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James Reese HamillVisual Resumeby Reese Hamill

# Duarte, Inc. 2014Table of contents

The Things that make me worth your time

OilfieldLife on a Farm

Career Summary(Pg. 2-3)(Pg. 1)Education(Pg. 4-5)Work Experience(Pg. 6-8)Skills(Pg. 9-10)01020304Intro

# Duarte, Inc. 2014introductionA glimpse in the life

Work* Strong work ethic * Adaptable to any environment* Strong moral compass, making for a great team leader* Safety oriented but willing to try new practices to test their merit* Confident in skillsetOutside of Work* Family oriented* Faith centered* Old soul at heart: raised on 80s rock and home-style cooking

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# Duarte, Inc. 2014

# Duarte, Inc. 2014The Things that make me worth your time* Organized and Prompt * Natural leadership skills proven in both school and work settings* Energy experience in both petroleum and wind energy fields* Dual major asserts a thirst for knowledge and understanding

# Duarte, Inc. 2014Education02

# Duarte, Inc. 2014

# Duarte, Inc. 2014

MajorB.S. in Petroleum engineeringB.S. in Wind EnergyMinorMathMechanical Engineering

# Duarte, Inc. 2014Work ExperienceOilfieldLife on a Farm03

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OilfieldCourson Oil & Gas* Pumping experience* Knowledge of everyday oilfield operations* Introduced to recovery equipment and how to operate themMewbourne Oil Company* Extensive knowledge of all oilfield facets: from initial drilling process to completion and workovers

# Duarte, Inc. 2014Life on a farmHocking Farms* Manual labor* Garnered knowledge of vehicle and heavy machinery mechanics and operations* Competence in welding, use of the cutting torch, and many power toolsWhere I first learned the meaning of hard work

# Duarte, Inc. 2014Skills


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# Duarte, Inc. 2014skills* Extensive knowledge of oilfield equipment and their operations* Extensive knowledge of the drilling process, open hole logging, port and packer systems, etc.* Competent in Microsoft Office

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