Lean prototyping - presentation - redesign

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  • 1. THE LEAN PROTOTYPING PLAYBOOK Presented By: Kristian Bouw
  • 2. former co-founder of a failed startup Built product without validating assumptions Could have saved 2 years and 6 figures with the shit I know now Current founder at notion theory Lean startup consultancy helping startups build and launch their web/mobile product in 3 weeks Launched with $20k in pre-sales Solving Design + Product Problems Solving Business + Product Problems
  • 3. what you think your product looks like
  • 4. the hARSH REALITY
  • 5. a minimum viable product isnt just the product its an approach to building the product
  • 6. ask yourself What are the minimum features required to provide tangible value to a single customer?
  • 7. mvp product
  • 8. nail it before you scale it.
  • 10. your greatest fear should be solving the wrong problem (or even worse) solving nothing at all
  • 11. stop wasting Their time (but more importantly)
  • 12. please stop your own wasting time
  • 13. turning your ideas into testable products Sketches Wireframes Prototype
  • 14. GOAL SKETCHES Help you conceptualize your idea and validate internally
  • 15. SKETCHES (aka freestylin)
  • 16. GOAL wireframes Help you visualize your idea and validate externally
  • 17. wireframes
  • 18. wireframes (low-fidelity design)
  • 19. mockups (hi-fidelity design optional) GOAL Help you give your application an accurate sense of look and feel
  • 20. mockups
  • 21. GOAL Create a mock application (with dummy data) that simulates a working product to get real user feedback prototype
  • 22. Your prototyping toolbox Sketches wireframes Balsamiq UXPin mockups prototypes Mockflow Balsamiq Photoshop InvisionApp Proto.io Proto.io MarvelApp Pen & paper Spaghetti-Os iPad & stylus
  • 23. everything is an experiment
  • 24. change perspective fail fast, fail often learn fast, learn often
  • 25. and dont forget build measure learn
  • 26. what you should do right now step 1 step 2 Setup 30 meetings with potential customers These are people you have identified as having the core problem youre trying to solve Use first 10 meetings to extract ideas and sketch potential solutions You should be listening 90% of the time and sketching potential solutions step 3 Build product wireframes and externally validate with next 10 meetings Wireframes give your product the tangibility and context needed to test as a viable solution step 4 Build prototype and get traction with last 10 meetings Prototypes give you the best opportunity for feedback b/c they simulate the real application
  • 27. (thanks) say hello kristian@notiontheory.com ! @kristianbouw ! www.notiontheory.com