REESE-LOVE FAMILY Hugh Reese, Sr Hugh Reese, Jr Simeon Averitt Reese William Henry Reese William Thomas Reese, Sr. William Thomas Reese, Jr

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  • REESE-LOVE FAMILY Hugh Reese, Sr Hugh Reese, Jr Simeon Averitt Reese William Henry Reese William Thomas Reese, Sr. William Thomas Reese, Jr.
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  • Two possible examples of family crests REESE and CASEY
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  • The REESE Male Line We will try to work our way back from current Reese family to the Reese men who came from Wales. Reese was a common name in Wales, being spelled RHYS (meaning Red Head). Once in America, the RHYS was quickly changed to REES, which was changed to REESE or even misspelled REASE further on. One set of REES brothers landed in Delaware in the mid 1700s. They were QUAKERS. One brother stayed in the Delaware, Pennsylvania area, one brother headed west and one brother headed south to Virginia. We think this latter brother, Hugh Rees, is our direct descendant and this is the path we have been trying to prove for the past twenty years. The migration of the Quakers from Virginia, to South Carolina and eventually to Georgia is providing some good clues as we find wills and land grants.
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  • I am tracking down linage of Rev. David Rhy/Rees who lived in Cum Creek, chester Co. PA in 1701. He had David, Esther, Evan, Thomas, Hugh (my ancester), Roger, Daniel, Ruth-all born in PA. Evan and Sarah Reese had Rev. Joseph Reese, a pioneer Baptist minister in SC. Hugh Rees I was born ca 1714 and moved to Bristol Parish, Va. His son Hugh was a Col. in the Rev. War and in buried near Thomson,Ga.Has anyone traced Rev. David Rees's roots? He may have migrated to the US around 1699-1701 to Rhode Is. due to religious persecution to join a Quaker Colony, but that didn't work out so he moved on to PA. robert reese columbia, sc usa Tuesday, July 04, 2000 at 09:33:14 Rev. David Rhys B: 1680 Wales Maud Owens David Rees B: 1703 PA D: Apr1787 Charlotte, NC M: Susan Ruth Polk Esther Rees B: 1711 PA M: Mr. Mackay Evan Rees B: 1712 PA D: 1760s Charleston M: Sarah (d: 1757 Charleston, SC) Thomas Rees B: 1713 PA D: 1762 Charleston, SC M: Mary Crawford Hugh Rees I B: 1710-14 Moved to Bristol Parish, VA M1: Sarah Pendleton M2: Elizabeth Jordan Benjamin Rees B: 1752 VA D: 11Sept1805 Columbia, GA M: @1779 SC Sarah James Hugh Rees II. (Revolutionary War Colonel) B: 20Dec1742 Prince George County, VA D: 12Dec1825 Columbia County, GA Buried McDuffie, GA (near Thomson, GA) M1: 1765 VA M2: Elizabeth Newsom 20Nov1794 Warren County, GA Sarah or Susanah Pendleton Quaker Jeremiah Reese 1777 GA Talbot Reese 1779 GA Taliaferro Reese 1781 GA Albert Reese 1783 GA Martha Reese 1785 GA Epatha Reese 1787 GA Richey Reese 1791 GA (Sherwood) James Reese 1793 GA Martha Jane Reese Demaris Reese 1777 GA Married Gilham Sturdivant In Warren County GA Charles Reese Robert A. Reese 5 7 Daniel Rees B: 1718 PA M: Mary in NC Owned land in NC, SC, and GA Quaker 6 Ruth Rees B: 1720 PA Never married Roger Rees B: 1716 PA D: 9Oct1762 Craven County, SC unknown Joseph (Rev.