Using gis to enhance customer experience

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<ol><li> 1. Using GIS to enhance the Customer Experience Meet your customers where they live Gary Allemann </li><li> 2. Why Customer Experience Management? New Products or Pricing models quickly nullified </li><li> 3. Why Customer Experience Management? Poor service or unhappiness easily made public </li><li> 4. Why Customer Experience Management? Product/ Pricing Service Customer Experience the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and, thus, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy Gartner </li><li> 5. How and where does our customer interact? </li><li> 6. Big data promises to answer these questions Who is our customer? How do they interact with us? Which channel do they prefer? How do they buy? Where do they interact? </li><li> 7. What is big data? Big data provides new insights quickly by simplifying the processes of combining and analysing data of any type and any size. Big data is characterised by any combination of: Variety Volume Velocity </li><li> 8. Case Study: Insurance </li><li> 9. Case Study: Fraud Detection Geolocation Transaction Point of Sale $$$$$ $ $ $ </li><li> 10. Case Study: Telecommunication With the new insight generated through big data analytics, this telecommunications company gained a complete view of its customers and which mobile towers are being used by power users. As a result they saved over hundred million dollars in network optimization, by upgrading the towers that are mostly used by power users. Location Data Subscriber Demographics Network Performance </li><li> 11. Case Study: Government To accelerate the eradication of poverty in South Africa through the use of enabling technologies that support the improved planning, targeting, co-ordination, and delivery of anti-poverty services. </li><li> 12. What we received Multiple spelling variations (similar sounding phrases) English and Afrikaans Addresses Many variations e.g. Township, T/Ship A/A, Admin Area Sq/camp, Squarter Camp </li><li> 13. e.g. +- 300 variations of East London </li><li> 14. Standardised Address </li><li> 15. Actual vs Theoretical Beneficiaries per Local Municipality Identify areas with large disparities between theoretical and actual beneficiaries. Nelson Mandela Bay: Theoretical 126,670 vs Actual 159,772 (METROPOLTAN) Engcobo: Theoretical 73,221 vs Actual 45,389 (RURAL MUNICIPALITY Chris Hani District Municipality) Camdeboo: Theoretical 14,046 vs Actual 3,472 (Cacada District Municipality) </li><li> 16. Example 2 Coverage of Clinics &amp; Hospitals Hospital / Clinic </li><li> 17. Bridging the gap </li><li> 18. Bridging the gap </li><li> 19. Bridging the gap </li><li> 20. Questions? +27 11 485 4856 @Gary_Allemann </li></ol>


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