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<ol><li> 1. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA CASE STUDY OFCASE STUDY OF HOTEL ISTA, AMRITSARHOTEL ISTA, AMRITSAR </li><li> 2. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA LOCATIONLOCATION HOTEL IS NOW KNOWN AS HYATT HOTEL, AMRITSAR. THE HOTEL IS LOCATED ON THE MAIN G.T. ROAD IN THE OUTSKIRTS OF THE CITY. WITH THE NEW ELEVATED ROAD COMING UP IN CLOSE PROXIMITY OF THE SITE, ONE CAN REACH TO THE MAIN PUBLIC CENTRES OF THE CITY VERY CONVENIENTLY. DISTANCES FROM THE HOTEL AIRPORT 14 KMS.. RAILWAY STATION 6 KMS. THE GOLDEN TEMPLE 5 KMS.. JALLIANWALA BAGH 5 KMS. NORTH </li><li> 3. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA 3 SITE NO. USE NET AREA (in acres) MAX. GROUND COVERAGE FAR HEIGHT C 3 Hotel 4.00 40% 3.5 22 Storeys </li><li> 4. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA 4 SITE ZONINGSITE ZONING TOTAL SITE AREA =10117.14 TOTAL GROUND COVERAGE GR.COVERAGE (in %) = 28% NORTH </li><li> 5. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA ZONING-GROUND FLOORZONING-GROUND FLOORHOTELENTRANCE TO BASEMENT PARKING MAIN ENTRANCE PORCH BANQUET ENTRANCE LOADING/UNLOADING AREA BACK OF THE HOUSE BACK OF THE HOUSE NORTH ADMNISITATIVE AREA BANQUET HALLOUTDOOR AREA RESTAURANT </li><li> 6. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA AREA STATEMENT: Entrance foyer and lobby = Waiting area = 17.2 Travel desk = 11.2 Reception = 24.3 Restaurant = 305.3 Banquet = 356.4 Bar lounge = 122.9 Water body = 163.0 Restaurant kitchen = 196.8 Bakery = 65.4 Banquet pantry = 129.1 Garbage room = 15.24 Sale/purchase office = 64.9 Loading/unloading area = 34.2 TOTAL AREA = 1723.64 RECEPTION AND SITTING IN ENTRANCE LOBBY Business area INDIAN AND CONTINENTAL RESTAURANT </li><li> 7. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA 7 GROUND FLOOR PLANGROUND FLOOR PLAN SERVICE CORRIDOR </li><li> 8. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA GROUND FLOORGROUND FLOOR A MASS PROJECTS OUT OF THE PLAIN FAADE TO FORM THE ENTRANCE PORCH WHICH AUTOMATICALLY ATTRACTS THE GUESTS. KEY PLAN To banquet hall To restaurant Entrance Lobby Water Body A WIDE ENTRANCE LOBBY WELCOMES THE GUESTS AND THE SCULPTURE POOL ENTERTAINS THE GUEST WITH THE PLAY OF WATER AND FIRE Bar Lounge MeetingRooms Main Entrance Reception </li><li> 9. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA GROUND FLOORGROUND FLOOR To banquet hall To restaurant Entrance Lobby Water Body Bar Lounge MeetingRooms Main Entrance Guest Elevators Reception THE GUEST ELEVATORS ARE CLEARLY VISIBLE FROM THE RECEPTION AND WAITING AREA THUS PROVIDING EASE OF MOVEMENT TO THE VISITOR. THE MAIN ENTRANCE CONSISTS OF TWO PARTS: THE GUEST ENTRY AND LUGGAGE ENTRY. WHILE THE GUEST GOES TO THE ENTRANCE LOBBY, THE LUGGAGE GOES FROM THE LUGGAGE DOCK TO THE SERVICE LIFTS FROM WHERE IT IS SENT TO THE ROOMS. Luggage Dock Service Lifts THE BAR OFFERS PROVIDES THE VIEWS OF OPEN COURTYARD AND RIPPLING WATER BODIES. THE AREA OF BAR IS 122 SQ.MT AND IT HAS THE CAPACITY OF 40 PERSONS THE RECEPTION AREA HAS A LARGE RECEPTION DESK WITH MANAGERS OFFICE AT THE BACK. ON THE LEFT OF RECEPTION IS THE TRAVEL DESK AND WAITING AREA. </li><li> 10. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA GROUND FLOORGROUND FLOOR KEY PLAN Banquet Hall Reception Banquet Entrance PublicToilets Banquet Kitchen Banquet Hall AREA BANQUET HALL -356 SQ. MT.356 SQ. MT. IT HAS FACILITY TO CONVERT ONE HALL INTO TWO. AROUND 250 PERSONS CAN ATTEND AN EVENT AT A TIME. THE HALL HAS ITS SEPARATE KITCHEN AND IT IS SERVED THROUGH A 1800MM WIDE SERVICE CORRIDOR. SINCE THE BANQUET HALL HA A SEPARATE ENTRANCE, THEREFORE IT DOESNT CREATES A RUSH IN THE ENTRANCE LOBBY AND ENSURES A QUITE AND EFFICIENT BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT SERVICE CORRIDOR THE PUBLIC TOILETS ARE QUITE FAR FROM THE WAITING AREA, AND THE PERSON HAS TO CROSS THE BANQUET AREA TO USE THEM. </li><li> 11. