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  • 1. Super man : Man of Steel analysis By Benyamin Alam
  • 2. The people involved Director = Zack Snyder Writers = David S Goyer Stars = Henry Cavill - Superman Amy Adams Lois Lane Michael Shannon - Zod
  • 3. The plot The film : Man of Steel, is based around Supermans childhood and morals. The film takes us through how he landed on earth and his parents ingrained strict morals into his head, which will aid him in his epic battle against General Zod. We also see how the film think the population would react to an apex predator and how the world may not be ready yet.
  • 4. Analysis The Superman film is filled with action. At first this was entertaining as the action scenes were not too long and had a sense of originality. However, at the end of the film the action became to overbearing and very monotonous. The final third of the film was filled with pure unadulterated action, which for some is too much
  • 5. Analysis pt2 It was like a breath of fresh air mid-way through the film as we learnt more about supermans childhood. This was very original as it had been done in no other superman film or cartoon. It was also enjoyable for a comic pundit, because there were constant hints to other characters, and the lex-corp signs were ridden throughout Metropolis
  • 6. Advice I feel that this film needs to be seen in 3D as the action would not have as much effect if it was seen in a mere DVD and the action would become very dull without the unique twist of 3D and objects flying towards you. In my opinion this is a must see and people should definitely see this in the cinema while it is still being shown
  • 7. Conventions The film is ridden with conventions, making this a text book example of an action adventure film. There is a strong sense of good vs evil, Superman is constantly saving Lois Lane (a damsel in distress) and overall there is a a LOT of action