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Manual Testing

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  • 1. Testing, Testing & Testing - By Vishal Gupta QA doesn't make software but makes it better

2. Myths Vs Facts Myths : Developers require more skills in comparative to QA. Development needs more effort then testing. Facts: Tester needs to think one step ahead then developers to breaks their code. Testing is more creative than development because you need to be creative to become destructive :) 3. Software Testing Software Testing is a process of evaluating a system by manual or automatic means and verify that it satisfies specified requirements or identify differences between expected and actual results From ALU slide 4. How to do Testing and it's life cycle Unit Testing Sanity Testing Functional Testing Integration Testing Regression Testing Stress Testing Load Testing Performance Testing Solution Testing How to do testing?? 5. 1st Cycle - Unit and Sanity Testing Unit Testing: It covers testing on a specific part of code perform by developers. Sanity Testing: It's very basic level testing done by QA after fixing some bug. Basic Cleaning of Bugs 6. 2nd Cycle - Functional , Integration and Regression Testing Functional Testing: Focus majorly on specific functionality of component. Integration Testing: To check, how that functionality work after integrating with some other functionality. Regression Testing: To check older functionality after integrating new functionality. Complete Mix Testing 7. 3rd Cycle - Stress, Load and Performance testing Performance Testing: It means how best something performs under a given benchmark. Load Testing: It is also performance testing but under various loads. Stress Testing: It is performance under stress conditions. 8. 4th Cycle- Solution or End to End Testing It's done in a completely emulated customer setup, involving multiple products and most of the time multiple vendor products. If it's done at the customer site then it's also called as pre-production testing. 9. How to Plan and Organize Test case Project Test plan Functionality Test cases 10. FAQ in Testing What is the use of Automation in Testing? It reduce time in testing cycle. Automation find Regression issue quickly. Will you allow bugs in the product to be released to the customer? Depend on PM on market scenario. What is the cost of poor quality? It prevents from doing further business with the customer 11. Verification Vs Validation Verification: Are we building the product right? The software should conform to its specification. Validation: Are we building the right product? The software should do what the user really requires 12. Common tools for Testing Siebel: Bug tracking tool from Oracle. Rational Robot: Load testing tool from IBM. Mercury winrunner: Performance testing tool from Hp SIPP: For Sip protocol testing. Ethereal: For sniffing packets. Test complete: For GUI automation. 13. Thank You