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  • The Brief - To challenge and spark curiosity within the niches of design and within new wearable tech-nology, allowing Creatives a chance to explore different design methods.

    The Concept -D.R.E.A.M. is a multi-purpose creative centre, designed to enhance collaborations between Creatives & Technology.

    The Details - D.R.E.A.M. stands for Design Research and Education in Aesthetic Memory.It is a space for experience, offering a self learning & networking environment all under one roof.

    After 3 months of research, testing and designing prototypes, I created a space that is innova-tive, open to challenges and interactive.

    In 2016 a provocative question was asked

    Would creative agencies challenge their position

    in the design world?

  • The Technology - D.R.E.A.M. Collects data from members when inside the building. Each member is given an interactive phone cover that records brain activ-ity, location and allows members to communicate.The Device allows members to analyse new technology that is being tested at D.R.E.A.M. and discov-er new ways to encourage creative learning.

    The Free Dream Space on your left, was designed for Creatives to de-clutter, the space is free from visual stimuli - like advertising. The space has a open glass roof to allow large amounts of natural light. Brain activity is monitored and used to interact with the large white membrane. Causing it to ripple according to the amount of brain activity in the space.

    Software used - Photoshop, After effects, InDe-

    sign, Illustrator, Premier pro, Keynote.

    Material designed and produced - Presentation, Promotional

    videos, Brochure and magazine, logo, 3D model, visual communi-

    cation for spaces within model.

    3D Model was designed to visualise space. - -Pattern inspired by Brain cells.



    Promotional Video Links.

    Magazine design idea.

    Designed to Promote and inform people about D.R.E.A.M. and the facili-ties it provides. The videos are made to increase membership and encourage companies to sign up to the Dare 2 D.R.E.A.M. Challenge.

  • The Brief -Design and produce an Event for people to attend.

    The Concept - Being highly influenced by the book, The Secret Garden, my joy for walking and the Artist Janet Cardiff.I produced an audio track that people would listen to and follow, it guided peo-ple to a secret location in Medway.

    The Details - The walk took about an hour, along the way participants would interact, find old markings and see people dressed with flowers as markers.

    Collaborating with the fancy dress shop Wendys Wardrobe to get 2 models in the shop window.The models would act like mannequins until they saw someone with headphones.

    The final site was a public alleyway - On the day of the Event I decorated the alleyway with flowers and placed benches so it looked like a garden.It was free for people to use and enjoy, there was a particularly good view out over the River Medway.

    Skills -Audition Adobe suite, Timings and Testing, Photo-shop, InDesign, Managing People, use of public site and gaining permission and decorating space with time limit.

    Secret Garden Audio Guided Walk.

    Map participants used if needed guidecne.

    Steps on route.

    Wendys Wardrobe.

    Man reading tags left by participants

    Link to participant on walk -


    Inner Goddess Perfume Launch - Brand & marketing Project.

    The Brief - Design and visualise the first perfume launch for the Prestigious Brand - Miu Miu.

    The Concept - Art Nouveau inspired design that connotes the nautral beauty from within. Create 4 different scents that represent playful & empowering titles, that all women/men can relate to.

    The Details-

    The participants travel by personalised train to Kew Gar-

    densto experience a launch that allows the

    participants to emulate the 4 different scent figures. Stained glass Domes are used to house the 4 areas they include -

    Rebellious Watch CinemaDress up Corner

    The Disscussion ExplorerCocktail Club

  • The Brief - Take a Angela Carter story and make it into a Theatre Production (conceptual).

    The Concept -Choosing The Courtship of Mr Lyon, I took inspiration from the lavish era of the 1930s Art Deco architecture, to create a Ballet. The courtship of Mr lyon was a story based on Beauty and the Beast, my interpretation of the storyline focused on Actions Create a Reaction.

    The Details - The set designed to make a mirrored floor, Costumes to incorporate mirror. Symbolising the actions being reflected back. Throughout the story Angela Carter plays with the gender roles of Beauty and the Beast. In the ballet, this is shown through costumes and the mirrored set.

    The Skills - Using 3D model making skills to build and design the set. To visualise the scene changes Photoshop allowed a realistic interpretation to how the scene would be lit and look.

    Scenography for Creative Events.

    Photoshop enhanced the design of the set, Mr Lyons study is projected onto the Art Deco screen.

    lions are more beautiful by far than we are - Beauty.

    Brilliant white light setting the winter scene.

    The library scene - projecting an never ending library on the Art Deco screen.

    Screen is brought for-ward to centre Beauty when she becomes rich.

  • Art workshops for vulnerable people in Medway, then dis-playing the work as an exhibition in a local art gallery.

    Extra-circular project.

    The Art workshops consisted of 6 weeks, learning new skills that help to communicate the participants personality, through art.

    Week 1. - Making a mask Week 2. - Puppets making to produce a puppet showWeek 3. - Self portrait - Abstract Week4. - Me as an animal Week 5. - One word to describe selfWeek 6. - Disposable camera taking pics of life at home

    The art was exhibited at the Nucleus Art Gallery in Chatham, Kent.

    Promotional video made to increase awareness for Caring Hands Organisation and a video was made for the participants of the puppet show we performed.ow made by

    the participants.

    Caring Hands Art Workshops.