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I have tried to jot few words on IT and career, Points i have mentioned here are few, there are more career options when we go in details.

Text of Career path in IT

  • 1. Your Career after Graduation inIT Right path for right People
  • 2. Narayan KoiralaSoftware Engineer and SQA ProfessionalQA Manager @ BrainDigit IT Solution Pvt. Ltd.You can find me on Er. Narayan Koirala
  • 3. What will you doAfter your IT graduation? ?
  • 4. Few Career Paths in ITAsI.Developer (C, ASP.NET, Php, Java, Ruby, Python etc..)II.Quality Assurance Engineer( Manual, Automation,Performance, Security)III.System/ Network Engineer (System Admin, NetworkAdmin, Security Analyst)IV.Support EngineerV.Marketing/Sales/SEO EngineersVI.Designer(Design Engineers)VII.Content Writer(Technical Writers) 4
  • 5. Developer as Career Desktop Applications (C#, VB.NET, Java) Web Applications (ASP.NET ,php, Java) Handheld Applications(Android, ios, Windows phone)
  • 6. Job Trends for Development Eng.
  • 7. QA as Career Manual Test Engineers Automation Test Engineers Performance Test Engineers Security Test engineers Compatibility Test Engineers
  • 8. Job Trends for QA Eng.
  • 9. Scope of QA1. More Developers, so more projects so more demand QA professionals.(ratio 1 : 1 needed)2. Increasing trend of IT.3. Previously more companies were outsourcing , now more companies are on own projects.(in case of Nepal)4. Increasing no of technological platforms like handheld(tab, ipad, smartphones), smart TVs, smart watches
  • 10. Design as CareerDesign EngineersSoftware Architects1.More Development houses, so more projects so moredemand design professionals2.What ever outsourcing , in house projects3.Increasing no of technological platforms likehandheld(tab, ipad, smartphones), smart TVs, smartwatches
  • 11. Job Trends for Design Eng.
  • 12. Support Engineer as Career1. Growing trend of IT2. Software clients prefer using software with best support facilities.3. Both in case of proprietary and free software
  • 13. Job Trends for Support Eng
  • 14. Technical Writers as Career1. Growing trend of IT2. Technical Manuals are most useful and favored.3. People prefer to read and know rather than ask to others.4. Both in case of proprietary and free software
  • 15. Job Trends
  • 16. What to do now? ?
  • 17. Prove you have experienceimmediate after graduation.How?Make your minor and major projects count.Make them real time and usable (I know you can)Follow the global IT trend like documentation,development plan, test plan, release plan , changemanagement and version control plan. Follow SDLCTry to show something more, you can continue yourminor project for a major project, or continue your seniorsproject and take it to another height or improve its qualityor performance
  • 18. Just do not stick with traditional college management, library management.Think something new and new doesnt mean complex projects. It can be simple but countable.
  • 19. Participate in IT eventsorganized by IT groups like SQApro, AspNetCommunity, Php Developers Community, ROR, CAN, ITC, OWASPNepal and so onThese groups are filled with people who love to share what they have and I am sure you will learn a lot.Write your problem and it is solved
  • 20. Proper use of Social NetworkingJoin professional groups of FBFollow professionals on LinkedIn.Follow professionals on twitter. (Make Proper use of Social Media)
  • 21. Keep working harder each day And Always run for QUALITY (take your projects, studies, social contact parallel And stay ahead of crowd)
  • 22. If you have some queries related to IT career Write me at Thank You