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA GROUND FLOORGROUND FLOOR KEY PLAN Indian/Continental Restaurant Outdoor Sitting Outdoor Sitting Restaurant Entrance MeetingRooms Kitchen Bakery RESTAURANT AREA- 305 SQ.MT. SITTING FOR 132 PERSONS. IT OFFERS WORLD CUISINE, WITH AN INTERACTIVE. TWO EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE DINNING ROOMS COMPLEMENT THE RESTAURANT AND TO COMPLETE THE SETTINGS IS AN OUTDOOR SEATING AREA SET AMIDST FLOWING WATER BODIES. THE RESTAURANT IS SERVED DIRECTLY FROM THE MAIN KITCHEN. ANOTHER RESTAURANT ON THE FIRST FLOOR OFFERS CHINESE AND THAI CUISINES AND HAS ITS SEPARATE KITCHEN THERE. SO INSTEAD OF PROVIDING A LARGE KITCHEN SERVING ALL TYPES OF FOOD, THE ARCHITECTS HAVE PROVIDED TWO SPECIALIZED KITCHENS ON DIFFERENT FLOORS, THEREBY DIVIDING THE TRAFFIC. </li><li> 12. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA 12 </li><li> 13. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA FIRST FLOORFIRST FLOOR Restaurant area Private dining areas Kitchen Office area Conference room Service core Vertical circulation Restaurant cum Dining areas </li><li> 14. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA ZONING-First FloorZONING-First Floor Sauna and steam room Fitness area Ayurveda area Staff area Vertical circulation spa area -3500 sq.ft. comprise of 8 beautiful appointed treatment rooms where a holistic blend of international wellness treatments are offered. Separate wet areas of men and women include a vitality pool overlooking spectacular garden views and luxurious steam and sauna. SPA AREA spa reception </li><li> 15. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA TYPICAL FLOORTYPICAL FLOOR </li><li> 16. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA ZONING-Typical FloorZONING-Typical Floor Hotel has 248 elegantly appointed rooms including 10 suites, situated to ensure panoramic views of a historic city. All the rooms are carefully designed to the highest levels of sensuality, comfort and taste that is the hallmark of the ISTA brand. Rest all of the floors are similar to the second floor. </li><li> 17. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA ROOMS LAYOUTROOMS LAYOUT </li><li> 18. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA SERVICE FLOORSERVICE FLOOR TERRACE TERRACE TERRACE BELOW SWIMMINGPOOL CUT-OUT SITTING BESIDE POOL The service floor is above the first floor of the hotel. This floor has space for air heating units which serve the restaurants and dining. Also the pipes coming from the internal vertical ducts of the rooms above become horizontal on this floor and get transferred to the external ducts. The height of this floor is 2.7mt. One can approach this floor only through two staircases. The yellow hatched portion is the corridor connecting two staircases. No lifts stops on this floor. The swimming pool is present on this floor. However the access to the pool is from first floor through the staircase. There is a pantry on this floor which serves the guests at the pool side. Staircase from first floor to the pool Pantry serving guests at the pool side </li><li> 19. