Lean prototyping for entrepreneurs

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  • 1. LeanPrototyping For StartupsOriginal iPod Prototype

2. What this talkis about 3. Who am I? 4. 2 short storiesabout prototyping 5. A pictureis worth a thousandwords A prototype is worth a thousand pictures 6. Whats aprototype? 7. Early versionof an idea 8. Te s t a ble Early version of an idea 9. This is nota prototype 10. This is nota prototype 11. This is 12. Why Prototype? 13. To answerquestionsand generate new ones 14. Validate yourassumptions 15. comparealternatives 16. Failearly dan yea pl ch 17. To Visualizeyour ideas 18. To Visualizeyour ideasand share themwith others 19. To Visualizeyour ideasand share themwith othersTeam users investors clients 20. So youtill youFake it make it 21. What makesa goodPrototype? 22. QuickYou can create multiple versions fastand iterate even faster! 23. CheapYou wouldnt mind throwing it away andstarting all over again 24. Favorites Check-in ChatPictures Minimal Contains only core features 25. TestableYou can put it in front of people and have themtry it out (instead of just telling them about it) 26. MeasurableYou can get the numbers behindwhats working and whats not. 27. And hopefully fun to create and use 28. How I DoRapi d + CheapPrototyping**Without writing code 29. 1Plan 30. Dene stories,and identify tasks 31. Create a userow diagram 32. Sketch roughinterface screensPhoto courtesy of StevenVanwel on Flickr 33. 2BuildPhoto courtesy of Mr. T in DC on Flickr 34. Decide what youwant to prototype Which questions do you want to answer? 35. Main screenLogin screenDesign main screens 36. Create UI states Update StatusProfile pop-up highlight update 37. Add user interaction 38. 3Test 39. Test several prototypesTo get objective feedback 40. Decide whatto measureTo get accurate feedback 41. Choose theright usersTo get relevant feedback 42. Ask them tothink aloudTo get constant feedback 43. Interview them at the end To get even more feedback 44. 4Rene 45. Discuss resultswith your team 46. Integrate ndings 47. Test againwith users 48. 5Share 49. Have yourteam playwith theprototype,instead ofwriting longspecicationdocuments 50. Wh yIproto type wi th Ke ynote 51. Design tool withoutfeature creep 52. clickableFastSlowLow delity High delityProto types 53. BasicshapesThe ones you need, without the distraction ofthe ones you dont need 54. AlignmentandSnapping 55. Copy StyleVisual KLstyles KL Quickly share styles across shapes 56. Masterslides- Less copy/paste- Update multiple pages with asingle change 57. Hyperlinks Add user interaction without writing code 58. SlideTransitions 59. ExportHyperlinks are preser ved! 60. Test onDeviceWithout doing any extra work 61. Works withAdobe suite Copy Paste 62. Embed product demos withinyour presentations 63. And it costsless than $20 64. Fi reho se D emo 65. lden Rule s for5 Go Pro toty pingLean 66. Dont fall in love withyour early ideas 67. If you cant play with it, its still a fantasy 68. EVERYTHINGis an experiment 69. Favor kaizen over perfection 70. Be a goodstoryteller 71. Tha nk y ou!Questions