Kaaren Hanson, Moving the Needle, WarmGun 2013

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  • 1. @kaarenhanson @IntuitInc

2. @kaarenhanson @IntuitInc 3. they dont really get design@kaarenhanson @IntuitInc 4. @kaarenhanson @IntuitInc 5. @kaarenhanson @IntuitInc 6. Get this s&%t out of my office@kaarenhanson @IntuitInc 7. @kaarenhanson @IntuitInc 8. Eeyore just brought us another f%#@g book. 9. share an experience that delighted you@kaarenhanson @IntuitInc 10. help them feel it@kaarenhanson @IntuitInc 11. scavenger hunt@kaarenhanson @IntuitInc 12. they dont know what to do @kaarenhanson @IntuitInc 13. @kaarenhanson @IntuitInc 14. design for delight@kaarenhanson @IntuitInc 15. execs job: stay out of the way @kaarenhanson @IntuitInc 16. they love measures 17. ratios@kaarenhanson @IntuitInc 18. predictions 23%Delight accounts for ~75% of the variance in Net Promoter Score20%30%@kaarenhanson @IntuitInc 19. lessons learned @kaarenhanson @IntuitInc 20. create visceral experiences @kaarenhanson @IntuitInc 21. give execs a job @kaarenhanson @IntuitInc 22. lean into numbers @kaarenhanson @IntuitInc 23. @kaarenhanson @IntuitInc