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA KITCHENKITCHEN There are four kitchens in the hotel. The first one on the ground floor serves Indian and Continental restaurant. The second one on the first floor caters to the Chinese and Thai restaurant. The third one in the first basement serves the staff dining. The fourth one also in the first basement is for meat preparation. The kitchens serving the restaurants also serves the rooms above. MAIN KITCHEN ON GROUND FLOOR The area of this kitchen is 195 The area of Thai and Chinese kitchen is 145 R.S.O. PREPARATION AREA TROLLEY ARRANGEMENT 1800MMSERVICECORRIDOR WALK-IN DISH WASHINGTROLLEYS BAKERY </li><li> 20. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA STAFF AREASSTAFF AREAS Staff Dining Lockers Staff Entrance The staff areas(staff dining and lockers) are located in the first basement of the hotel. These can be accessed through service corridors coming from staff entrance. The staff dining has its own separate kitchen and storage. These areas are planned away from the main activity areas like kitchen, so that the staff can relax a bit. </li><li> 21. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA Back of the House Areas- Main Store Staff Entrance Main Store The main store is located in the first basement. It has different areas like: 1.Food and vegetable storage 2.Wine and liquor storage 3.Dry food storage 4.Meat storage 5.Dairy Storage 6.Soft drink storage The fresh material is unloaded at truck dock on ground floor. From there it travels through the service corridor to the service lifts. From there down to the main store in first basement. Truck Dock Staff Entrance First Basement Plan Ground Floor Plan Garbage Room All the waste from the kitchens and other areas is stored in bags and kept in garbage room from where it is cleared periodically. Soft Drink Storage Truck Dock </li><li> 22. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA BUILDING SECTION-1BUILDING SECTION-1 </li><li> 23. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA BUILDING SECTION-2BUILDING SECTION-2 </li><li> 24. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA West ElevationWest Elevation </li><li> 25. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA Five water tanks are also provided on the lower basement of which, two are the raw water tanks and the other three are the treated water tanks. Administrative block is provided on the upper basement so that it can provide the complete services to the hotel. A staff cafeteria is also provided on the upper basement for the of administrative staff. Fire plant room and fire tanks are provided on the upper basement to extinguish or prevent any fire in case it arises. UPPER BASEMENT LOWER BASEMENT Basement Floor PlanBasement Floor Plan </li><li> 26. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA 26 FIRST BASEMENT FLOOR </li><li> 27. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA DG SETS BOILER ROOM FIRE TANK RAW WATER TANK TREATED WATER TANK AC PLANT ROOM </li><li> 28. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA Air conditioning is perhaps a very important aspect of services. It is needed to provide year round comfort with help of economical and efficient air-conditioning system. The mechanical ventilation system is also provided for parking Electrical Sub-station, DG room, AC plant room etc.AC plant has been located in the lower basement. Both the basements contain a number of Ventilation rooms, fresh air and exhaust air shafts etc. AC DUCT VENTILATION FAN ROOM AC PLANT ROOM Air ConditioningAir Conditioning </li><li> 29. CASESTUDYHOTELISTA A separate sub station for electricity supply is provided outside the hotel to avoid any fire hazard. Two main transformers are used in the sub station. For uninterrupted power supply, DG sets are provided in the lower basement of the hotel. SUB STATION PANEL ROOM DG ROOM TRANSFORMER Electricity SupplyElectricity Supply </li></ol>


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