Don’t Let Someone Else Tell Your Career Story

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Dont Let Someone Else Tell Your Career Story:

@CareerSherpaIdeas for building online visibility


What Well Cover

Google Is Your Resume

Your Story Is Already Out There

60% [of recruiters] are looking for information that supports job seekers qualifications for the job. For some occupations, this could include a professional portfolio.

Rosemary Haefner, Chief Human Resources Officer at CareerBuilder


HR & Hiring Managers Say


About/BioSpecialties/ServicesPortfolio/ProjectsContactNews/BlogResume/ExperienceOnline Portfolio Content


These are personal and use the first person. 10





This is the samples/examples of work. So whether you are working independently and showing work or want to highlight projects, this is the landing page for all those things.13


Kinetic Pen14


Make it easy and give them options. Everyone has a preference for how they would like to reachout.15

Visuals Support Your Qualifications

Content is king as the saying goes. 16

Website Elements With the Best Response from

94%More ViewsSkyword

The human brain is wired for images, not words. Words were invented long after the human evolved. Images evoke emotion. 18

65%of the population are visual learnersSocial Science Research Network

Words on a page dont teach19

Match frequently used words from job postingsAnother Way To Use Visuals

Create and/or deliver presentations

Recreate or adapt a presentation you have given or created.Use a photograph or video of you delivering presentation


Conduct research

Show your research outline or map the process used to conduct a research project.Create a mind map to show your logicCompile a list of your favorite research sources


Resolve customer issues

If you were stuck in a cubicle laden with landmines and bombshells exploding all around you; reinforcements on resource and business objectives are scattered to the floor and the phones are ringing like sirens there is only one heroine I would call to harness the bearing, tact, initiative, eagerness, understanding, courage and forward thinking to get the job done. Her name is Natalie Tarpinian- ALIAS: Best In The Biz

Include a testimonial from a happy customer Use an excerpt from a managers performance review citing your customer service performance.Use a photo of you receiving an award for customer service


Manage project details

Show a project timeline, Gantt chart or diagram showing the flow of people, resources and activities



Show decision matrix or if-then flow chart outlining your thought process.Use a before and after photo or diagram25

Still Nothing

Create a mock up or sample report, summary, or flowchart to prove you have the skills.Use personal samples (budget, calendar, website, etc.)Volunteer with a non-profit, family, friend, or neighbor to deliver a project which you can use to document.



Portfolio ContentsSamples of your workHeadshotBio or SummaryText and Infographic ResumesSocial Media outlet linksLetters of recommendation or testimonialsSatisfied customer/client emailsAwards or recognition Special projectsVolunteer involvement


Personal Websites


BrandedFocused Media-richDid you create a flow chart or process?Did you write a summary report or technical instructions?Did you design a form, logo or website?Testimonials are just one idea. You can upload an infographic resume, flow chart, text resume, report or any other document you feel is worthy of public recognition.PhotosNewsletter articlesTestimonialsWork samplesVideo


5 Things To Do On LI TodayEmbed media (docs, pictures, video)Link to personal websiteWrite a blog post once a monthUpdate status once a dayCreate a SlideShare presentation about YOU!



75% of those surveyed chose to build the site themselves through Wordpress or other website builder options

Weebly Wix

MoonFruit SquareSpace

See handout of options. This will change34


For example35

Infographic Resumes

Content is king as the saying goes. 36

Easily Convert LinkedIn

Re.vuKelly &

Kelly and Visually partner to bring you this solution using your LinkedIn information. There are several different styles to choose from. 37

This is just a partial list of popular online infographic tools. 38

Quick PointsDoBuy your domain name.Use multimedia.Include link to portfolio on resume, email signature, LinkedIn.DontRequire files that need to be downloaded. Make your site overly complicated, confusing.Try to be all things to all people.

Share & Promote

7 Outstanding Reasons to Hire Michelle Chance-Sangthong. My Visual Resume.Chris Shade Presume: What do I do?

Be Bold. Take RisksShare in status updates on social mediaSend directly to hiring manager via EmailPresent In-Person while networkingPublish a SlideShare presentationEmbed all visuals in LinkedInInclude in email signature


51%received new customers or clients48%53%received new job opportunitiesreceived new professional recognitionOf those who DID have a personal portfolio/website study: December 2 and December 16, 2014. For this survey, a total of 15,072 respondents entered the survey, however, only 600(4%) qualified based on the required criteria of having a personal website. The 600 respondents aged 1669


is more valuable to their long-term career than a resume.

63%85%will become more important over the next 5 years when it comes to career success.

A Personal Website


Who Should Be Online?

What good is your work if only your boss sees it?

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