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Possible Career path…. by: Lauren Daly. Connecting a company with their desired c onsumers . Salaries: Web Designer Level 1 -- $47,766 Web Designer Level 2 -- $59,808 Web Designer Level 3 -- $74,954 Senior Web Designer -- $82,207 Interface Designer -- $83,157 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Possible Career path

Possible Career pathby: Lauren Daly

Web designConnecting a company with their desired consumers.

Salaries: Web Designer Level 1 -- $47,766 Web Designer Level 2 -- $59,808 Web Designer Level 3 -- $74,954 Senior Web Designer -- $82,207 Interface Designer -- $83,157 Interface Design Director -- $143,667Helped designMy summer job allowed me to update their website as well as design some functionalities myself

Designed the buttons

Took this catalog coverHighly interested in magazine layout design or advertising media design

Employment opportunities for layout can be found with advertising agencies, magazine and newspapers, public relations firms, and manufacturers. There is also a strong demand for freelance layout artists or in-house layout artists. The average salary for a layout artist is about 25,000 to 50,000 dollars a year. Wages can vary by employer, area of the country, level of experience, responsibility, and size of the project.

Production ArtistVarious production- and design-related tasks on online.

Responsibilities:Preparing print magazine assets for our weekly online publishcropping photos, reconfiguring complex designs, charts, maps, building slideshows, etc)Assisting the photo team with photo and design requests blogsPreparing artwork for various online features (Shop-A-Matic, restaurant and bar listings, slideshows, etc)Assisting the design team with design- and production-related tasks as needed

Requirements:Well-versed with industry standard software: Photoshop, Illustrator.Familiar with efficient productivity techniquesPhotoshop actions, batch color correction.Familiarity with HTML, CSS, and InDesign.

Bonus Skills:Design and/or photo-illustration skills.

Job Description of a Layout ArtistA layout artist is a graphic design professional responsible for the structure and layout of elements in printed media, such as magazines, brochures, posters and fliers. People in entry-level positions of this nature are sometimes called production artists or paste-up artists.ResponsibilitiesLayout artists assess visual aspects, such as typeface, color, position and formatting. They ensure that the text and images are appropriate and visually appealing.Education and TrainingWorking as a layout artist requires a knowledge of design theory and the ability to use graphics software and technology. Graphic communications programs at design schools, colleges and universities provide formal training in these subjects.Technical SkillsThe majority of layout work is now done using graphic design software, including programs for layout and image editing. In certain situations, layout artists may fall back on older methods, such as cutting, pasting, taping or sketching by hand.EmployersMany types of businesses have a need for layout work, either full time, part time or freelance. Layout artists often find employment in publishing, public relations, journalism, advertising and manufacturing companies.IncomeDepending on education, experience, work location and specific responsibilities, layout artists can expect to earn about $10 to $35 on an hourly basis, or $25,000 to $55,000 annually if salaried.Demands of the jobEye strainingBack painArthritis Long, extended hours to meet deadlinesCreativityCan work with a teamCollaboritiveThis SemesterWorking as the Griffins webmasterWorking with ad club to help jump start the courier their layout

I want toSuccessfully build a websiteThe non-profit organization here in buffalo called Binational AllianceWork on their Identification process: website, logo, brochure, business cards, etc.