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School Management (c++)

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School management Computer project for beginners.

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  • SCHOOL MANAGEMENT PROJECT REPORT In Partial fulfillment of the requirements For the award of the Class of COMPUTER Submitted By C.Ram Mukilan XII A1, S.P.Sri Nirdheeshwar XII A1, K.G.Gautam XII A1. UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF SHRI.AMAN GUPTA, PGT(COMP) CBSE AISSCE 2013 2014 KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA NO -1 NARIMEDU, MADURAI 2
  • TABLE OF CONTENTS SL.NO. TOPIC 1 Bona fide Certificate 2 Declaration 3 Acknowledgement 4 Introduction to c++ 5 Introduction to Project 6 Codings 7 Outputs 8 Bibliography
  • BONA FIDE CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the project entitled SCHOOL MANAGEMENT is a record of Bona fide work carried out by C.Ram Mukilan XII A1, S.P.Sri Nirdheeshwar XII A1, K.G.Gautam XII A1. In partial fulfilment of the requirements in COMPUTER prescribed by CBSE for AISSCE 2013-2014 in the school Kendriya Vidyalaya Narimedu , Madurai-625002 DATE PRINCIPAL INTERNAL EXAMINER EXTERNAL EXAMINER
  • DECLARATION We hereby declare that the project work entitled SCHOOL MANAGEMENT. Submitted to KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA (NO.1),MADURAI for the Subject of COMPUTER. Under the guidance of SHRI.AMAN GUPTA, PGT(COMP), Is a record of original work done by us. We further Declare that this project record or any part of this has not been Submitted elsewhere for any other class. DATE (MEMBERS) PLACE :
  • ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We wish to express our sincere thanks to Mr. C. MUTHIAH Principal, Kendriya Vidyalaya (no .1) Narimedu, Madurai for guiding us to cause the successful outcome of this project work We wish to express our deep & profound sense of gratitude to our guide teacher SHRI. AMAN GUPTA, PGT(COMP), For his expert help & valuable guidance, comments and suggestions We wish to express our deep & profound sense of gratitude to our guide teacher SHMT.SMITHA PRIYA, for her expert help & valuable guidance, comments and suggestions We also place on record, our sincere Gratitude to one and all who , Directly or Indirectly ,Have Lent their helping hand in this venture
  • INTRODUCTION TO C++ C++ is a programming Language Developed by Bjarne Stroustrup. It was originally named as C with classes, was renamed as C++ in 1983.It is regarded as an intermediate-level language, as it comprises both high-level and low-level language features. Its application domains include systems software, application software, device drivers, embedded software, high- performance server and client applications, and entertainment software such as video games. C++ continues to be used and is one of the preferred programming languages to develop professional applications The Features of C++ as a Language Now that all the necessary theory has been covered, now it is possible to explain what C++ has to offer as a programming language. C++.... ...is an open source ISO-standardized language. For a time, C++ had no official standard and was maintained by a de- facto standard, however since 1998, C++ is standardized by a committee of the ISO. ...is a compiled language. C++ compiles directly to a machine's native code, allowing it to be one of the fastest languages in the world, if optimized. ...supports both static and dynamic type checking. C++ allows type conversions to be checked either at compile-time or at run-time, again offering another degree of flexibility. Most C++ type checking is, however, static. ...is portable.
  • As one of the most frequently used languages in the world and as an open language, C++ has a wide range of compilers that run on many different platforms that support it.Code that exclusively uses C++'s standard library will run on many platforms with few to no changes.
  • INTRODUCTION TO PROJECT Every School needs to maintain Data bases of the students, teachers and staff etc., The data base on the students is required for general purpose like collection fees, in Library for the issue of books and obtain back the same and in the Laboratory, regarding issue of apparatus and damage caused if any. School management is a Software developed by a team of students viz S.P.Sri Nirdheeshwar, C. Ram Mukilan, K.G. Gautham of XII A I of KVS-1, Madurai as part of the curriculum of XII standard CBSE . Using this Software, under the Office module, the database on the students and teaches & staff can be created, modified. The same can be used to verify whether any student is due for payment of term fees etc. This can be used in the Library, Laboratory modules. In the Library module of the software, a database on the available books with author number, no of books, cost of book etc., can be created, modified from time to time. By linking with the students database, the issue of books can be entered against the name of the students. If the book is returned, the same can be entered in the software. Hence at any point of time, it is possible to get the details of the books taken by any student can be obtained. We can check the availability of any book in the Library at any point of time. Similarly, we can extent the software in future to get the
  • list of students having any particular book at any point of time. In the Laboratory module, four labs are included viz Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science. The list of equipment available and their cost is included under each laboratory. The software can be extended to enter the name and quantity of apparatus damaged by any student against him/her and cost to be recovered from him/her can be assessed and collected. Till it is paid, it will be shown as outstanding against that student. This software is useful to maintain updated and error free status of all the students/teachers, collect/credit the fees/salary. And to Verify whether the student has returned all the books and paid all the dues. The Motive of this software is to dilute the work of office staffs, and to reduce the use of paper.
