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Architecture PortfolioMUDASER AHMED ( B-ARCH ,PCATP)a compilation of creative workTable Of Contents

Curriculum vitae | Personal statement | graduates work | UNDER GRAGUATION WORKSelection of experience work | Personal work |REFEREES Prof. Ar. Pervaiz vendal LecturerChairmaan of thaap organization ( lahore ) Ar. Azhar sulaehi Head of Architecture DepartmentUniversity of south asia(USA) INTERESTS Volunteering activities at school Art and photography Public speaking Reading Exploring new places and ideasARCHITECTURAL EXPERIENCESMarch 2012 - DEC 2014 Engineering Project Development Consultants (pvt) LtdArchitectural Intern ( Regular drafting of building designs using AutoCAD, Presentation of architectural design and develop building proposal to the clientAnalysis on following Projects Metro Bus Project ,lahore Bolouvard heights plaza demonstration Minhaj-ul-Quran master planning Galleria DesignMilitary Engineer Services, PakistanJuly 2012 Present Trainee Architect Consultant Architect Research and developmentResponsibilities Conceptual forms related Designing ( auotcad drawings ) interior + exterior of resident- renovation work of CSD Shops ial projects Site supervision of residential projects

SKILLS SUMMARY Design expertise developed through studies and employment at the architect firm :-Manage to do the preliminary design from conceptualization Able to do the project administration taskLiterate in Auto-cad, Autodesk Revit , Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft tools Liaise with clients, contractors and authorities Participate in minor task of supervising construction on the site

Communication Highly developed verbal and written communication skills demonstrated through consistent distinction results for written assignments and class presentations Ability to communicate confidently and effectively with people at all levels and from diverse backgrounds developed during working at Dha ,park view projects.

Teamwork and Time management Ability to work effectively in a team, proven through successful group assignments at university and at current employment Consistently complete all documentation before deadlines in my role as Assistant ArchitecttechnicalAuto-cad - AdvancedRevit autodesk- AdvancedAdobe Photoshop - AdvancedAdobe Illustrator - AdvancedMicrosoft Office - Advanced

LANGUAGES URDU - nativeEnglish - fluentHAND SKILLSModel makingSketchingPainting EDUCATION Bachelor Science of Architecture University of South Asia ,Lahore.PakistanGraduation date: July 2014

Federal Government collegePre-Engg. Date :-March 2009

Army Public School ( APSACS)Graduation Date : Dec 2007

PROFILEFullname : Mudaser Ahmed

Gender : Male

Date of Birth:-26 December 1990

Address :DUBAI .DIERRA Email: Architect.mudaser@gmail.comTelephone number :0092-344-4994232 (Mobile)

Identification Details : CurriculumVitae


sketches Oflife

2nd Semester 2010USA Faculty Architecture


Cinema model :Project specification : tickets counter 3 no. of audis landscape display area sitting area road and access materials

Audi sittingFloor assignment of building construction subject : Hard bed contents : 4 brickblast 4 sand 2 pcc Floor topping : Marble Granite tough tiles Gravels

2nd Semester 2010USA Faculty Architecture


FREEHAND WORK Project Location : The site of Hospital is located on Jail Road, behind the Institute of Cardiology which was once its part. Hopital Capacity And Designing Concept :The hospital is spread on area of 50 acres, comprising of 1400 beds for inpatients along with the outpatient facility which caters 500-600 patients daily. The building of hospital was constructed in different steps, therefore buildings of different styles are designed and constructed in different time periods.

Design contents The clinical setup on which the placement and division of spaces in hospital is designed is as follows;

Admin Block Emergency Department Out-patient Department EEG Department EEC Department Dental Out-Patient Department Rehabilitation Unit (M and F) Drug Addiction Unit (M and F) Occupational Therapy Unit Clinical Psychology Department Nursing Care Setup Pharmacy Department Indoor Patient Departments (M and F) 1. Unit-A (M and F) 2. Unit-B (M and F) 3. Unit-C (M and F) 4. Unit-D (M and F) 5. Unit-E (M and F) Psycho-Geriatric ward Male and Female special care units Private ward Kitchen Laundry Continuing Medical Education Program Supportive services

Layout Of Punjab Institute Of Mental

CASE STUDY OF PUNJAB MENTAL HOSPITALHistory : The Punjab Institute Of Mental health, Lahore was founded on its present site in 1900 to cure the mentally ill patients. First it was named the Lunatic Asylum. At that time it was comprised of an area of 172 acres which now has shrinken to an area of 50 acres. The name of hospital in 1996 was changed toGovernment Hospital For Psychiatric Diseases, which was again changed 2002 to Punjab Institute Of Mental Health.

Design Philosophy :Basically hospital constructed in colonial era .Its purpose of construction is healing of mentally ill soldiers at that time .

Main Entrance towards north

Emergency block of hospital and opd In-Patient UnitsFemale UnitsDESIGN ANALYSIS AND PLACEMENT MALE-UNITSThe hospital comprises of 11 male units with almost 900 patients. The units are designed in imposing brick structures (Fig.13e,Fig.13h). All units are designed on the same layout and all are double storey, with ground floor is designed for serious patients and first floor is designed for less serious patients. For serious patients cells of one or two patients are designed while for less serious patients wards of 10-14 beds are designed. In some units, both floors are consisted of wards.

Grounds: The all building structures are surrounded by lush green grounds and trees. Benches are provided over thereMosque:It is far from all male

blocks and it is small. Linen store: linen store is far away from the laundry.Laundry: it serves both male and female units.Kitchen: the kitchen is not managed properly

Out-Patient and Emergency Department: Out-Patient and Emergency department are placed side by side. Architecturally, both are different buildings in terms of their feel and function..

..Occupational Therapyis

Male wards Conclusion:Other facilitiesPrivate roomsMosqueLaundry unitLinen storeKitchenGuest rooms for the visiting doctors

PlanningFour building blocks arranged around the central large green area.Units are rectangular in formEvery unit has 4 wards which can accommodate 30 patientsWards are not well litPatients have no privacyEach block is a double story blockSevere patients are kept on the upper story. .

Occupational therapy workshop

Tailor shopLoom shopCarpenter shopBlacksmith shop



NAME : MUDASER AHMEDROLL NO : B 14120 The structure of Punjab Institute Of Mental Health is very imposing from the entrance. The facades of building structures are designed such that giving the feeling of a jail. This imposing feel of buildings develop the sense in patients that they have trapped there. In-patient units are not designed, considering the segregation of different types of patients. The patients who have recovered and now they are in stable condition are also living with the patients who have recovered.. Rehabilitation Centre is provided but for those 35 patients who are now in a stable condition. Whereas rehabilitation and therapy program is part of the recovery process. Different therapies and rehabilitation programs help the patient to recover soon, and are tools to develop confidence in patients. Therefore, the rehabilitation program should be on a large scale and according to that space should be provided. . The lush green environment is provided to patients in the form of grounds. But the use of ground is very minimum. In my two time visit I have not seen hardly a single patient sitting in ground. Patients should be encouraged to use grounds and have communication to each other. These grounds can be made interesting by providing sitting in an organized way. And some area of each ground can be used for sport activities. . The space which is provided to Punjab Institute Of Mental Health can be very effectively used to develop a Recovery-based design. There is a need of understanding by government authorities of this issue. Another problem is that, the hospital is dealing a large number of patients and the truth is this, for mental health facilities such a facility of large beds is not recommended, because the mentally ill-patients require a full-time attention.

7CASE STUDY OF Craigavon Adult Psychiatric Unit

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