-Baptist) b: 1732 Kent Co. PA d: 5Mar1795 m: Ann Reynolds d: 23May1755 Priscilla Rees B: 21Feb1729 Isham Rees B: 8Aug1732 Bristol Parish, Dinwiddie Co. D: 6Aug1801 SC ??? Methodist min. M1: Susan Coleman b: 1735 M2: Rhoda Thomas 1768 Amelia Co. VA Sarah Rees B: 10Oct1735 William Rees B: 1740 VA D: 1810 SC Elizabeth Jordan Elizabeth Rees B: 23Apr1743 VA Neil Rees B: 10Feb1745 Edwin Rees B: 1750 VA D: 23Jul1782 SC M: Mary Info here found in McDuffie County Archives - Leonardo Andreas files on REES family. There are extracts of wills and deeds and other notes that he made. The same information is also in the typewritten pages I found which led me to believe that they had gone over the same sources, and foremost, the information matched. Sally Rees Elizabeth Rees Dr. Joseph Brown Mackey Reese b: 22May1792 d: 7Nov1848 m: Sophia Taswell Emerson William Brown Reese 22May1793 Julie Ann Rees b: 1795 Margaritta Rees b: 1797 Mary Porter Rees b: 1798 Emily Rees b: 1808 James Jos.Rees B: 15Aug1741/47 VA D: 8Jan1839 GA M: Elizabeth Brown b: 15Jun1770 d: 1843 Which John Reece is this????? Children orphaned 1779 Thomas Reece Ezekial Reece Parents: John Reece and Jane Bracken of Mill Creek New Castle, DE M: 18Apr1771 John C. Rees b: 26May1770 Prince Edward Co., VA Jordan Rees b: 30Nov1772 Bedford Co., VA Cuthbert Rees b: 1756 Isham Rees b: 1757 Williamson C. Rees b: 1758 Sarah F. Rees
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  • Warren and Columbia Counties were joined together on October 18, 1870 to form McDuffie County. The entire area was originally St. Paul's Parish with original settlers made up of Creek, Cherokee, Uchee and Shawnee Indians. A biography of Joseph McMath (by Jonathan Snyder) reports that... "On 1 August 1795, he (Joseph) purchased 300 acres of land on Brier Creek in Warren County, Georgia from James and Mary McCormick for the sum of thirty pounds. The land bordered Thomas Jones' land on the West, William Whares' land on the North and Rees' land on the West. He obtained 100 acres of land on Brier Creek in Warren County, Georgia from Hugh Rees for the sum of $100 on 15 March 1798. This land bordered William Whairis and vacant land to the Southwest, Newsom's and vacant land to the West and Brier Creek to the Northwest. On 21 September 1803, he sold 200 acres of land in Warren County, Georgia to Jesse Carter for the sum of $40. This land bordered lands owned by Hugh Rees, Jesse Carter and Clabern Newsom"... Did Hugh migrate from VA and SC with the Newsom family? Were they Quakers looking for religious freedom? Is Claiborne Newsom his wife's brother (Elizabeth was born in 1758)? Their parents would be Soloman Newsom, Sr. and Martha Matthews? There was a Claiborne Newsom, born 1742 in Brunswick County, VA... married to Hester Duckworth. His parents were ???. Claiborne died in 1824 Columbia County, GA. There is more information about his anscestors on Family Search online.Family Search online. A listing of Early Wrightsborough Township Landholders, Residents and Associated Families, 1768-1810, includes Hugh Rees and his spouse, Elizabeth Newsom plus Benjamin Rees with no spouse listed. This index is made up of names taken from various sources, the main ones being Hinshaw's American Quaker Genealogy, Vol. 5 and "The Story of Wrightsboro, 1768-1964", as well as much information provided by descendants of some of the families.Early Wrightsborough Township Landholders, Residents and Associated Families, 1768-1810 This Quaker Colony began in 1767 