Reaper project 2

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  1. 1. ThomasDowson Thisprintscreenshowsmy original sequence of three thatIhave used withthree differentsoundsonmyreaperproject. Thisprintscreenshowsanotherprojectandon thisone I have useda soundof gravel where someone isrunningonitandI have used volume andpanningtomake itbetterso itis like someone isrunningpastme Thisthirdprint screenshowsme adjustingthe pitchfor the soundbecause Iusedthe settingsI double clickedonthe soundtochange the adjustinthe pitch.
  2. 2. ThomasDowson Thisfourthprintscreenshowsme usingpluginsto make a soundmuch betterthanit wouldbe because Icouldaltar all of the sound.