New Year's Resolutions for Report Writers

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<p>CRIMINAL JUSTICE REPORTS</p> <p>New Years Resolutions for Report Writersby Jean Reynolds, Ph.D.</p> <p>New Years Resolutions for Report Writersby Jean Reynolds, Ph.D.</p> <p>While youre thinking about the year thats just beginning</p> <p>this is a good time to make some resolutions for self-improvement.</p> <p>How about focusing on writing better reports?</p> <p>Here are some easy ways to improve your writing</p> <p>impress your supervisor</p> <p>and save time.</p> <p>1. Make clarity a priority.</p> <p>That means eliminating jargon and fancy flourishes.</p> <p>Write plainly, as if you were talking. The simpler, the better.</p> <p>Your writing will have clarity, and youll make fewer errors.</p> <p>2. Find a writing partner.</p> <p>It doesnt have to be an expertjust someone willing to give you feedback.It doesnt have to be an expert just someone whos willing to give you some feedback.</p> <p>Having an extra set of eyes handy is a great help when youre working on your writing.</p> <p>Talking about writing is one of the best ways to get better at it.</p> <p>3. Use resources.</p> <p>Most computers have spellcheckers and grammar checkers.</p> <p>You can use Google to get answers to your writing questions</p> <p>or call a librarian. </p> <p>Answering questions is their job!</p> <p>Good writing doesnt require an extraordinary brain</p> <p>just the determination to stay with a writing task until its right.</p> <p>And be sure to visit for help with report writing.</p> <p>All the resources there are FREE:</p> <p>To learn more about report writing</p> <p> Criminal Justice Report Writing is available at for $17.95. View a free sample online.</p> <p> An e-book edition is available from for $11.99. </p> <p> A free Instructors Manual is available to qualified instructors on request: Send an e-mail to jreynoldswrite at </p> <p>Best wishes for a wonderful new year</p> <p>and success as a writer!</p>