when 12,000 acres were reserved for the Quakers provided at least 10 families settled on the land by February 1, 1768. Click here to read more about Wrightsborough Colonization. Posted by: Sue Date: Sept 09, 2001 at 20:44:21Wrightsborough ColonizationPosted by: Sue Date: Sept 09, 2001 at 20:44:21 According to papers "Notes on the Rees Family by H.C. Gray, 1022 Mosby Rd., Memphis TN" on file at Evans Memorial Library, Aberdeen MS. (H.C. Gray m. Jimmie Carothers, dau. of James Wilson Carothers and Fannie Myrtle Alsup, dau. of Lycurgus Alsup, son of Elisha Benton Alsup and Martha Rees, dau. of William Rees and Lettice McCrary. "Around 1820 two sons of Hugh, namely Moses, William Rees, and their sister Thirza, who married Allen Duckworth, son of William (corrected to Jeremiah) Duckworth, moved to Monroe County, Miss. Along with them came Jeremiah Rees, son of Benjamin Rees, their cousin." Probate Court of Monroe County: pack 94; Margaret Duckworth et al: "The minor heirs of Allen Duckworth Viz: Margaret, William, Samuel, Cordelia, Thirsy, Martha, Joseph, and Allen Duckworth. Jeremiah Reese appointed guardian 1831. Money received for wards by Jeremiah Reese from estate of William Duckworth. father: John or William of Frederick, VA??? Hugh I??? mother: MIGRATION - 1765 married in VA - 1770 landowner with brothers William & Isham in Craven County, SC (Camden District) - 1795 landowner in Warren County, GA - 1825 died in Columbia County, GA - 1825 burried in McDuffie County, GA Hugh Rees(e) and Elizabeth Newsom(e) 5
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  • Children of Hugh and Margaret (James) b:@1748 VA to Sherwood James, Jr. and Martha Holiday... d: 1793 Columbia, GA... m: @1765 VA William b:abt. 1766/1777 VA John b:abt. 1769 SC d: 5 Apr 1819 Jefferson, GA Dorcus b:abt. 1770 SC Mary b:abt. 1772 SC Sarah b:abt. 1774 SC Benjamin b:abt. 1776 SC d: 1865 GA Thorza b:abt. 1782 SC Jeremiah Rees b:abt. 1786 SC d: 29 Aug 1833 Lincoln, GA Hugh, Jr. b:abt. 1790 Columbia, GA m: Martha McGee Children of Hugh, Sr. and Elizabeth (Newsome) b: 22 Jan 1772 GA... d: 7 Jan 1848 Columbia, GA... m: 20 Nov 1794 Warren, GA Elizabeth b:1797 Warren County, GA Female Rees b:1799 Columbia, GA Britton C. b:1801 Columbia, GA Moses b:1804 Columbia, GA Mariah Prudence b:1804 Columbia, GA Simeon Averitt b: 1805 Columbia, GA Harrison b:1805 Columbia, GA d:5 Jun 1875 McDuffie, GA Vincent b:1808 Columbia, GA ? 5
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  • Benjamin Adams II B: @ 1755 Southhampton Co., VA D: @ 1795 Southampton Co., VA Will dated 30Oct1794 and probated 12Mar1795 Margaret Frances Atkinson B: roughly 1745-1750 D: 1817 Sally Adams B M: Adam Ivey Priscilla Adams B: M: Joseph Prince Nancy Adams B: Arthur Augustus Adams B: @ 1775 Southampton Co. VA Moved to Columbia County, GA 1808 D: January, 1822 Columbia County Betsy (Elizabeth) B: @ 1785 VA M: Jordan Pate -Moved to Upson County bef 1860 ?? Adams M: Simeon Reese Elizabeth Reese B: @ 1785 Southampton Co. VA M: 27Aug1801 Southampton Co., VA - Daughter of Randolph and Sarah Sally Harris Reese -Moved to Warren County after death of Arthur D: @ 1826?? When Charity was given a guardian Charlotte Adams B: M: Herbert Pate Sarah Elizabeth Adams B: 1806 M: Wike Ivey D: 28Nov1881 Randolph County GA Charity Adams B: 1808 M: Jesse B. Farr of Upson County, GA Benjamin Adams