Dreaming of Superman: Designing Games for Virtual Reality

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Text of Dreaming of Superman: Designing Games for Virtual Reality

  • Designing VR GamesKeith Makse

    CEO, Red Meat Games

  • Who am I? Game Designer Producer CEO Comic Book Lover Gamer

  • Virtual Reality: A Heroic EndeavourVirtual reality is on the cusp of revolutionizing the way we live. VR is making strides into healthcare, education, manufacturing and video games.Developers working on VR represent the cutting edge of design and technology

  • Enhanced EverythingImmersion



  • Become Superman!VR allows players to go beyond the controller and really become immersed in the world and their character. Motion controls enable players to really feel like theyre the character.

  • but KryptoniteThis new tech doesnt come without its design challenges. As with any new tech there are issues that will have to be worked through as the tools evolves and so do the design practices.

  • Devices for VRThere are various VR devices that have entered the market this year and more on their way.Each device offers a different development and user experience requiring varying amounts of processing power, equipment, space and input.

  • HTC ViveWe utilize the HTC Viveslighthouses to allow players to move around their room guided by the Chaperone system.We also make use of the motion controls to let players extend their arms to fly like Superman! We offer a wide range of motion controls for various superpowers and abilities.

  • ImmersionImmersion in VR is achieved through several facets of design choices. World building in VR is crucial to immersion. A fully realized world will make the player feel like they are truly there.

  • Immersion in First ImpactWith First Impact we aim to pair engaging and relatable characters with strong narrative and animations. Our focus is delivering an immersive world players will get lost in. Its the realization of every childs dream to be a superhero and save the day!

  • U.I. (User Interface)A smartly designed UI goes a long way to combatting motion sickness in VR. Having the least amount of stationary data in the players FOV (Field of View) helps to prevent disorientation and lag.

  • UI in First ImpactIn First Impact we placed the UI on the wrist of the player. They need only to look down at their arm to see their location on the map, which power they have equipped, their mission and how many resources they have. Its a clean solution and prevents motion sickness. It also encourage players to use the motion controls.

  • Simulator SicknessSimulator sickness occurs when the world the player is in moves but the body doesnt. For example when a player is standing still playing a VR game and jumps in the game. That sensation creates simulator sickness.

  • Simulator Sickness ContdDecreasing a players FOV while they are moving counteracts the simulator sickness that a player will get by moving with a normal FOV. This in combination with a larger FOV while the player is stationary will help decrease simulator sickness.

  • ConclusionDesigning anything in VR is a process of discovery, trial and error, and for the most part - fun. First Impact has been a novel experience for us as a studio thus far, and we cannot wait to see where the technology and research will take us!

  • Questions?Thank you so much for listening!