How to Build a Brilliant Linkedin Profile

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<p>Getting Ahead on Linkedin</p> <p>How to build a brilliant Linkedin Profile</p> <p>Clayton Wehner</p> <p>What is Linkedin?Worlds largest online professional networkStarted in 2002 in the living room of founder Reid HoffmannCurrently has more than 10,000 employees with offices in 30 cities globallyCurrently has more than 467 million members in over 200 countries and territories (8 million in Australia)2 new members per secondLinkedin was bought by Microsoft last year for US$26.2 billion</p> <p>This is Linkedin HQ in San Francisco</p> <p>Awesome Perks for Linkedin StaffFree food breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacksFree drinks, including alcohol any time of the dayOn-site baristaWellness centre, masseurs, group fitness classes and gymMeditation roomsVending machines with computer equipmentNo limit to annual leave take what you like!</p> <p>Why should YOU have a Linkedin profile?Its your online CV, personal brand and portfolioIts a place where you can get independent validation through recommendations/endorsements = trustIts the first place that hiring managers and recruiters go to find talentIt will show up when someone searches your name in GoogleIts a great way to cultivate and manage a networkNo need to keep a contact book you can reach all your contacts through LinkedinIts a great place to spy on other people and on companies</p> <p>Do you have a Linkedin account?If yes, please login!</p> <p>If no, then theres no time like the presentplease create one</p> <p>Keep the basic info up to dateName just your first and last name; no nicknames or funny stuffHeadline highlight your expertise and your value proposition, not your current job (120 characters)Location make sure its correctIndustry choose the one that most appropriateContact information email, phone, website</p> <p>Make sure your photo is professionalIf you have a photo, your profile is fourteen times more likely to be viewedUse a professional head shot, with you in professional attireDo not use old photos, casual photos, photos that you would use on a dating site</p> <p>Write a great summaryThis is where you sell yourself to people viewing your profile; its your elevator pitch2000 characters maxBuild on the professional headline above and provide more detailed information about your key skills, experience and education.First or third person? Just keep it consistentAvoid jargonDont oversellMake it sharp, snappy and easy to read</p> <p>Avoid weasel words</p> <p>Add a background photoYou can brand your profile by adding a background photoMakes your profile look more interestingUse an image (PNG, JPG, or GIF) with a resolution of 1400px x 425px</p> <p>Use keywords from your industrySearch is such an important part of the online experience and it applies to Linkedin tooYou should include words and combinations of words in your profile that will be searched for by prospective employersUse these keywords in your headline and summary in particularUsing the right keywords will expose you to more potential connections and opportunities</p> <p>Personalise your Linkedin URLThe default URL that you are given when you create an account is an unwieldy combination of letters, numbers and backslashes.You can customise your URL so that it reads a little better: eg. </p> <p>Add sections to your profileWork experienceEducationVolunteer experienceSkillsPublicationsCertificationsCourses</p> <p>ProjectsHonours and awardsPatentsTest scoresLanguagesOrganisationsInterests</p> <p>Create and share mediaYou have the option to add links, documents, photos, videos, and presentations to all sections in your profileYou can write articles on Linkedin You can share items on Linkedin make sure that theyre business related</p> <p>Connect with others oftenConnect with every existing business contact you haveConnect with people after corresponding for the first timeConnect with people after meeting for the first timeConsider connecting with people in your wider network (eg. 2nd or 3rd level connections)Consider connecting with people you dont know but write a clear justification in your invitation</p> <p>Personalise every invitation to connectId like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.This is the default message it is very impersonal and your invitation will likely be ignoredMake your invitations personal mention where you met or provide some shared context</p> <p>Go through people you may know</p> <p>Ask for recommendationsPositive recommendations from other people on your profile can be very powerfulYou should ask people that you have worked with for recommendations use the Ask to be recommended buttonA good way to get a recommendation is to write one for them, and then ask for one in return</p> <p>Tidy up your endorsementsYour connections will endorse you for your business skillsIf you dont want an endorsed skill to appear, you can remove itTake care you might not want some of those skills!</p> <p>Read your feed and engage regularlyGlance through your home page feed and engage with any posts that are interesting by liking or commentingUse the notifications page to engage with people in your network eg. congratulate people on new jobs</p> <p>Use Linkedin Messaging instead of email</p> <p>Check out whos viewed (stalked) you</p> <p>Join Linkedin GroupsLinkedin has thousands of thematic groups where you can engage in conversations, ask questions and provide advice.Find the right groups and become an active participant in the discussionsDont sell overtly; use the group to demonstrate your expertise</p> <p>Use Linkedin SearchLooking for someone? Theres a good chance they will be on LinkedinLinkedins normal search function is pretty good for searching names in a particular localityLinkedIns advanced search helps you find people by job title, school, relationship, location, industry, current/past company, profile language, and non-profit interests - and combinations of these</p> <p>Search for jobsLinkedin has become a jobs board in recent yearsMany employers advertise directly on LinkedinVisit to search</p> <p>Manage your privacy settingsRemember the who viewed my profile function??Unless you change your own privacy settings in Linkedin, people you visit will know that you have seen their profileYou can change your settings to remain anonymous, if you wish</p> <p>Make sure your profile is completeKeeping your profile fresh and up-to-date will increase your credibility.You will not appear in Linkedin search results if your profile is not completeIf youre looking for even more things to improve your profile, try this massive infographic:</p> <p>Check your profile for typos and grammarA good Linkedin profile can be brought undone by a single spelling or grammatical error</p> <p>And were done! Any questions??Clayton</p>