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  • 1. In the research and planning stages for the production of our documentary, we created questionnaires to find out about our target audience, what they think should be included within the documentary and what they already know about the topic. We asked students between the ages of 16-18 and found that they would like to see stock footage, a reconstruction and expert interviews. We included all of these features and more to please our audience.Following on from this, we decided to create questionnaires and hand them out to our target audience. This is because it is the most suitable way of gaining feedback from our documentary, radio trailer and double page spread.

2. DOCUMENTARY 3. Was the opening suitable for the documentary and grab your attention? 18The majority of our target audience thought that the opening to our documentary was suitable and caught their attention which is excellent because if the start of a documentary doesn't look very appealing, it wont make a good impression on the rest of Left Wounded.1614121086420 yesno 4. On a scale of 1-5, how suitable was the voiceover? (5 being the most suitable)1 2 3 4 5We had a teacher to record our voiceover in a quiet room to sound as professional as possible. Over a quarter of people gave us 5 for our voiceover which means it was not only of a high quality but also educational and informative on the amount of knife crime incidents. A few people thought that voiceover was quite boring and we should have included a male voiceover instead of a female so we can consider this for future references. 5. Would you have continued watching if this was a full made documentary? This was a very important question to ask which would decide whether the opening scene was successful. Many people believed they would carry on watching however 6 people thought they would stop watching after the first 5 minutes. This is because they werent interested on the topic on knife crime.noSeries1 yes051015 6. What was the best feature about our documentary?reconstruction stock footage interviews voiceoverTheir was a mixed finding on what people found was best about the documentary. Some people thought the voiceover was best because of how informative and professional it was whereas others liked the reconstruction as it was dramatic and effective. Our target audience thought the stock footage was good because of the range of shots but around 7-8 people found the interviews best as they had a range of opinions from people that had different backgrounds. 7. How did you find our documentary? 12 10 8 6 4 2 0Was our music relevant?yes noinformative emotional eye opening The mood and atmosphere made by a documentary is quite a big point which will make an individual carry on watching a documentary. Majority of the people we asked believed our documentary was informative because we had a lot of facts and figures included within the voiceover.A lot of people thought that the background music wasnt relevant to the documentary. Many people thought the music was too upbeat and needed to be more subtle. In future we can consider this and create a different people as the music creates an atmosphere. If we create an emotional atmosphere it may make our target audience to carry on watching. 8. What interview did you find most interesting? 12 10 8 6 4 2 0Series1Out of the twenty people we asked, 11 people thought the student development officer had the best interview due to the quality in sound and the information he gives. A lot of people also enjoyed Mohammed's interview as they can relate to him being around the same age range however the quality in sound wasnt the best. Majority of people disliked the principals interview as they thought it was pointless and wasn't needed. In future, i would replace the principals' interview with either a police officer or a judge. 9. Would you agree in saying the target audience for the documentary is teenagers?yes noNearly every individual believed that this documentary was based for teenagers which means we achieved our objective. Due to the topic being based around teenagers such as Depzman and Azim, it got a lot of people to think it was aimed at teenagers.What channel would you expect to see the documentary on? itv 2 bbc 3 itv 1 bbc 1 channel 4 02468A lot of people think the documentary should be aired on either channel 4 or BBC 1. this is because dispatches and panorama also air on these channels therefore Left Wounded would fit in. 10. How could we make this documentary better overall? better opening change background music sound levels to be raised interview with judgeSeries1interview with police more footage 0246Their was a mix in views of what people thought we could do better in future. Five people thought that an interview with the police would be an ideal thing to add into our documentary to get their view of how they are handling situations involving knife crime. Three people also thought we could change the background music as it didnt fit with the knife crime documentary. 11. RADIO TRAIL 12. The ratings for the radio trail were pleasingly high with no students rating below a 7. from the comments i have received from my target audience they thought it was clear and concise but more importantly persuasive which will get an individual to tune into the documentary. However it wasn't given full marks because the background music level was a little too high. From the audiences reaction, you can see that the radio trail was a massive success as nearly 100% of people wanted to watch the documentary further after listening to it. This shows that the radio trail was effective. 13. Majority of people thought the voiceover was the best feature of the radio trail as it was clear to hear and informative. It also said when the documentary would be broadcasted on TV and what would be included within the documentary. The snippets of the interviews could have been made better by using a higher quality of sound.The majority of people thought it was the music that let down the radio trail a bit. This is because firstly it was quite loud which sometimes overpowered the snippets of the interviews and the voiceover but also because the music didn't suit the knife crime documentary. 14. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD 15. Over half of the target audience gave our magazine article 9 out of 10 or 10 out of 10 which shows it was very effective. A lot of people praised how the image looked very dramatic but engaged their attention which led them on to reading the article and then would make them watch the documentary.There was only two things that captured the attention of the audience. 90% said it was down to the image that made them want to read on. 16. The double page spread was a massive success because by looking at the pie chart, you are able to see that 95% of people agreed they would watch the documentary after seeing the double page spread. Their was a mix in views however the majority of the target audience believed it was the high quality image which was the best feature. This shows that the editing of the image in Photoshop worked out very well and it was worthwhile spending time and effort editing it. One thing the magazine did lack on was the amount of images. A lot of people said theyd like to see more images so they know what to expect with the documentary. 17. OVERALL Overall I believe the documentary and both ancillary tasks (radio trail and double page spread) was a big success as many people gave high ratings. There are improvements which can be done in future i.e. Adding more interviews and adding extra images for the double page spread. We will take this into consideration and in future try to make a product which is just as professional as this one or even better.