  • CODINGS #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include /*--------------------------------- files used ----------------------------------*/ fstream blist,mlist,issfile; /*----------------------------------- STRUCTURES -----------------------------------*/ struct udat { int day ; int mon ; int year ; }; struct bdata { int bcode ; char bname [50] ;
  • char auth [50] ; char publ [50] ; int price ; int copies ; }book; struct mdata { int mcode ; char mname [20] ; int std ; char contact[15]; }member; struct issdet { int mcode ; char mname [20] ; int mbcode ; udat issue ; udat retdat ; }idet; struct Chemical { int Sno ; int Nos ; int Vol ; int Conc ; char Name [30] ;
  • char DOE [30] ; }chem; struct system { int no ; int mry ; int ram ; char prcs [30] ; char os [30] ; char cmpy [30] ; long cost ; }pc; struct Instruments { int Sno ; int numb_inst ; int cost ; char type [30] ; char name_inst[30] ; char company [30] ; }Inst; struct Specimen { int cost ; int number ;
  • int Sno ; char cname [50] ; char type [30] ; char sname [50] ; char DOE [20] ; }spec; struct member { int pcode ; char pname [40] ; long fine ; }pm; /*-------------------------------- function prototypes ---------------------------------*/ void welcome (); void interface (); void password (); void library (); void labs (); /*----------------------------- basic info for student -----------------------------*/ class basic { public :
  • char name[80]; char dob[15]; char father_name[80]; char mother_name[80]; char address[80]; char contact[15]; char religion[20]; char nationalty[20]; char language[50]; char current_stat[10]; int pday,pmonth,pyear; // date on when fee was paid.. void getvalues1(); }; /*------------------------------ adv info for student --------------------------------*/ class advstu : public basic { public : int admin_no; int std; char fee_stat[20]; void getvalues2(); }s1;
  • /*------------------------------------- bassic info for teacher -----------------------------------------*/ class advteach : public basic { public : int staff_no; char salary_stat[30]; void getvalues3(); }t1; /*-------------------------- class menu for library --------------------------*/ class libmenu { public: int day, mon, year ; void duedate (int,int,int) ; void updatecopies (int,int) ; void mainmenu (); void issue (); void returnbook(); void memopt (); void mdetails (); void memlist (); void issuedet (); void bookopt ();
  • void booklist (); void addbooks (); void writebook (); void bdetails (); void bmodify (); }libr; /*--------------------------- class for office -----------------------------*/ class office_function { public: void display_adv_student(); void display_basic_student(); void display_basic_teacher(); void display_adv_teacher(); void modify_student(); void add_student (); void modify_teacher(); void add_teacher(); void display_student(); void display_teacher(); int size_student(); int size_teacher(); void display_all_students(); void fee(); void fee_check();
  • void pay_fee(int); void credict_salary(int); void salary_check(); void salary(); void display_all_teachers(); void menu_student(); void menu_teacher(); void menu_main(); }ff; /*---------------------------- date for officee ------------------------------*/ time_t theTime = time(NULL); struct tm *aTime = localtime(&theTime); int day = aTime->tm_mday; int month = aTime->tm_mon + 1; // Month is 0 - 11, add 1 to get a jan-dec 1-12 concept int year = aTime->tm_year + 1900; // Year is # years since 1900 /*----------------------------- FEE for student -------------------------------*/ class feedate { public: int day,month,year ; }f;
  • /*------------------------ Lab Files ---------------------------*/ void phylab(); void chemlab(); void complab(); void biolab(); /*------------------------------- CLASS FOR LABORATORY -----------------------------------*/ class Working { public: void broken() ; int sizeof_chem() ; void Add_Chemical() ; void Available_chemicals() ; void Show_chemical_detail() ; void Modify_Chemical() ; int sizeof_system() ; void Add_system() ; void System_present() ; void Show_system_detail() ; void Modify_system() ; int sizeof_inst(int) ; void Add_inst(int) ; void Show_inst(int) ;
  • int sizeof_spec() ; void Add_spec() ; void Available_specimen() ; void Show_spec_details() ; void Modify_specimen() ; }W; /*-------------------------------- function for welcome screen --------------------------------*/ void welcome() { clrscr(); cout