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  • 1. Why These Are the New HandbagsMarch 18, 2013Summary: This new company has updated the boring old rucksackand in buying one of their packs you will not need a handbag.Mi Pack Backpacks are a wholly new British company that hasmanaged to update and modernise the boring rucksacks ofyesteryear. Nowadays every accessory aspires to matchcontemporary outfits so that we can all look trendy whatever we arewearing.The reason these packs have become so popular is that it enables thepublic to carry around a reasonable amount of stuff when going towork or college, leaving the hands free to grab a rail in overcrowdedtubes or buses and hang on for dear life whilst public transportlurches, shakes and shudders around corners.You should just be careful that you tuck your wallet or purse in a safeplace when in a crowded environment as you cannot see what goes

2. on behind your back! Pickpockets can be very smart when it comesto relieving you of your cash.Because these packs are frameless, they will sit snugly against yourback without them prodding into your spine as the metal framedtypes would do. They are not really designed for hikers who have totake much more equipment with them for survival in rough terrain.The style of bags that this company produces ranges from theconventional to brightly coloured or patterned examples; in otherwords, there is a design for everybodys taste in their extensiverange. The spring 2013 range has just recently been launched whichcomprises 6 different categories. All the bags are made out of fauxsuede.The classic range is delivered in various plain colours that will matchany outfit, whether multi-coloured or plain. A word of advice for theconservatives amongst us; bright and fluorescent colours are thetrend for early 2013. 3. However you should have a look at the custom print designs. For atotally unique look you will be able to choose from any unusualdesigns in the colour or motif of your choice.The above ranges are just two of the designs on offer however; theother four categories are just as exciting and refreshing so youshould not overlook them.The manufacturer has been very choosy about the outlets which areselling their products and we are lucky to be one of these chosenones. On our site we have a good choice of bags from thismanufacturer on sale at reasonable and affordable prices.We are mainly an on-line retailer so you will be able to order from uswherever you live in the United Kingdom. However, should you wishto inspect clothing and accessories first before you buy, we have 7shops in the North East of the country where you can touch and feelwhat you are going to purchase. 4. However, for internet shoppers we have a 14 day returns policy inplace. If you are not completely satisfied you can send merchandiseback as long as it is still in its original packaging. If you merely wantto swap one item for another you should enclose a cheque for 4.50for the other item to be sent to you.To find Your Mi Pack Backpack or other accessory item please log onto Triple S Clothing.Contact us -Triple S Returns LimitedUnit 3 (next to bebe house)DukeswayTeam ValleyGatesheadTyne & WearNE11 0PZPhone: 01914826177Email ID: