Myths and Misconceptions: Leadership | Nick Bidic

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LEADERSHIP: MYTHS AND MISCONCEPTIONSNick BidicIs it measured in successes?Is it weighed in their influence over others?Are leaders all the same?WHAT DEFINES A LEADER?If you look back at all the notable leaders of the past, you will notice that there isnt a set of characteristics that they all share in common.A LEADER IS UNDEFINABLEHere are the most common misconceptions of what it takes to be a great leader.LETS SET THE RECORD STRAIGHTWhile power comes with the territory of leadership, great leaders do not exploit their power for bad. In fact, they uses that power to help others and causes that might be in need.POWER IS EVERYTHINGLeaders may be in the position to delegate work and tell others what they are meant to do. However, a great leader works harder than everyone else. You will never find a great leader working the least among their team.LEADERS REST ON THEIR LAURELSWeve all heard the phrase A natural born leader. And there simply is no such thing. Leadership is learned and developed. Optimally, a leader improves over time and experience. Anyone can learn to be a leader.A NATURAL BORN LEADERLeaders become popular and can easily fall out of popularity. A great leader doesnt make choices based on if it will make them less or more popular. A great leader will make what they feel is the best decision regardless of if it affects their popularity.LEADER = POPULARCharisma, charm, and confidence all help with leadership. However, they do not guarantee a leader will be successful or great. What matters more for a great leader is understanding, zeal, and stability. TO LEAD IS TO HAVE CHARISMA