESS </li> <li> THIS WORKSHOP: 1. Recognize what goes into a UX portfolio </li> <li> THIS WORKSHOP: 2. Start the base for yours </li> <li> THIS WORKSHOP: 3. Meet some UXers like yourself </li> <li> THIS WORKSHOP: Well be applying our UX skills! GET PUMPED! </li> <li> MEET YOUR GROUP! Open your cards and assemble! </li> <li> INTRODUCE YOURSELF Your name What you do / are trying to do Your favorite food truck </li> <li> WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? What kind of work do you want to do? (UX/interaction designer, user researcher, full time, contract) </li> <li> WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? Where do you want to work? (Large company, agency, government) </li> <li> WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? Anything else? (Build credibility, speaker, blogger) </li> <li> ACTIVITY: WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? Take a few minutes to determine your goal. What kind of work do you want to do? Where do you want to work? Anything else? </li> <li> INVENTORY What are you going to put in it? </li> <li> INVENTORY Projects from start to nish </li> <li> START TO FINISH </li> <li> INVENTORY Work that involved UX process </li> <li> ACTIVITY: INVENTORY List at least 5 projects relevant to your goal Start to nish Work that involved UX process But what if I cant list projects? I dont have any? What projects would you like to do? </li> <li> INVENTORY What activities have you done on those projects? </li> <li> ACTIVITY: INVENTORY List the UX activities done for each project User research Content inventory Wireframes Prototyping Usability testing and others </li> <li> INVENTORY Do you have the contents? </li> <li> ACTIVITY: INVENTORY Do you have the contents? </li> <li> INVENTORY What about the missing artifacts? </li> <li> INVENTORY Recreate them. (Do not lie - its bad &amp; youll be gured out) </li> <li> INVENTORY What if you dont have the projects? </li> <li> INVENTORY Make it up. (Not lying here either.) </li> <li> INVENTORY Theres no shame in taking the time to practice your UX skills and demonstrating a great job. </li> <li> HOW DO I MAKE UP PROJECTS? 1. Pick a problem to x. </li> <li> [reformatting Craigslist,Wikipedia] </li> <li> HOW DO I MAKE UP PROJECTS? 2. Create a project - app, site, etc. </li> <li> [INSERT MILLION DOLLAR APP IDEA HERE.] </li> <li> WHAT IF YOURE MISSING THE SKILLS? Give yourself a project that allows you to practice the skills. </li> <li> WHAT ARE YOUR GAPS? Think about what skills and work youre missing. </li> <li> ACTIVITY: WHAT ARE YOUR GAPS? Add those stickers to your name tag. </li> <li> ARCHITECTURE How will you organize this work? </li> <li> ARCHITECTURE By topic (e.g., mobile, user research, etc.) </li> <li> ARCHITECTURE By the projects lifecycle </li> <li> ARCHITECTURE Decide whats best for you and your content, but have a method. </li> <li> DESIGN Goal: Get you in for an interview. </li> <li> DESIGN What do you include? </li> <li> DESIGN Show visuals of the process. </li> <li> DESIGN What about stuff I cant show? </li> <li> SECRET STUFF Blur out identifying information. </li> <li> SECRET STUFF Password protect your work. </li> <li> SECRET STUFF Use your discretion! </li> <li> DESIGN Your BEST work. </li> <li> DESIGN If in doubt, leave it out. </li> <li> DESIGN Tell a story. </li> <li> Intro Architecture / storyboarding Prototype development Usability testing Iteration </li> <li> DESIGN Less is more. You have 10 seconds to make an impression. </li> <li> DESIGN Show the highlights of the project. </li> <li> DESIGN Unique activities, challenges, or really cool stuff! </li> <li> DESIGN How much is too much? </li> <li> DEVELOP What tools do you use? </li> <li> DEVELOP </li> <li> DEVELOP What should you look for? </li> <li> DEVELOP Know your capabilities, your timeframe. </li> <li> DEVELOP Easy to maintain - youre iterating. </li> <li> DEVELOP Hire someone, barter, feed. </li> <li> TEST Does this meet my goal? </li> <li> TEST Does this portray me? </li> <li> TEST Ask for feedback; take the feedback. </li> <li> TEST Who can I ask? </li> <li> TEST Your friends, people in your group, exploreUX members </li> <li> TEST Dont forget to thank them! </li> <li> TEST Iterate, retest. </li> <li> PRO TIPS Go one step beyond - its worth it. </li> <li> PRO TIP: Stylize your content - make it look good. </li> <li> PRO TIP: Take pics of EVERYTHING. </li> <li> PRO TIP: Get a URL </li> <li> AVOID: Lengthy URLs: bluedalek.wix.com/portfolio student.umd.edu/~bluedalek michelletchinUXdesigner.com TRY: Shorter, memorable URLs: simplebits.com edmundyu.com michelletchin.net </li> <li> PRO TIP: Maintain your portfolio! </li> <li> DONT FORGET Rule #1: Let it go. Rule #2: You are what you present. Iterate; maintain. Stay in touch with the folks you meet today. Complete the eval, please! </li> <li> QUESTIONS? </li> <li> ACTIVITY: NETWORK Exchange contact info with those in your group Talk to those that have complementary stickers on their name tag. Maybe you guys can work on a mock project together? </li> <li> THANKS! Dont forget to rate the meetup! @exploreUX | #UXportfolio Michelle T. Chin - @soysaucechin </li> <li> IMAGE CREDITS Slide 13: http://codepen.io/motorlatitude/pen/wmpux Slide 14: http://www.duolingo.com Slide 14: http://www.etsy.com Slide 14: http://www.nike.com/us/en_us/c/nikeplus-fuelband Slide 15: http://ideas.semanticfoundry.com/2012/09/09/shades-of-grey-wireframes-as-thinking-device Slide 15: https://www.ickr.com/photos/anthonyarmendariz/4448219885 Slide 15: http://creately.com/blog/diagrams/wire-frame-benets/ Slide 23: http://tipplesbrews.com/2014/03/28/april-2014-food-truck-schedule Slide 45: http://www.wikipedia.org/ Slide 45: https://dribbble.com/wirwoluf/projects/104912-wikipedia-redesign Slide 61: http://www.alertdiver.com/ Slide 69: http://www.fumikoyu.com/ Slide 74: http://www.simonpan.com/ Slide 90: http://foundation.zurb.com/ All other images were from Michelles own collection. </li> <li> EXAMPLES Here are some examples for inspiration, but always do whats best for you! Abby the IA: http://abbytheia.wordpress.com Edmund Yu: http://www.edmundyu.com/ Sarah Spitler: http://www.sarahspitler.com </li> </ul>