Role of Fabric Manufacturers in Textile Industry

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    Title Role of Fabric Manufacturers in Textile Industry

    Description - Fabric manufacturers play a major role in producing quality product at

    fair price. They offer every kind of fabric that you hope for, thereby providing you the

    utmost satisfaction.

    India 's industrialization has been successful in various sectors mainly due to the

    resources generated by the textile industry. The Indian textile industry holds the

    second largest position in the world. As a result Indian textile is regarded as the most

    famous across the global market. India is considered as the largest producer of cotton

    and stands fourth in the production of stable fiber and sixth in the production of

    filament yarn. Nearly 30% of India export is from the textile industry that covers

    almost textiles and garments.

    Textile industry comprises of various segments such as cotton textile like hand

    looms, silk textile, man made textile , woolen textile, ready made garments,

    handicrafts including carpets, jute, coir and many more. Indian textile industry is

    known all over the world for its high quality garments for men and women across

    the world . The demand for apparels manufactured by Fabric manufacturers India is

    increasing all over the world. It is mainly because Indian textile house quality

    garments at relatively cheaper cost than other developed countries. The major

    contribution to the affordable price of the Indian apparel is the availability of man

    power at cheap price.

    In addition to international market demand, Indian market have also manifested a

    fierce demand of apparel in men, women and kids sections. It is one of the largest

    industry that provides high exports and foreign revenue. Fabric manufacturers caters

    to the most basic requirement of people and holds importance, maintaining the

    prolonged growth for improved quality of life. Textile and apparel industry holds a

    unique position as a self reliant industry, from the production of raw material to the

    delivery of new products. Over the years , the sector has proved to be a major

    contribution to nation's economy.

    Shahlon is one of leading manufacturer and supplier of comprehensive variety of

    fabrics. The skilled workers and professionals are highly trained to make fabric as per

    customer's specification. It has a wide range of fabrics available in many sizes with

    all the latest features making them extremely popular among customers. Apparel

    manufacturers are well -known to sell wholesale apparel, which is perfect for those

    who plan to buy them for big groups or companies. Fabric manufacturers sell these

    attires at reasonable price. The major contribution to the affordable price of Indian

    apparel is the availability of man power at cheap price. Thus, textile play a vital role

    in meeting man's basic need. There are a large scale of manufacturers exporters in the

    country, however a majority of section runs small and medium scale enterprises.

    Thus, it helps to know about the top future of Indian textile industry along with its

    significance in world economy.


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